Monday, 10 November 2014

Dreamcatcher Off the Shoulder Top: Review*

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely surprise when the postman popped a little parcel on my door step (am I the only one who gets reaaaaaly excited by receiving things in the post!?) It's contents consisted of a grey, off the shoulder top from a rising independent clothing company called 'Your Dreamcatcher'. 

I am a massive fan of supporting smaller brands, mainly due to the fact that my Dad runs a business from home and I understand how important it is to not always go straight to the 'big' retailers. Anyhow - let me tell you a little more about 'Your Dreamcatcher'. The main brand ethos focuses highly on being comfortable but wearing clothes with a fun design at the same time. They believe strongly in the idea that we should love lounging around at home in comfort but still feel stylish at the same time. Hence why they bought out a collection of designer loungewear! 

Their first line features different pieces centred around their striking logo which is promoting the idea of enjoying life and following your dreams. Many other items are also in the pipeline, with clothing featuring particular famous quotes due to be released soon - I cannot wait to lay eyes on them! Like I have said countless times on my blog before, I always try to aim for my clothes to make a statement or and promote something positive so 'Your Dreamcatcher' is perfect for helping me do so. 

The particular piece I own from 'Yout Dreamcatcher' is the grey, off the shoulder top which costs £19.99. It has 3/4 sleeves which I always find to be very flattering as well as a boat neckline. If I'm totally honest with you this is the first off the shoulder top I own and it does take a bit of getting used too. The first time I wore it it just felt so odd and I constantly had the urge to keep pulling it up it over time this has gone and I have got used to the style of the piece. The quality of it is really good, with 95% cotton and 5% elastine - the fabric simply feels so soft against the skin! 

Overall 'Your Dreamcatcher' is a brand I think we should all keep an eye on, with excellent customer service, good prices and a good ethos it's sure to be a good'un!

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