Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Year End Reflections

Whilst browsing Pinterest (I adore Pinterest) I came accross an adorable tag style post called 'Year End Reflections'. It looked really cute and after my '2013: Looking Back' and '2014: Looking Forward' posts went down so well last year I thought it only seemed right to mark the end of a year and the beginning of a new one!

Ten Highlights: Accomplishments/Best Memories
 1) The breath taking view of Barcelona from a hillside viewpoint whilst on holiday in Spain with my Mum, sister Alice and cousin Pip.
2) Another view! Sitting on the hill on top of Glastonbury Festival looking out over it all after having watched Lana Del Rey at the the front of the Pyramid stage. Plus I shared this memory again, with some of my fave people.

 3) Getting silly with Immy on the Sunday night of Glastonbury Festival - by 'silly' I mean sticking sanitary pads on tents, wetting my pants with laughter and sitting in a union jack chair whilst screaming 'MY CHAIR'...the less said about that the better! Immy and her sister Amy really looked after me at my first Glasto and I am very grateful.

4) GCSE results day. Over 2014 I worked so hard revising for my exams but on results day it all payed off. I ended up with 4A*'s, 2 A's a B and a C and was beyond chuffed with this. I adore the photo above of the moment me and Immy both found out we had passed science. After 2 years of sitting next to each other gossiping through every science lesson we were so shocked.

5) Coming second (Highly Commended) at the Company Style Blogger Awards in the category 'Best Teen Style Blogger'. 

6) Going to Prom with Zack (soon we'll be celebrating half a year together!)

7) Going to lots of parties over the summer with my favourite people. This photo of me and some of the girls walking to Cottons party brings back so many good memories.

8) Although one of the hardest things in 2014 was leaving school and parting ways with the best people ever, this photo of us all larking about makes me super happy!

9) Of course with senior year comes the night all the girls have been waiting for....PROM!

10) Visiting the Montserrat with Mum, Alice and Pip whilst in Spain. Full blog post about it HERE.

Three Disappointments: Failures/Missed opportunities
I'm not big on 'regrets' or dwelling too much on missed opportunities but it may be useful to do in helping me try to make positive resolutions.

1) Worrying about my 'image'. Many tears were shed in 2014 over three things; my tummy, my skin and the size of my boobs. Firstly I spent a lot of time worrying about my skin as it seems that the majority of my friends have grown out of the infamous 'teenage spots' but I appear to still be suffering from them. The issue is I then get paranoid and cover them in foundation, only really making them worse.

The other two kind of go together. I have a real complex about the size of my boobs (did I ever tell you about the time I cried in the London Victoria's Secret store after three gorgeous shop assistants informed me that they do not actually stock the bikini top I was after in a smaller size) I then developed an irrational thought that in order to make up for my 'smaller' boobs I had to be stick thin in order to justify it. It is such a stupid idea and I really regret wasting time worrying about something that really is so superficial and unimportant.

2) Making an idiot of myself on a certain occasion by drinking too much, too quickly. Part of me feels like this shouldn't be a 'failure' as it's kind of a right of passage but none the less I feel I let myself down on this occasion.

3) This is the predictable one that you can bet your bottom dollar the majority of bloggers will be saying....I simply didn't blog as much as I would have liked too. This isn't really due to lack of time, just the fact that my poor little blog got pushed to the bottom of my priorities. But alas, I shall try and work on this in 2015.

The game changers: an unexpected event that shifted my priorities

 Moving College
This was something that I certainly didn't see on the cards a few months back. Although it was unexpected and a pretty big game changer I feel it was a good'um! Due to this it is now a little harder to me to see some of my best friends but were working through it and it just means I have to manage my time better.
Want to read more about this move? Click HERE.

Three things I focused on: What I put the most of my time into

1)  Living a 'happy' life. I made a conscious decision at the beginning of 2014 that it was going to be a good year. And, to be has been the best one yet! Of course there are still some issues that will always rumble on but I have genuinely had such a good year and I think that honestly does come down to me deciding to be happy. I now firmly believe that happiness is a choice, to a certain degree.

2) Working and Saving. This one is true especially for over summer. I was working pretty much 40 hour weeks and it was tough, but, on payday it was all worth it. Plus I set up an ISA on the day I got my first payslip because I don't want to blow my money on rubbish I don't need. To give myself credit (I feel it's fairly due haha!) I did make a good effort to save and looking back it was such a good decision as if all goes to plan I should be able to buy a car in 2015 eeeeeek!

3) Being there for my friends. This was another biggy that I really focused on. I really just want to be a good friend to some of the people I love dearest and me and a particular friend really tried to break down walls and be honest with each other and made surprisingly good progress. 

Three things I forgot: What I didn't get round to doing
1) Reading 
2) Doing new trainers are still in the box haha!
3) Meeting up with friends from Primary School

So there you go. That's my little yearly round up.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you all have had a good year. And, if you haven't don't give up or let it get you down. 2013 was without a shadow of doubt the worst year of my life but 2014 was incredible. Moral of the story....things get better. I love the quote "It's a bad day, not a bad life"

Happy New Year!

Lots of love,



  1. I loved reading this post Lucy! Seems like you had an amazing year (especially Glastonbury festival and the company blogger awards!) I hope 2015 is just as good or better ^.^

    niamh /

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a great year, you achieved so many wonderful things! :)

    Here's to another good one to come!

    Tabby x