Wednesday, 14 January 2015

High Street Fashion Haul (Alice)

At the beginning of the month we went sales shopping and I managed to pick up some amazing items for amazing prices and I thought what better than to do a haul reviewing them!
First of all is Topshop. I had looked at the website before we went shopping and saw that they had quite a lot reduced and wrote a few things down to look out for when I went shopping. I only brought 3 items but I love all of them to pieces!
I knew I wanted a black leather jacket for a while now and I have looked around quite a bit for one but when my mum pointed it out in the shop I fell in love. I managed to pick it up for £45 and with Lucy’s student discount it went down again to £40.50 when it should originally be £60! It’s warm, comfortable and a great staple for my wardrobe. Another thing that caught my eye was how it has an attachable fleece head band. This is a great added bonus so when it’s slightly colder I can attach this and warm my neck up slightly, or if I don’t think it really goes well with what I’m wearing, just simply take it off and wear the jacket by itself.
After my shoes broke in the last week of school before I broke up for the holidays, I was desperate for a new pair. They needed to be comfy so I would be able to wear them all day long without getting blisters, actually fit me as buying shoes can be quite the task with small feet, and lastly be suitable e.g. the style and colour of them. I can honestly say that these shoes tick all 3 boxes.
I was over the moon also with this purchase as I have had my eye of this top for a good month and a bit now and at the beginning of December. I was nearly going to buy it when it was full price at £16 but I’m glad I waited as I brought this in the sales for only £8! The colour and the lace detailed peter pan collar is beautiful and I’m actually thinking about purchasing it in a different colour now I’m so pleased with it and the price aha!
And now from River Island is this “A la belle √©toile” long sleeved turtle neck crop top. (I actually looked up what it means and it translates into “under the stars”!) I was looking at buying a plain black long sleeved turtle neck crop top and when I saw this one I thought the French writing added to it and looked cute so I added it to my basket.
I purchased this as who doesn’t love a good Mean Girls quote top. (This is actually my second mean girls top as I brought a different one from when I visited Brandy Melville whilst in France for French Exchange!) Like the Purple top, it is easy to style and comfortable and I couldn’t leave it as it was only £7.
And lastly is this purple tank top I actually received for my birthday from my boyfriend, Sam. I love this top and anyone who knows me, knows that this is a totally me top. I adore the colour and the style of it and the material is lovely and soft.
Did any of you pick up any good bargains in the sales this month? If so let me know what were they and where from so I can take a look myself!
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Love Alice x


  1. Loooove those shoes! My sister has a very similar pair for school too :) also nice mean girls top, been wanting one like that for agess! I haven't got my sales purchase in the post yet :( but when I do I'll be posting it on my blog along with some charity shop purchases :)
    amber love

    1. Thank you! Everyone loves a good movie quote top aha! Good idea, hope it comes soon:) x

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  3. Oh you picked up some really lovely things!

    Tabby x

  4. I like the Mean Girls top, it seems more polite!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams