Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sighh Designs Phone Case Review (Iphone 6): Alice

First of all I just want to quickly apologise for the lack of posts in these last few weeks. I have been revising lots as I have had mocks and controlled assessments and been working nonstop, plus it’s been hard with publishing my posts as Lucy has been away from home a lot this month. With that all said, now let’s start with this post!

As some of you may know, I am easily drawn to shopping for cute unique things. I came across sigh designs after following Polly for ages on instagram so I got to see all of her new products that she was creating. Polly is such a fab artist so it’s lovely to see her business and designs grow.

I have just brought myself a new rose gold 64gb Iphone 6 after working hard and after my phone completely died on me. I knew straight away when looking for a case to look at Polly’s products as they’re all super creative and original.

I thought this case was perfect for me as my favourite drink is hot chocolate and I love all the quirkiness of it. At first I was a bit hesitant to order a case because they are £14 each, however the prices are fair considering how Polly designs every single one by hand and then her designs are printed by a company.

Each phone case are neatly packaged and well protected and for an added touch it even included a cute thank you note by Polly herself. The phone cases themselves come with clear sides to suit your phone perfectly and then to protect the design itself, it has a clear top layer over it. Every case is also sprayed with a special coating which should allow them to last for months.

On Polly’s website she sells phone cases for a good variety of phones, pocket mirrors, makeup bags, mugs and the cutest notebooks so I hope you check it out for yourselves here. (
 Alice x
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Where've I been: Let's catch up!

(a picture of me once we had reached the top of the mountain on our 8 hour trek!)
Hello strangers,
This feels very weird as it has be an incredibly long time since I last published a bog post (nearly a whole month to be precise!)
Life get's crazy sometimes and sadly this little corner of the internet gets pushed to the back of my priorities. Over the last couple of months so much has been going on: I've been busy revising for m college exams coming up in May this year, re-building relationships with certain members of my family, learning to drive, being there for my friends, taking a week trip to Morocco, North Africa to work on a community project as well as trying to figure out where to go with my life and start looking at uni's. It's all got a bit much at times to be honest.
I guess the point of this blog post is to say don't worry if I suddenly go a-wol for a week or two, it hopefully just means I'm busy running round like a headless chicken and don't have time to update ze blog. This summer I actually have a rather long one again, like I did last year...3 months to be exact! So although 'Lucy Abigail' may be quiet for the next couple of months rest assured  - I will be back filling up your timelines and bloglovin' feed sooner than you think.
Plus, in the meantime my sister Alice will still be publishing her weekly guest posts too - however I doubt I'll be holding her to this as like me, she has exams this summer too so if one week she really can't get a post out I'll think you'll all understand.
Aside from some upload admin, let me chat to you briefly about Morocco! It was such a good trip and I will definitely be doing a whole post packed full of pictures on it soon so look out for that. I went out for a week with Honours academy (a group of student who the college feel will progress onto top uni's) to do some community work for our sponsored village as well as some gruelling treks too. It was tough and at times we all felt like giving up, but we pushed through and had plenty of highs. The 8 hour treks proved to us how strong we are and getting to know the locals was lovely. I think one of the most important things I learnt on the trip, is that you can go to a rural village in the middle of the Atlas mountains, where the locals speak a mix of Arabic and Burba, yet a smile will still translates in ever language.
What have you all been up to lately? Did you watch the Eastenders reveal? Did you have a nice Valentines?
 Please feel free to either comment, tweet or email me with blog post requests of what you'd like to see and I'll do my best to try and make that a reality in the future.
Plus - It was 'Lucy Abigail's 3rd Birthday yesterday so just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for all of your love and support over the last three years. It means the world!