Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Let's Catchup: FROW, Big Decisions and Coleslaw

From top left to bottom right: Me and Zack/ Sitting FROW with Immy at the Cabot Circus Autumn Fashion Fixer/ Being silly with Sophie and Will/ Group photo of some on team Joules at a staff meal/ Me and Immy's shameless selfie/ Ambassador duties with Katie/ Immy's life motto/ Dinner with my God parents who were visiting from France/ 2011 photoshoot throwback

As much as I adore blogging about all things fashion about beauty, I equally love to blog about more 'lifestyle/catchy up' type things too. This is hardly the most original idea as it seems nearly every blogger out there has done some kind of instagram picture series at some point but I thought I might as well throw my ten pence in too! Having a nosy at what bloggers do as well as eat, sleep and breathe makeup is really interesting and I find it help me really connect with people whose blogs I read. I'm not going to promise you lot a series of any kind because you know the chances are I wont stick to it, all I'm saying is that every now and then, expect to see some photo collage re-cap style posts.
This month has been crazy. I guess the single most important thing that happened was I moved college. Hopefully you have all read my blog post about making tough decision, focusing mainly on my one to move college (HERE) and I stand by everything that I said in that blog post. No it's not been easy but I can say I haven't yet regretted it...and hopefully wont! The thing I've struggled with most is the decreasing time I spend with some of my most loved people such as Immy, Becca and Chloe. Yes I still do see them, just not as much as I used too and I guess that will take some time to become natural. However, as one of my friends said to me when she found out I was moving college "Time is all about quality, not quantity" and I really think that is so true. Looking ahead though, I feel I have settled into the new college ok, have made some new friends and finally got my head around the confusion that is the bus timetables!
The month was not all college, college, college though. A few weeks back I was invited to attend Cabot Circus's Autumn Fashion Fixer to represent the blogging side so me and Immy went a long on a Saturday afternoon. It was such a lush day: we shopped, ate good food, watched the fashion show whilst cooing over all the beautiful clothes (especially a star patterned Alexander McQueen clutch bag!) and generally had a lovely day together. The bottom left photo is another photo from that day too. All through summer Immy's jokey life motto was 'EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT' so when we saw this top we were in stitches.
Another thing that's been a big part of my life this month has been work. Incase you didn't already know I am a part time sales assistant at Joules and for the most part, love it! Last week some of the team went out for a meal to celebrate (not exactly celebrate, but you know what I mean!) Sophie leaving. We all dressed up Halloween esque, tucked into burgers and took far too many pictures. Plus I ended up eating 4 pots of coleslaw as nobody wanted theirs, woo haha!
That wasn't the only meal I was lucky enough to eat out either. My Godparents Norman and Irene who retired in France about 5 years ago came over for two weeks, staying at my Dad's in my room. It was lovely to spend some time with them and have a proper catch up that wasn't over the phone. Looks like a trip out to visit them in the South of France might be on the cards sometime soon, eeek!
One rather wet night in October me and the team of Ambassador helped out at open evening and it was such a giggle. By this point I'd only actually been attending the college as a pupil for a week and a half so my knowledge of the campus was pretty poor. At one point in the night on my way to try and show a family to the gym, I somehow ended up in the middle of the car park and then miraculously managed to blag that I knew where I was going. Either way, it was a laugh and I am really enjoying being an Ambassador as all the others are so friendly (Kate even gave me her chocolate fudge cake at Ambassadors dinner)
Finally, me and Zack have been adjusting to us not being at the same college but in a way feel that it (and a culmination of other factors) have resulted in us being the best and strongest we've ever been! As I'm writing this blog post, although am unsure of when this blog post will go live, it actually marks 4 months of us being 'official' haha!
It's been a busy, stressful, worry filled month but good none the less.
What've you been up to this month? Do you want to see more of this kind of blog post?
(PS - After reading this back I realise that there seems to be a bit of a theme in the sense of people giving me their food. Yes, this is always ok with me but I promise I do actually have my own food too haha!)

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  1. Oh my god you have been so busy haha but sounds like you've been having a great time, especially after changing college. I love coleslaw why don't more people appreciate it? ;) xxx