Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Collection: Little Mix Trio Eye Shadow Palette (Perri)

Hello guys n gals!

Whilst in Bristol shopping a few months back I decided to pick up this diddy little palette from Little Mix's range for Collection. After watching Nic from PixiWoo's smoky eye using this palette is was immediately on my shopping list as the look she created was so beautiful. Plus it was on offer too so how could I resist?

This palette is part of Little Mix's collection for Collection (haha!) and I don't tend to buy into these kinds of collaborations but I caved. I was kindly surprised by the quality of this palette and how versatile is it. (Although I do question how much of an input the ladies really had in it?) 

The colours are all incredibly pigmented and using only a little bit of shadow you can create a very dramatic look. I was a bit disappointed with how the glitter in the end colour doesn't show up at all when you put it on your eyelids but it is incredibly dark so it's great for bold, smoky eyes

This palette would be really good if you wished to build up your makeup collection or even if you wanted a tiny little travel palette so you can create party perfect smokey eyes and makeup looks without hauling round a 24 piece palette. 

The colour on the end with the glitter on it probably is my least favourite as the chunks of glitter are just to big to ever show up on your eye. The middle colour is so versatile and the yellow tone is simply an essential. For £3.19 it is an absolute steal.

Over all a really cute little palette that is purse friendly too!

Have you tried anything from Little Mix's range?

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  1. Oh yay! I bought the WHOLE set when it came out which was a little bit ridiuculous to be honest but I really love it all, collection love have come on leaps and bounds xx

    Blonde Of Carbs