Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Shoes: Primark Polka Dot Heels

Whilst in London a couple of weeks back I popped into Primark and picked up these beauties! Oxford Street Primark is usually something I avoid like the plague. It is always jam packed with people, looks like a jumble sale and is just far too stressful for my liking haha! But for some strange reason me and mum decided to nip in just for half an hour. 

Me and Mum couldn't really face going through the whole shop 'browsing' so we decided to head straight to the thing I needed, shoes. I was after a bright, fun pair of shoes to go with a simple black dress to wear for my leavers ceremony. When I spotted these I knew they would be perfect. I have seen a lot of people online talking about the 'Primark Polka Dot Heel' so I'm guessing they have been quite popular. 

At £14 they are at the expensive side of Primark but are still an absolute steal! I love the ice-cream shades in the shoes and of course adore the little bit of monochrome encapsulated too! 

The ankle strap enables you to easily adjust them in order to fit perfectly so that's rather handy. 

The only problem I had with these shoes is wowee do they hurt! The heel is quite high and that mixed with the fact that there is no platform = sore feet. But overall they are a really unique addition to my shoe collection and I look to wearing them again soon!

Have you bought any new heels lately?


  1. These are so pretty for Primark, I hate Primark because it's always so busy and the workers honestly do not clean up the shelves often enough haha (I agree with you there, the store is a jumble sale most of the time). I think that you've found a good buy, they are so pretty and cute. Sadly I haven't purchased any heels lately (well except from a pair of heels with a little heel on them but I'm not sure if that counts haha but they are a real leather cut out sided pair from Oasis - so lovely although the smell of fresh leather is not one of my favourites!)

    Shannon at

    1. I just always feel so sorry for the staff haha! Really!? I adore the smell of fresh leather haha.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Lucy xx

  2. Oh WOW what an absolute find these are stunning!! My feet die in any shoe so to be honest it doesn't matter for me haha ;) xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. I love these! Perfect to wear with a LBD x

    Sophie x

  4. I have been searching for these for over 6 months! I'm British but moved to Canada last year. I search ebay every week in hopes I'll find them!