Sunday, 6 September 2015

H&M Mickey Mouse jumper

Yes, I know...another Disney fashion post. I have a problem haha!

Today I wanted to show you all my latest purchase from H&M.

I have never really been a fan of H&M. My best friend Becca and a whole host of my others friends love it and always manage to find some goodies in there. On the other hand, I never get too lucky in there and more often than not come away empty handed. But, I caved to all the Disney clothes they had in there on a recent trip to Bristol and picked up this beauty.

At £9.99 this jumper was fairly reasonable although I was very disappointed with the quality of the jumper. Before I even had the chance to wear it a second time it already had a hole in the seam on the right hand side by my waist. I hadn't been doing anything too crazy in it and it already has a massive hole. I'll have to sew it up as I was unable to get to a H&M store before my receipt ran out, boo!

But apart from that, the jumper is really quite striking. I like that they have used a more retro image of Mickey Mouse rather than the more modern one, as it's harder to come by the more unique stuff.

Also, the texture of it Is really intriguing but side note - it's definitely not the warmest.

Overall, it's a cheap and cheerful jumper that is nice to throw on and layer with, adding a pop of pattern and colour.

Do you have a lot of luck in H&M?

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  1. ahh I love this, I'm all for Disney fashion posts... If i didn't think my husband might divorce me I would definitely wear as much disney as possible every single day!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog