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Gift Guide - Toxic Fox!

(TORA HARRIS IF YOU'RE READING THIS CLICK OFF RIGHT NOW!! It will ruin your Christmas present! )

Today is a very exciting blog post - it's a festivvvvve one!

Toxic Fox got in contact with me a couple of weeks back regarding working with them in order to showcase some of their fabulous christmas (or just any occasion) gifts to you, my lovely readers. 

The first thing is the one I am most excited about - a Typography of Love photo frame. 

There are many different types of frames to choose from: friendship, family or happily ever after. I went for the friendship one as I made it for my best friend Tora. 

Once you have picked the type of frame then you have to pick 10 words/phrases or names to go onto the photo frame. The words you pick appear on the frame in pink so you can clearly see below the ones that come as standard with the frame and the personalised ones. Another thing you get the choice from is if you would like to have a black or white frame - I went for the black and think it looks really clean and polished.

Not all of the words in pink may make perfect sense to you all but I think that's the whole point. The person who it's for will understand and that's all that matters.

I spent a fair ammount of time playing around with the placment of words too as depending on the order you submit your words, the different places they will appear on the frame. I was sure I wanted 'Lucy & Tora' to be right underneath the photo so played around until I was able to achieve this.

When the frame came in the post I was over the moon. It looks so beautiful in real life and the photos really doesn't do it justice. The little details are what I like most about it, as there are little pink gems stuck on it and it just adds to the personal, handmade feel of it.

I really think the frame is such a fabulous present as it's so personal and I'm fairly certain that the recipient wont open up anything else like it on Christmas day!
Next up is a Claireabella bag. Now, for years (and I mean years!) I have adored Claireabella bags and marvelled at Claire's work. I even looked out my old christmas wish lists the other day and saw that a Claireabella bag was actually on mine in 2011. Therefore, when I got an email from Toxic Fox asking if I wanted to work with them and Claire, I was beyond excited!
Since I have followed Claire on Twitter and watched her buisness grow from strength to strength I am a huge fan of years as have witnessed the hard work she has put in across many years.
Also, some of you may or may not be aware but I am a huuuuge TOWIE fan and the girls from Towie (and a few guys too!) are often papped about town with their Claireabella products. Infact, a Claireabella suitcase (available to buy from Toxic Fox) was featured in an episode of TOWIE not too long ago!
On Toxic Fox you can buy Claireabella mugs, hoodies, chocolate bars, candle...but I'm going to talk to you about the product which started it all - the jute bags.
All of the bags are made to order by a Claireabella artist in the UK, meaning that they are all completely unique! They have been seen on celebrities around the world and you are able to interact the design process and pick details such as the hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and the outfit of you a'bella! All of the bags also come with a rosette bow, a 'Handmade with Love' silver charm, Swarovski elements, 2 handpainted hears and lots and lots of glitter!
On the reverse side of the bag it also says 'Yes it's a Claireabella' and the bag measures as 40cm wide by 33cm high with a 17.5cm gusset. The whole bag feels really sturdy and the straps are nice and thick too!
The bags take up to 15 working days to produce so if you're thinking of ordering one for a Christmas pressie - do so ASAP! 

Last but not least - a perfect little stocking filler. Toxic Fox also sells what is known as the 'Sexxy Shoo'. Basically - it's perfume but the bottle is the shape of a stiletto. (So cool!)
Wouldn't it make an amazing edition to your perfume collection and look ab standing on your dressing table. The limited edition hot pink version of the stiletto perfume bottle contains a light, exotic and fruity fragrance that is promised to help you stand out from the crowd - similar to how the bottle stands out!
The website states that:  "The summery fragrance has an initial composition of luscious fruits including passion fruit sorbet, mango blossom and a kiss of blush peach which flourish in to a floral bouquet of red vanilla orchid and honeysuckle nectar. This powerful blend then lets the base notes of almond and amber linger on you skin throughout your sweet smelling day."
It really would make a fab addition to a stocking - plus it comes packaged in a beautiful gift box too!

All of the products meantioned can be purchased from Toxic Fox:

Friends forever photo frame (£39.99) - Click HERE
Claireabella Large Jute Bag (£39.99) - Click HERE
Shoe Perfume (£9.99) - Click HERE
I hope this blog post helped to give you some ideas on what to get friends and family for Christmas!
Happy December!
(The items featured in this blog post were gifted to me by Toxic Fox but all opinions are my own)

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