Monday, 1 December 2014

Weekly Roundup #2 Carnival, London, Disney and Rend Collective

So I'm currently sat on the bus on the seemingly never ending journey home from college while typing up a blog post... Such is the modern world eh!? I loved the catchy up style Instagram post I put live recently so decided to do another but under a slightly different name: 'Weekly Roundup'. Welcome to a blog post where I can ramble to my hearts content! Not only am I on a bus whilst trying but I am actually boiling. You see, there is a significantly larger number of people who wish to get this bus service than the amount of busses that are laid on by the council = very cramped journeys (in fact, the other day I actually travelled to college sat cross legged on the floor in the middle of the aisle haha!) anyway, I am currently packed rather tightly in but have a really thick jumper on but no where near enough arm room to take it off. If I make it to the end of this blog post without fainting it will be a miracle! Also, I'm fairly certain that the girl sat behind me can read everything I'm typing and is very confused as to what I'm doing - if you're reading HELLO! And is it just me that's getting really ticked off by that boy playing his crappy music very loudly for all the bus to hear!? 

This week has, as always been a rather busy one! On Tuesday night Zack treated me to a really lovely meal in our local Pizza Express that had just opened. Since Monday marked four months of us being labelled 'boyfriend and girlfriend' (is there a cringe free way to say it?) it came at quite a nice time. We ate, laughed, I did far too much talking about everything and anything that entered my brain...nothing changed haha! 

It hasn't all been fun and games this week though. I've been set a very long, very scary essay in which I have to talk about Marxism, neo-Marxism, functionalism and feminism and the critique them against each other on their viewpoint of what religions role within society is. You see, this wouldn't be quite so awful if I actually knew what the first three were - if any of my readers happen to be keen sociologists please comment below with any help you can offer!
On Wednesday I was super productive. After going to college at 9 and finishing at 12.15 I came home and completely sorted out my whole wardrobe so it now looks neater than a shop - woo! Wonder how long it will stay like that for though...

(Digger giving Luke kisses)

(Some of the paper angels we made at childrens Bible study)

Roger the Lodger (Our family friend Luke who comes round our house all the time!) returned from his WW1 history trip to Belgium and Digger was rather pleased to see him haha!

Another thing I've really been enjoying is helping out at my church's childrens bible study type thingy. It's a fairly small group that is very arts and craft based with all the children being around the 6/7 age group. Although I originally started helping out as part of my Duke Of Edinburgh I am no longer actually doing it due to me moving college. However, I am definitely going to continue volunteering for as long as possible as I adore the children as they come out with some of the cutest things. This week one of the leaders asked "where did Mary and Joseph begins with N and has a Z in it." "NEW ZEALAND" cried one of the children, haha! 


On Friday all my friends were excited about how apparently Domino's pizza were doing large pizzas for £5 only so we all hurried up town (not a short walk by the way!) to try and snap this offer up. After what felt like a 10 mile hike we learnt that this offer was in fact too good to be true but we still got mini pizzas as didn't want to walk that far for nothing. It's crazy how something as simple as Domino's for lunch can lift your whole mood!

That night was literally, the best! I attended the 'Big Church Night In' in Bath which was a Christian Worship event led by Phil Wickham and Rend Collective. With Rend Collective leading worship it was always going to be loud and jumpy and it did not disapoint. I also got to see lots of my best friends so that was loverllllly!

(Me and Immy)

(Inside Bath City Church)

(Becca, Immy, Me and Pete)

(Me and Pete)

Dad pulling the carnival float 

Later on in the week was something that the area I come from is famous for...Carnival! 
Carnival is basically a load of tractors pulling floats lit up with lightbulbs with really loud music and dancers on the floats. There is usually way over 30 floats and the whole thing goes on for about 2 hours, whilst also raising a lot of money for charity. My Dad is heavily involved in carnival, pulling the Princess float and being on the committee, so it is an event that all of my family turn out too.
The transformers float (below)  was my personal fave!

Then, to top off a good weekend I went away with my Dad to London for the weekend. The main
reason for the trip was to look around Bible College, as I am beginning to explore my options for after college. I travelled up on the Sunday and went did a spot of Christmas shopping in and around Oxford Street, and my oh my was it busy! Also - HMV had half price Disney DVD's so I stocked up too, woooo! 

Me and Dad stayed in the Travelodge Hotel in Covent Garden and our stay was really pleasant. They got in contact with me a while back and kindly offered to put me up in one of their hotels, so that I can give my honest review and let you all know what I thought of it. The hotel's location is very central and less than a five minutes walk away from Oxford Street and Covent Garden. All the staff were really friendly and even when I rung up their telephone manor was good. 

The room itself was fairly basic, but due to the low prices that is understandable. There is 30 minutes of free wifi before you start having to pay and I really liked this. 

The room was immaculately clean and the beds were comfy. The heating was working well and it was a nice space to retreat to at the end of the busy day.

Overall I would definitely recommend a stay in the Covent Garden Travelodge if you're looking for a cheap way to stay in the city! 

(Here are a few photos of the room incase you were interested)

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