Friday, 2 January 2015

2015: Hopes & Dreams

As I said yesterday, doing a yearly flash back style post on NYE and a looking forward one on New Years Day has become a bit of tradition and I am very happy about that. I am a big believer in the idea that it is Very important to set goals, as it just generally helps you get things done more efficiently. 
I stuck very well to my resolutions in 2014 so hope I can look back and say the same this time next year.

 Buy good books and take time to read them
This is one that I really hope I can stick to. Reading has definitely slipped very near the bottom of my priority list. If I exclude the books I am obliged to read because of school/college work then I can shamefully admit that I did not read a whole book from front to back at all last year. I know, it's bad! Considering I am studying English at college I really feel it is important to carry on practicing reading as I feel I would gain a lot from it. You never know, perhaps you'll even see a few book reviews on Lucy Abigail in 2015. 

Eat more real food
Another thing I'm very guilty of in 2014 is eating a lot of rubbish. My friends all know that I do have a rather burning love for McDonalds and do eat it a bit more often than I should. In 2015 I hope to eat more raw vegetables, less sugary, processed food and try to cut cows milk and whey powder out of my diet as a doctor I saw a few weeks back thinks this will help improve my skin. 

Exercise even when it sounds like a bad idea
If you speak to Zack he will tell you that countless times this year I said "I'm going for a run tomorrow morning" and then used one of the following excuses the next day: I overslept, It was cold, it was raining, I had a late night, the dark is scary etc....

Purge the unnecessary
This is going to be my main focus for 2015. I really want to become less materialistic and put less worth and value into monetary things. I want to spend more time out walking than browsing the Internet and want to stop treating shopping as a form of entertainment. I want to live a more simplistic life....anyone fancy 'simple saturdays' as a series on the blog?

Decrease Clutter
This one kind of follows on from the one above to be honest. In order to live a less materialistic life I need less things. In fact, I have actually already started completing this one. I store all of my makeup and skincare in the famous idea Alex nine drawers and it was completely full with far too many items of makeup and skincare. I have since condensed this to only 2 narrow drawers for makeup and one deeper drawer for skincare, woop!

Find the best in others
I know this one sounds a bit soppy but I want to really strive to do this this year.

Show others the best in me
Another biggy. I learnt the hard way how vital this is this year. At the first ever college party I made a massive idiot out of myself by drinking far too much and I'm sure a few people at college jumped to certain conclusions about me from this so I really want in 2015 to work on this. Eve things that don't seem too horrendous such as gossiping.

Make peace with imperfection, inside & out
If you read my 2014 reflections post this will come as no surprise as within that I spoke about how I regret wasting so much time worrying about my appearance in 2014. I have a few spots on my fave, who cares? Hopefully this year I won't! 

What are your goals/resolutions for the year? 


  1. You've got some brilliant resolutions, I'm totally with you on the book front! I bought about 20 books last year and only read one of them! Gone Girl is top of my list so hopefully that'll get me into the swing of things. Last January I gave up dairy and it's one of the best things I've done for my skin, I'd definitely recommend it!

    ox Lucy

  2. I love reading book reviews. I also made it one of my blogging resolutions to publish more book reviews so hopefully we will both get that done this year :)
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams