Friday, 23 January 2015

Alice's Birthday Haul!

My birthday was on Sunday and I can honestly say I had the most amazing birthday and I am so thankful for all my gifts from family and friends. If you got me anything and are here reading this - thank you! Sorry if that I haven't included everything, some things are already in use and I did actually get a fair bit of money!

Of course just before I start I need to put a little disclaimer out there how I am not by any means trying to brag I am just genuinely really pleased with what I received!

First up are these wonderful makeup brushes I received from my Dad – the Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Makeup Brushes. Unlike in the photo, these are now out of their packaging and are being used every day. So far I’ve loved them and can’t get over how amazing quality they all are!

My best friend Libby was kind enough to purchase this lovely box filled with Body Shop body butters. The set comes with 5 different scented body butters including strawberry, shea, moringa, satsuma and then lastly coconut. I can’t wait to start using them as I have heard that they work wonders on the skin!

I was so happy when my friend, Joe brought me this palette as when it was released I had my eyes on it and knew it was soon to be added on my wish list! I have used it a few times now and I think the pigmentation is great and all the shadows are easy to blend and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get more into eye shadow as it has a lovely colour selection to chose.

And lastly I have to finish with my favourite gift from my mum which is the stunning Frends Layla Oil slick headphones I received from my mum. I’m absolutely obsessed with these from the look of them and the sound quality! You may be thinking that they are just absolutely beautiful headphones but I can honestly say they are totally worth the money! They have memory foam ear cushions, soft-touch fabric cord so you don’t have to spend ages detangling them before using, there are additional interchangeable caps available, and one of the handiest benefits is that they are collapsible and come with a mini zippered case which fits them in perfectly which is great for when you’re travelling or on the move!

I hope you enjoyed having a peak into what I received for my birthday. Im so grateful for everything I received! Have you got a birthday coming up soon?

Love Alice x


  1. Happy belated birthday, you got some amazing gifts and I am in love with those headphones! :) I love my Zoeva brushes and they are just so beautiful being rose gold :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  2. Thank you! I'm obsessed with rose gold and find that everything copper/rose gold has been catching my attention lately aha!

  3. WOW those headphones are absolutely incredible and I am longing for zoeva brushes you lucky thing they are beauties xxx