Monday, 5 January 2015

My Blog's Diary: 2014

2014 was a busy year for this little corner of the internet so I thought it was only fair to do a little round up post and take a look back at some of the 'milestone' things. My blog and me seem to have a very up and down relationship. We go through stages where we are the best of chums and I am posting very frequently whilst loving doing so but then there are also stages where life just gets too busy and sadly blogging falls to the back of my priorities. Even though my blog was not kept up to date quite as much as I would have liked during 2014, it still achieved quite a lot and I am very proud of it! Let's take a look back month by month...

During January I blogged a whole lot about my trip to Disneyland Paris over the New Year. Since Disney is one of my all time favourite things it was inevitable that there was going to be a whole heap of posts on OOTD's and hauls from my trip and they seemed to go down quite well.

One blog post that I put live in January that went down well was when I spoke about Nikki Phillippi's 'How to be Happy' series over on her YouTube channel (HERE) I know I have said soooo many times that my goal for 2014 was to be 'happy' so I was adamant on making sure all of my lovely readers were aware of this fab series that Nikki had created (and is also doing this January too, if you're interested!) 

What came next is the exciting bit....

Nikki only went and tweeted me regarding the blog post! Woooo!

One really exciting thing that happened during February was that my blog was featured in a live chat on 'Beauty Crowd' discussing the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. (HERE) You can see it from around the 17.30 mark! 

On February the 9th the 'Feel Good Friday' series on my blog was born too! This series went down an absolute treat with you all and I am excited to announce that a second series will be starting on the blog again THIS Friday....woop woop! Who doesn't like a weekly dose of positivity!?

The main thing that happend blog wise during the month of March was attending Cribb's Causeway's 'Bristol Fashion Week' for a look at what the shopping center had to offer for the coming SS! (Click HERE to see all of my Bristol Fashion Week blog posts!) 

My outfit that I wore to the event was also snapped by Cribbs Causeway and ended up on their Facebook page (HERE)

This was when things got very exciting. Nominations for Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards opened and lots of you lovely readers nominated me! When the noms first opened I was very excited to see what was going to happen but really didn't expect to get very far in the competition at all.

In May I found out that I was through to the next stage and had been nominated for the Best Teen Style blogger award! I was so so chuffed to have made the top 10 and all of my family, friends and amazing readers rallied behind me and began voting!

My local newspaper actually got in touch with me about running an article on the fact that I had been nominated so I was super duper excited. This is a cut out from page 3 (Not that kind of page 3 haha!) of the Central Somerset Gazette. You can also see the online version of the article HERE. This was rather exciting as up until then I had kept my blog rather quiet and only my close friends and family knew I had one. This was a perfect way to let people in my day to day life know I have a blog without them thinking I was a) weird or b) talking to myself (they probably still think the first one is true to be honest haha!) Also, a few people from school who'd once laughed at my blog or said it was silly were able to see that blogging is on the rise and taking the world by storm haha!


Then in June something crazy happened. Me and mum drove up to London, got ourselves all dolled up, headed off for the awards party in Shoreditch, drank too many free red cups of raspberry vodka and then.....I CAME SECOND/HIGHLY COMMENDED! I was eccstatic! I never ever expected to even make the top 10 and felt extremely blessed to be rewarded for something I put so much time into and work so hard on. 

The same newspaper also covered the fact that I got placed and my mum was super proud haha! Where I live nearly everyone reads this newspaper so it is a big deal for us! (HERE is the link to the online version of the article)

And this above was what overwhelmed me the most. For yonks I have been so scared of people from school finding my blog, afraid that they may take the mick or mock me. I got so many kind words from all different people and it meant so much to me to finally, after years of not, feel like everyone around me accepted my blog and no longer be ashamed or embarrassed. As you could see I was shouting from the rooftops haha! Moral of the story- don't be embarrassed of the things you love. When people around you see how passionate you are for something they will share that passion and spur you on! 

During July and August my blog was very quiet due to the fact that I was on summer holiday. Life was very busy and sadly blogging did take a bit of a back seat. However, this very exciting thing did happen during summer.....

My link was in a magazine.....a real magazine! I squeal with excitement every time I see this.

During the month of October a blog post I had done on a pair of Polka dot heels from Primark was featured on Style Honey Life. This gave my views a nice little boost and it was quite nice to see something I'd wrote against a background other than just my blog. See the article HERE

In November I put a very honest, raw blog post live. It was one talking about my struggle of making a decision between staying at a college I was unhappy at or taking a risk and moving to a new one. I really hope to do more of these honest, talkative blog posts in 2015 as lifestyle posts always do seem to go down a treat with you lot. (While we're on the topic of content in 2015, if there is anything you wish to see on my blog this year feel free to comment or tweet me with it!) See the blog post HERE.

Again, another quiet month. Sadly I was not organised like I was in 2013 and simply didn't have the time to take part in my beloved 'Blogmas', much to my disappointment. But, alas, I did manage to squeeze a through Christmassy posts out and ended the year with a forming tradition....a yearly flashback/review style post.

WOW. What a year it's been for my little blog - I think we both need a lie down haha! 

Finally, before I go I must say one more thing. Thank you for all the love this past year. Every comment, view, tweet, email - it honestly means so much. I am still astounded by the fact that people event want to read the things I write, so thank you x100000000!


  1. Absolutely amazing year for you full of achievements xx

  2. Sounds like you had a really awesome year!