Thursday, 30 October 2014

OOTD: Mickey Mouse Monochrome Dress (Primark)

Dress - Primark
Leggings - TU Sainsburys
Shoes - Converses

Hello you lovely lot.

Surprise, surprise, today's blog post is a Disney one! Of late I have been buying a ridiculous amount of Disney clothes much to my bank balance's dismay. In fact, I may do a whole blog post solely on my Disney clothing collection so let me know if that's something you wish to see!

The perks of being a size 8/6 is that it is kind of possible to still fit into children's clothes. In Primark this is really easy as their sizes tend to be rather generous so the children's age 12-13 is roughly a size 6. Ok, some of the clothes is quite obviously for children but some of it looks fine on older people (in my opinion).

This dress is from the children's section in Primark and I adore it. It's monochrome print is bang on trend right now and the fit is fitted and flattering. What I like about it is that it's Disney without being bang in your face Disney (although I do like a bit of in your face Disney sometimes!)

I have been wearing this outfit to college a lot lately as it is just so comfy. I have been styling it with my trusty Sainsbury's TU leggings (which are, the best leggings ever by the way!) and white converses as I feel like it adds to the monochrome feel and looks quite put together yet still young and preppy.

The best thing is that because it's children's the price point is fab - £8 to be exact! I could easily see this dress in somewhere like Urban Outfitters for more than triple the price.

So in a nut shell, don't be afraid to try children's clothes if you see something you like. After all, you may have a nice surprise!

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