Monday, 22 December 2014

The Presents are Wrapped!

Progress since I last spoke to you all....

every present bar three have all be wrapped, tagged and placed under the tree!

I adore the wrapping paper I used this year. The first lot were wrapped with this really retro looking Minnie & Micky Mouse  Red background paper that I got from British Home Stores (also known as BHS) It was only about £3 reduced from £4 and the paper is a really good quality as it is a nice thickness and you got a lot on the roll.

The next lot were wrapped in a personal fave of mine....FROZEN WRAPPING PAPER!
I picked this up from The Works as I simply couldn't resist. Yes, you don't really get that much on the roll and the paper isn't the best quality, but as Elsa and Anna are stamped all over it I don't really care! 

Finally, I also wrapped a few in a red paper with really cute, hand drawn looking Christmas puddings on them. The paper was from Sainsbury's and they're really worth checking out for cheap, good quality and cute design wrapping paper. Plus their matching gift tags are too cute!

So there you go, a quick little festive post!

3 days to go!


  1. I am so jealous that you have nearly wrapped all your presents! Great choice of papers too! :)

    Tabby x

  2. Oh wow that is so many presents! Well done you haha! Love the Frozen wrapping paper :D I wrapped mine appallingly this year, I am usually pretty good! x