Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Year End Reflections

Whilst browsing Pinterest (I adore Pinterest) I came accross an adorable tag style post called 'Year End Reflections'. It looked really cute and after my '2013: Looking Back' and '2014: Looking Forward' posts went down so well last year I thought it only seemed right to mark the end of a year and the beginning of a new one!

Ten Highlights: Accomplishments/Best Memories
 1) The breath taking view of Barcelona from a hillside viewpoint whilst on holiday in Spain with my Mum, sister Alice and cousin Pip.
2) Another view! Sitting on the hill on top of Glastonbury Festival looking out over it all after having watched Lana Del Rey at the the front of the Pyramid stage. Plus I shared this memory again, with some of my fave people.

 3) Getting silly with Immy on the Sunday night of Glastonbury Festival - by 'silly' I mean sticking sanitary pads on tents, wetting my pants with laughter and sitting in a union jack chair whilst screaming 'MY CHAIR'...the less said about that the better! Immy and her sister Amy really looked after me at my first Glasto and I am very grateful.

4) GCSE results day. Over 2014 I worked so hard revising for my exams but on results day it all payed off. I ended up with 4A*'s, 2 A's a B and a C and was beyond chuffed with this. I adore the photo above of the moment me and Immy both found out we had passed science. After 2 years of sitting next to each other gossiping through every science lesson we were so shocked.

5) Coming second (Highly Commended) at the Company Style Blogger Awards in the category 'Best Teen Style Blogger'. 

6) Going to Prom with Zack (soon we'll be celebrating half a year together!)

7) Going to lots of parties over the summer with my favourite people. This photo of me and some of the girls walking to Cottons party brings back so many good memories.

8) Although one of the hardest things in 2014 was leaving school and parting ways with the best people ever, this photo of us all larking about makes me super happy!

9) Of course with senior year comes the night all the girls have been waiting for....PROM!

10) Visiting the Montserrat with Mum, Alice and Pip whilst in Spain. Full blog post about it HERE.

Three Disappointments: Failures/Missed opportunities
I'm not big on 'regrets' or dwelling too much on missed opportunities but it may be useful to do in helping me try to make positive resolutions.

1) Worrying about my 'image'. Many tears were shed in 2014 over three things; my tummy, my skin and the size of my boobs. Firstly I spent a lot of time worrying about my skin as it seems that the majority of my friends have grown out of the infamous 'teenage spots' but I appear to still be suffering from them. The issue is I then get paranoid and cover them in foundation, only really making them worse.

The other two kind of go together. I have a real complex about the size of my boobs (did I ever tell you about the time I cried in the London Victoria's Secret store after three gorgeous shop assistants informed me that they do not actually stock the bikini top I was after in a smaller size) I then developed an irrational thought that in order to make up for my 'smaller' boobs I had to be stick thin in order to justify it. It is such a stupid idea and I really regret wasting time worrying about something that really is so superficial and unimportant.

2) Making an idiot of myself on a certain occasion by drinking too much, too quickly. Part of me feels like this shouldn't be a 'failure' as it's kind of a right of passage but none the less I feel I let myself down on this occasion.

3) This is the predictable one that you can bet your bottom dollar the majority of bloggers will be saying....I simply didn't blog as much as I would have liked too. This isn't really due to lack of time, just the fact that my poor little blog got pushed to the bottom of my priorities. But alas, I shall try and work on this in 2015.

The game changers: an unexpected event that shifted my priorities

 Moving College
This was something that I certainly didn't see on the cards a few months back. Although it was unexpected and a pretty big game changer I feel it was a good'um! Due to this it is now a little harder to me to see some of my best friends but were working through it and it just means I have to manage my time better.
Want to read more about this move? Click HERE.

Three things I focused on: What I put the most of my time into

1)  Living a 'happy' life. I made a conscious decision at the beginning of 2014 that it was going to be a good year. And, to be has been the best one yet! Of course there are still some issues that will always rumble on but I have genuinely had such a good year and I think that honestly does come down to me deciding to be happy. I now firmly believe that happiness is a choice, to a certain degree.

2) Working and Saving. This one is true especially for over summer. I was working pretty much 40 hour weeks and it was tough, but, on payday it was all worth it. Plus I set up an ISA on the day I got my first payslip because I don't want to blow my money on rubbish I don't need. To give myself credit (I feel it's fairly due haha!) I did make a good effort to save and looking back it was such a good decision as if all goes to plan I should be able to buy a car in 2015 eeeeeek!

3) Being there for my friends. This was another biggy that I really focused on. I really just want to be a good friend to some of the people I love dearest and me and a particular friend really tried to break down walls and be honest with each other and made surprisingly good progress. 

Three things I forgot: What I didn't get round to doing
1) Reading 
2) Doing new trainers are still in the box haha!
3) Meeting up with friends from Primary School

So there you go. That's my little yearly round up.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you all have had a good year. And, if you haven't don't give up or let it get you down. 2013 was without a shadow of doubt the worst year of my life but 2014 was incredible. Moral of the story....things get better. I love the quote "It's a bad day, not a bad life"

Happy New Year!

Lots of love,


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Disney Christmas Jumper (Primark)

With only two days to go how could I not blog about the best new addition to my wardrobe....
My Disney Christmas jumper!

If you've been reading my blog for a while ( only have to scroll back a few posts!) you will be well aware that I am a self confessed, Disney freak!

As I have mentioned before, Primark is a one stop shop for all things Disney so it's no surprise that this years Christmas jumper is from there. Whilst in Oxford Street Primark a couple of weeks back I spotted two girls chatting, one of which was carrying this jumper. The minute I saw it I knew I had to buy it! I went up to her and asked where she found it.

It was only left in a medium and a large, so it's on the larger side but who wants a Christmas jumper to be tight anyway!?

The jumper is so thick and I wasn't disappointed with the quality. Plus the little 3D extras such as the bobble on the hat and the berries on the misletoe  make it really cute.

It cost £12 which is such a fabulous price as since it's a seasonal piece I wouldn't really want to pay a lot more. 

Have you got a Christmas jumper this year?

If so where was it from?

Monday, 22 December 2014

The Presents are Wrapped!

Progress since I last spoke to you all....

every present bar three have all be wrapped, tagged and placed under the tree!

I adore the wrapping paper I used this year. The first lot were wrapped with this really retro looking Minnie & Micky Mouse  Red background paper that I got from British Home Stores (also known as BHS) It was only about £3 reduced from £4 and the paper is a really good quality as it is a nice thickness and you got a lot on the roll.

The next lot were wrapped in a personal fave of mine....FROZEN WRAPPING PAPER!
I picked this up from The Works as I simply couldn't resist. Yes, you don't really get that much on the roll and the paper isn't the best quality, but as Elsa and Anna are stamped all over it I don't really care! 

Finally, I also wrapped a few in a red paper with really cute, hand drawn looking Christmas puddings on them. The paper was from Sainsbury's and they're really worth checking out for cheap, good quality and cute design wrapping paper. Plus their matching gift tags are too cute!

So there you go, a quick little festive post!

3 days to go!

Sunday, 21 December 2014


(Picture - Pinterest HERE)

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are having/have an amazing day and make some memories to treasure forever. I know that not many of you will read this on Christmas day, but even if you read it on boxing day or perhaps even next December that will mean something to me. 

As a Christian I want to talk really openly about Jesus on my blog but don’t want to shove things in your face. Saying that, I vowed a couple of months ago to make sure that the theme of my blog is ‘Lucy’. Not fashion, not beauty and not lifestyle. Just a collection of beautiful things floating around in my head. Because of that, it would be odd to not do a post about why I celebrate Christmas as this season is such a special one to me.

Within this post I do not intend to offend anyone. I just wish to let you know why I celebrate Christmas. Since Blogmas has been so popular I am guessing that a fair few of you are religious as it’s called CHRISTmas for a reason! I hope you learn more about me and my beliefs from this post and that I someway help you on your walk with Jesus.

The true meaning of Christmas is one I usually get stuck on. As you will know from my blogmas posts I love all the material things that come with Christmas. Trees, tinsel and food (especially food!)I do not think there is anything wrong with this – If you remember the ‘true’ meaning is more important than all of these things.

Through all these different things the one true reason of Christmas is something simple yet beautiful, love.

. John 3:16-17 says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." 

The true meaning of Christmas is the celebration of this incredible act of love.

The real Christmas story is the one of God becoming a human being in the Person of Jesus Christ. Why did God do such a thing? Because He loves us! Why was Christmas necessary? Because we needed a Savior! Why does God love us so much? Because He is love itself (1 John 4:8). Why do we celebrate Christmas each year? Out of gratitude for what God did for us, we remember His birth by giving each other gifts, worshipping Him, and being especially conscious of the poor and less fortunate.

The true meaning of Christmas is love. God loved His own and provided a way—the only Way—for us to spend eternity with Him. He gave His only Son to take our punishment for our sins. He paid the price in full, and we are free from condemnation when we accept that free gift of love. "But God demonstrated His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).

I am forever thankful to God for sending Jesus and that will be at the forefront of my mind this Christmas.

Last year I really wanted to give my lovely readers a Christmas Present but obviously that was impossible so I came up with the idea of the 'prayer request' page. I simply wish to remind you all of this incase there is any chance you missed it or simply saw it and wondered what it was. Head over to the 'Prayer Request' at the top of my blog if you wish for more info.

Merry Christmas.

Lots of Love,


(I did put this post live last year and rather than writing a new one this Christmas I chose to put this one live because I feel I simply couldn't write about anything else on Christmas day other than God's love. I hope you don't mind!)

Friday, 19 December 2014

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Hey, hey, hey!

It's now less than one week to go to Christmas and I'm not feeling that Christmassy yet to be honest! an attempt to spread a bit of festive cheer I thought I would give you all a little peek into my Christmas decorations.

Perhaps the key to my un-christmassyness (is that even a word!?) is that I put my tree up in late November. Maybe, just maybe there is such a thing as too early and as a result the excitement fades by mid December. Or, maybe I'm just in a faddy mood! The latter is probably true! 

Anyhow, a couple of years back I purchased my own tree because I wanted my room to look like a grotto. My room is no where near as good as it looked last year (Blogmas post - HERE) but I did put up a few of the same trimmings.

The collection of decorations I put on my tree this year are my more delicate, precious pieces that I put of the main Christmas tree in the living room last year. Looking back, I prefered the look of my little tree with just the silver/blue baubles last year so might revert back to that next year.

Also - how cute is the little chalk board count down to Christmas!? That was a fabulous Poundland find!

I realise that in the photo at the end I look scarily happy but I really love the lipstick I'm wearing. It's actually a lip stain from Miss Sporty and I have been loving it this festive season! Expect a review coming soon on ze blog....and a post on the jumper I'm wearing too!

PS - most of the baubles on my Christmas tree were from Wilko's if you were wondering.

Lots of love and Christmas cheer!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Primark £4 shoes!

Hello you lovely lot.
Today I am back with two pairs of crazily cheap shoes to show you! I am well aware that Primark is hated by some, loved by others - but regardless to your standpoint on the cut price high street shop...I love it!

My last pair of winter boots (HERE ) were my favourite pair I have ever owned! I wore them till they essentially fell apart (I even super glued the sole back on whilst on the way to London last Christmas haha!) I feel like Primark shoes are a bit of pot luck. More often that not pairs I have bought from them have not lasted very long, so the boots were really an anomaly.
 Having said that, I was desperately in need of a pair of shoes to wear to work so picked up these rather colourful dap/pump style things (?) from Primark. I guess I was initially drawn to them due to the brightness of the pink and they looked like a wardrobe staple. Two pairs, navy and pink somehow slipped into my basket and now live happily at home with me. I say happily...
 This was a good moment for my debit card as the shoes were only £4 each. Yes, £4! On the other hand, my toes were not quite so happy. I wore these for an eight and a half hour shift the other day and it was not fun. My feet were hurting a lot by the end because these shoes are incredibly thin and do not offer a lot of cushioning or support. The other thing that really humoured me and a few of the girls at work was how the pink dye from the shoes actually turned my big toe pink haha! The dye literally came through and made my toe go pink, it looked really funny.
Overall, if you're looking for a cheap pair of easy to style shoes for quick errands these would be perfect, but I wouldn't recommend wearing them for a pro-longed period of time.

Friday, 12 December 2014

You know you're from Somerset when...

Just a quick little lighthearted post today. Saw this on my Facebook page and had to share it on this little corner of the internet.
As I'm sure many of you know I'm a Somerset girl who has always lived on the outskirts of Glastonbury - meaing that there's only two on the list that don't apply to me haha!
The ones that rung particularly true were....
* You're escape plans envolve Berry's Coaches
*You thought it was normal for over 50% of your high street to be made up of charity shops
* You're a closet fan of the Wurzle. (I adore the Wurzles and have seen them in concert more than 4 times hahaha!)
* You know how to walk over a cattle grid
Hope this short, snappy little post put a smile on your face!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Gift Guide - Toxic Fox!

(TORA HARRIS IF YOU'RE READING THIS CLICK OFF RIGHT NOW!! It will ruin your Christmas present! )

Today is a very exciting blog post - it's a festivvvvve one!

Toxic Fox got in contact with me a couple of weeks back regarding working with them in order to showcase some of their fabulous christmas (or just any occasion) gifts to you, my lovely readers. 

The first thing is the one I am most excited about - a Typography of Love photo frame. 

There are many different types of frames to choose from: friendship, family or happily ever after. I went for the friendship one as I made it for my best friend Tora. 

Once you have picked the type of frame then you have to pick 10 words/phrases or names to go onto the photo frame. The words you pick appear on the frame in pink so you can clearly see below the ones that come as standard with the frame and the personalised ones. Another thing you get the choice from is if you would like to have a black or white frame - I went for the black and think it looks really clean and polished.

Not all of the words in pink may make perfect sense to you all but I think that's the whole point. The person who it's for will understand and that's all that matters.

I spent a fair ammount of time playing around with the placment of words too as depending on the order you submit your words, the different places they will appear on the frame. I was sure I wanted 'Lucy & Tora' to be right underneath the photo so played around until I was able to achieve this.

When the frame came in the post I was over the moon. It looks so beautiful in real life and the photos really doesn't do it justice. The little details are what I like most about it, as there are little pink gems stuck on it and it just adds to the personal, handmade feel of it.

I really think the frame is such a fabulous present as it's so personal and I'm fairly certain that the recipient wont open up anything else like it on Christmas day!
Next up is a Claireabella bag. Now, for years (and I mean years!) I have adored Claireabella bags and marvelled at Claire's work. I even looked out my old christmas wish lists the other day and saw that a Claireabella bag was actually on mine in 2011. Therefore, when I got an email from Toxic Fox asking if I wanted to work with them and Claire, I was beyond excited!
Since I have followed Claire on Twitter and watched her buisness grow from strength to strength I am a huge fan of years as have witnessed the hard work she has put in across many years.
Also, some of you may or may not be aware but I am a huuuuge TOWIE fan and the girls from Towie (and a few guys too!) are often papped about town with their Claireabella products. Infact, a Claireabella suitcase (available to buy from Toxic Fox) was featured in an episode of TOWIE not too long ago!
On Toxic Fox you can buy Claireabella mugs, hoodies, chocolate bars, candle...but I'm going to talk to you about the product which started it all - the jute bags.
All of the bags are made to order by a Claireabella artist in the UK, meaning that they are all completely unique! They have been seen on celebrities around the world and you are able to interact the design process and pick details such as the hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and the outfit of you a'bella! All of the bags also come with a rosette bow, a 'Handmade with Love' silver charm, Swarovski elements, 2 handpainted hears and lots and lots of glitter!
On the reverse side of the bag it also says 'Yes it's a Claireabella' and the bag measures as 40cm wide by 33cm high with a 17.5cm gusset. The whole bag feels really sturdy and the straps are nice and thick too!
The bags take up to 15 working days to produce so if you're thinking of ordering one for a Christmas pressie - do so ASAP! 

Last but not least - a perfect little stocking filler. Toxic Fox also sells what is known as the 'Sexxy Shoo'. Basically - it's perfume but the bottle is the shape of a stiletto. (So cool!)
Wouldn't it make an amazing edition to your perfume collection and look ab standing on your dressing table. The limited edition hot pink version of the stiletto perfume bottle contains a light, exotic and fruity fragrance that is promised to help you stand out from the crowd - similar to how the bottle stands out!
The website states that:  "The summery fragrance has an initial composition of luscious fruits including passion fruit sorbet, mango blossom and a kiss of blush peach which flourish in to a floral bouquet of red vanilla orchid and honeysuckle nectar. This powerful blend then lets the base notes of almond and amber linger on you skin throughout your sweet smelling day."
It really would make a fab addition to a stocking - plus it comes packaged in a beautiful gift box too!

All of the products meantioned can be purchased from Toxic Fox:

Friends forever photo frame (£39.99) - Click HERE
Claireabella Large Jute Bag (£39.99) - Click HERE
Shoe Perfume (£9.99) - Click HERE
I hope this blog post helped to give you some ideas on what to get friends and family for Christmas!
Happy December!
(The items featured in this blog post were gifted to me by Toxic Fox but all opinions are my own)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Weekly Roundup #2 Carnival, London, Disney and Rend Collective

So I'm currently sat on the bus on the seemingly never ending journey home from college while typing up a blog post... Such is the modern world eh!? I loved the catchy up style Instagram post I put live recently so decided to do another but under a slightly different name: 'Weekly Roundup'. Welcome to a blog post where I can ramble to my hearts content! Not only am I on a bus whilst trying but I am actually boiling. You see, there is a significantly larger number of people who wish to get this bus service than the amount of busses that are laid on by the council = very cramped journeys (in fact, the other day I actually travelled to college sat cross legged on the floor in the middle of the aisle haha!) anyway, I am currently packed rather tightly in but have a really thick jumper on but no where near enough arm room to take it off. If I make it to the end of this blog post without fainting it will be a miracle! Also, I'm fairly certain that the girl sat behind me can read everything I'm typing and is very confused as to what I'm doing - if you're reading HELLO! And is it just me that's getting really ticked off by that boy playing his crappy music very loudly for all the bus to hear!? 

This week has, as always been a rather busy one! On Tuesday night Zack treated me to a really lovely meal in our local Pizza Express that had just opened. Since Monday marked four months of us being labelled 'boyfriend and girlfriend' (is there a cringe free way to say it?) it came at quite a nice time. We ate, laughed, I did far too much talking about everything and anything that entered my brain...nothing changed haha! 

It hasn't all been fun and games this week though. I've been set a very long, very scary essay in which I have to talk about Marxism, neo-Marxism, functionalism and feminism and the critique them against each other on their viewpoint of what religions role within society is. You see, this wouldn't be quite so awful if I actually knew what the first three were - if any of my readers happen to be keen sociologists please comment below with any help you can offer!
On Wednesday I was super productive. After going to college at 9 and finishing at 12.15 I came home and completely sorted out my whole wardrobe so it now looks neater than a shop - woo! Wonder how long it will stay like that for though...

(Digger giving Luke kisses)

(Some of the paper angels we made at childrens Bible study)

Roger the Lodger (Our family friend Luke who comes round our house all the time!) returned from his WW1 history trip to Belgium and Digger was rather pleased to see him haha!

Another thing I've really been enjoying is helping out at my church's childrens bible study type thingy. It's a fairly small group that is very arts and craft based with all the children being around the 6/7 age group. Although I originally started helping out as part of my Duke Of Edinburgh I am no longer actually doing it due to me moving college. However, I am definitely going to continue volunteering for as long as possible as I adore the children as they come out with some of the cutest things. This week one of the leaders asked "where did Mary and Joseph begins with N and has a Z in it." "NEW ZEALAND" cried one of the children, haha! 


On Friday all my friends were excited about how apparently Domino's pizza were doing large pizzas for £5 only so we all hurried up town (not a short walk by the way!) to try and snap this offer up. After what felt like a 10 mile hike we learnt that this offer was in fact too good to be true but we still got mini pizzas as didn't want to walk that far for nothing. It's crazy how something as simple as Domino's for lunch can lift your whole mood!

That night was literally, the best! I attended the 'Big Church Night In' in Bath which was a Christian Worship event led by Phil Wickham and Rend Collective. With Rend Collective leading worship it was always going to be loud and jumpy and it did not disapoint. I also got to see lots of my best friends so that was loverllllly!

(Me and Immy)

(Inside Bath City Church)

(Becca, Immy, Me and Pete)

(Me and Pete)

Dad pulling the carnival float 

Later on in the week was something that the area I come from is famous for...Carnival! 
Carnival is basically a load of tractors pulling floats lit up with lightbulbs with really loud music and dancers on the floats. There is usually way over 30 floats and the whole thing goes on for about 2 hours, whilst also raising a lot of money for charity. My Dad is heavily involved in carnival, pulling the Princess float and being on the committee, so it is an event that all of my family turn out too.
The transformers float (below)  was my personal fave!

Then, to top off a good weekend I went away with my Dad to London for the weekend. The main
reason for the trip was to look around Bible College, as I am beginning to explore my options for after college. I travelled up on the Sunday and went did a spot of Christmas shopping in and around Oxford Street, and my oh my was it busy! Also - HMV had half price Disney DVD's so I stocked up too, woooo! 

Me and Dad stayed in the Travelodge Hotel in Covent Garden and our stay was really pleasant. They got in contact with me a while back and kindly offered to put me up in one of their hotels, so that I can give my honest review and let you all know what I thought of it. The hotel's location is very central and less than a five minutes walk away from Oxford Street and Covent Garden. All the staff were really friendly and even when I rung up their telephone manor was good. 

The room itself was fairly basic, but due to the low prices that is understandable. There is 30 minutes of free wifi before you start having to pay and I really liked this. 

The room was immaculately clean and the beds were comfy. The heating was working well and it was a nice space to retreat to at the end of the busy day.

Overall I would definitely recommend a stay in the Covent Garden Travelodge if you're looking for a cheap way to stay in the city! 

(Here are a few photos of the room incase you were interested)