Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Primark £4 shoes!

Hello you lovely lot.
Today I am back with two pairs of crazily cheap shoes to show you! I am well aware that Primark is hated by some, loved by others - but regardless to your standpoint on the cut price high street shop...I love it!

My last pair of winter boots (HERE ) were my favourite pair I have ever owned! I wore them till they essentially fell apart (I even super glued the sole back on whilst on the way to London last Christmas haha!) I feel like Primark shoes are a bit of pot luck. More often that not pairs I have bought from them have not lasted very long, so the boots were really an anomaly.
 Having said that, I was desperately in need of a pair of shoes to wear to work so picked up these rather colourful dap/pump style things (?) from Primark. I guess I was initially drawn to them due to the brightness of the pink and they looked like a wardrobe staple. Two pairs, navy and pink somehow slipped into my basket and now live happily at home with me. I say happily...
 This was a good moment for my debit card as the shoes were only £4 each. Yes, £4! On the other hand, my toes were not quite so happy. I wore these for an eight and a half hour shift the other day and it was not fun. My feet were hurting a lot by the end because these shoes are incredibly thin and do not offer a lot of cushioning or support. The other thing that really humoured me and a few of the girls at work was how the pink dye from the shoes actually turned my big toe pink haha! The dye literally came through and made my toe go pink, it looked really funny.
Overall, if you're looking for a cheap pair of easy to style shoes for quick errands these would be perfect, but I wouldn't recommend wearing them for a pro-longed period of time.

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