Friday, 9 January 2015

Feel Good Friday #1

Back last year 'Feel Good Friday' was a series I did on my blog for a fair few weeks. 
It seemed to go down fairly well with you all so since I want to have just a positive 2015 as I did 2014 I thought it would be a good idea to start series #2! 

So, alas, here is the first in the second series of my 'Feel Good Friday' posts!

I thought I'd start the year with a post that isn't too restricting and covers a general attitude (don't really know if that makes sense but it did in my head!)

Also I thought this quote/picture thing is perfect to go on ze blog as photography is such a vital aspect of blogs in my opinion. 

Focus on what is important
This is so so true and also kinda reinforces my main goal for 2015 of being less materialistic. (Those of you that have read my '2015: Hopes and Dreams' post will know what that is!) Its so easy to prioritise things in a funny way and for a while let the things you love most and are important to you slip. It's sounds like a drastic example but rather than winging about the fact that you forgot to put Eastenders recording (is it just me that does that!?) appreciate the fact that you are healthy and put things into perspective.

Capture the good times
This is another thing I love to do. Not too sure if I ever publically broadcasted it on the blog but I actually filmed/blogged my whole 2 and a half month long summer in 2014. It was a project that took some sticking too and I did tail of a bit towards the end but I am so so happy I did it. Yes, a lot of people did think I was rather weird when I suddenly pulled out a video camera at a party but I now have such treasured memories to look back on and don't regret it at all. Anyway, after a couple of times my friends got used to it and began to be less shy in front of the camera. Although it is important to not always worry about capturing things and living in the moment, I do think where possible capturing memories, be it by scrapbooks, photos or videos is very special.

Develop from the negatives
Yes, things in life aren't always going to be rosy (expect a blog post from me on this topic soon!) but when things go wrong try to draw some positives from them if at all possible and most of all, learn from them.
Take another shot
I guess as a Christian, this is a very important one for me. You may well interpret it differently but I think that quote says a lot about forgiveness. Give people second chances, just as we like to be given them. If someone does something that upset you or you don't agree with, try and talk it out and then give them another shot. Life is full of second chances so don't ever feel like it's the 'end'.
I hope you enjoyed the first instalment in the second series of 'Feel Good Friday'

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