Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Meet Alice....(New Permanent Guest Blogger)

Hellllllllo. So today is something a little different. From now on, every Tuesday my sister Alice is going to be guest blogging on ze blog. I think this is a good little arrangement as it means even when I get busy there should still be some regular content that I am able to put out. You know what life is like sometimes and it is easy to let the blog slip down the list in priorities and leave you lovely lot with nothing new to read. Alice is younger than me and has a fair few different tastes to me, but hopefully she will be able to relate to my younger readers. Also, please feel free to comment or tweet me with any feedback to Alice's posts as I'm sure she'd love to hear.
Enjoy, Lucy!
For a while now I have been thinking of starting my own blog but as I’ve been told by Lucy, it takes patience and time to build a community of readers so she kindly suggested that once a week I guest blog here on her own blog. This is a perfect idea as I can decide whether blogging is my thing and if I seriously do want to start blogging and then create my own personal blog, plus is gives Lucy a little bit of extra time revising instead of worrying about blog posts.
I am a typical teenager so have connections with most forms of media and social network, this means that sharing aspects of my life is quite familiar to me. I have taken many photos for Lucy and helped with certain posts e.g. OOTD’s, and I do read a fair few blogs myself however I am still new with writing posts as this is my first.
First thing firsts are getting to know the basics. My name is Alice Rebekah Helps and I was born on the 18th January 2000 which means it’s my birthday in just over 2 weeks eek exciting I know! I have size 3 feet and I am just over “5,5” ft tall and my favourite colour is purple.
Anyone who knows me knows ever since I was little I have always loved taking photos of anything and everything as I’m obsessed with photography! In my opinion, although the text is very important on a blog, in a sense, so are the photos. I find blogs without pictures so sad to look at. I instead love things visual and creative.
I’m also a dancer. I have Ballet, Tap, and musical theatre lessons once a week and also take part in a dance show every other year whilst learning graded work in preparation for Royal Academy and ISTD exams.
I hope you all liked this first post getting to know me a little bit and like this new idea as I will be posting once a week from now on Tuesdays.
Love Alice


  1. What a lovely idea! I'll definitely be checking back for your posts, Alice!
    I wish I could get my twin Sister to do this sort of thing on my blog, as we've got very different interests, but she's often too busy with Uni, boo!

    Chloe's Way