Thursday, 30 October 2014

OOTD: Mickey Mouse Monochrome Dress (Primark)

Dress - Primark
Leggings - TU Sainsburys
Shoes - Converses

Hello you lovely lot.

Surprise, surprise, today's blog post is a Disney one! Of late I have been buying a ridiculous amount of Disney clothes much to my bank balance's dismay. In fact, I may do a whole blog post solely on my Disney clothing collection so let me know if that's something you wish to see!

The perks of being a size 8/6 is that it is kind of possible to still fit into children's clothes. In Primark this is really easy as their sizes tend to be rather generous so the children's age 12-13 is roughly a size 6. Ok, some of the clothes is quite obviously for children but some of it looks fine on older people (in my opinion).

This dress is from the children's section in Primark and I adore it. It's monochrome print is bang on trend right now and the fit is fitted and flattering. What I like about it is that it's Disney without being bang in your face Disney (although I do like a bit of in your face Disney sometimes!)

I have been wearing this outfit to college a lot lately as it is just so comfy. I have been styling it with my trusty Sainsbury's TU leggings (which are, the best leggings ever by the way!) and white converses as I feel like it adds to the monochrome feel and looks quite put together yet still young and preppy.

The best thing is that because it's children's the price point is fab - £8 to be exact! I could easily see this dress in somewhere like Urban Outfitters for more than triple the price.

So in a nut shell, don't be afraid to try children's clothes if you see something you like. After all, you may have a nice surprise!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Barcelona: OOTD, Cathedral, Camp Nou + more!

Me, Mum, my sister Alice and Cousin Phillipa

The 'unfinished Cathedral'

Camp Nou

Barcelona Olympic Stadium
Barcelona Olympic Stadium
Las Ramblas

the fountain display in Barcelona

Playsuit - Primark
Belt - Primark
Pink Sunglasses - Prada
Sandals - Clarks
Bag - Osprey

During my time in Spain I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit Barcelona for the day. There are a host of things to see and do in Barcelona and by no means did we do it all. We did however, manage to cram an awful lot into our whistle stop tour of the beautiful city. 

First stop on our tour was Camp Nou, home of Barcelona football club. Football is most definitely not my thing. It isn't my mum's, sister's or cousin's either so we were quite united on that front. But, it was part of the tour and is an integral part of Barcelona so we went along and had a look round. The size of the stadium really is insane! It was quite cool to walk out onto the pitch the same route the footballers do and we got to have a look round their changing rooms, prayer room, the press box and a big museum with walls upon walls of trophies. 

Next up was the cathedral and it didn't disapoint. As we walked up the bustling street and turned a corner the famous 'unfinished cathedral' suddenly came into view and I really wish someone had recorded our faces. It was simply breathtaking. Never in my life have I seen something so intricately detailed, dreamy and story telling. I know there is a bit of a debate rumbling on over weather Gaudi was a genius or a mad man but me and my mum both agree he was definitely not the latter! If you ever get the chance to go and see the Cathedral I couldn't reccomend it more, it was just a shame we didn't get the chance to go inside but the ques were massive - I will have to return!

Then we moved on to other famous sights in the city, stopping of at the Olympic Stadium and then on the top of a hill, leaving us with stunning views and a perfect photo backdrop.

Las Ramblas is deemed the 'Covent Garden' of Barcelona and I was also very excited to visit this honeypot of tourists, traders and tourism alike. We were given some free time by the tour guide to have a little explore so myself, mum, Alice and Pip decided to walk up the famous street. We were met with street performers, with one dressed up as a very convincing mad hatter from Alice in wonderland! There was a host of things to see and alley ways coming off of the bustling street to explore, it was just a shame we had such limited time there.

In the evening it was then time to watch the famous 'fountains of Barcelona'. They were beautiful and so big. The only thing that we all agreed really let it down was the music. We were expecting the music to be in sync with the water or for the music to atleast be spanish. Instead, they were playing trashy chart music such as Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' and my most hated song ever, Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines'. This really let the whole thing down and killed the atmosphere completely. If we were to stick earplugs in and just focus on the fountains, they were beautiful - it's only a shame the music didn't mirror their beauty. 
One thing's for sure, after this trip I cannot tick Barcelona off my 'to visit' list just yet. This day trip only gave me a taste of the city and left me longing to go back and explore some more of day!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lucy's Life: Decisions

(GIF - Tumblr)

Hello, hello, hello.

Long time now blog, hey?
I feel like every couple of weeks I put a post live saying that life has been 'crazy' but it really has been of late. You may know that I made the transition from secondary school to college in September and to be quite frank, this was terrifying! Anyone who knows me is well aware of how much I adored school and this made the jump more of a leap.

I started in September at a college in my local town. Although I had my heart set on attending the one further away from the get go, I eventually decided to go with the 'easier' option for reasons such as: the majority of my close circle of friends were going there including my boyfriend, I could walk too and from college and it is supposedly one of the best colleges in the country.

Anyway, I knew from the minute I started there that I hated it. I couldn't (and still can't) exactly put my finger on why it didn't sit right with me but it just didn't. On top of that I had problem after problem with one particular teaching and when I approached the college and gave them the opportunity to deal with it they were unresponsive and to be honest, rude. It got to the stage where I really wasn't enjoying college, so all the bonuses such as my friends attending etc were redundant as any time I did spend with them I was usually upset or frustrated about my situation.

I never really thought moving was an option, as it has been instilled in me from a young age to persevere and see things through, so I felt like I had to give the college I was attending a fair shot. One night though, I came home and cried for a good few hours and mum decided enough was enough, we were going to go down to the other college.

When we first got there and explained my predicament they said that they had stopped excepting transferring students the week before and that it was already 6 weeks into the course and that I'd never catch up. Mum was her usual fab self and really fought for me and managed to get me a chance. The head of A levels agreed that if I could get together my GCSE grades, references from school and a summary of the content I had already covered at college on the courses I was doing there and email it to him that night, he would take a look and consider it. He got back to me and offered me a place, admitting that it was going to be tough but everyone at college was happy to give me a chance!

So that was that. On Monday I attended my first day at the new college, 7 weeks behind everyone else and this was a pretty terrifying prospect. Although, I can now say one week in...I am SO pleased I made this decision. I know it's only been a week but I can already tell that I am going to be so much happier here. Within day one I already agreed to leading the Christian Union, became an ambassador and got put on the college's 'honours' academy which is designed to help high achieving students progress into top universities. I have made new friends, have an amazing set of teachers and so many opportunities that I didn't have before.

I guess the reason I'm typing this post is to say to you, don't be afraid to do something bold. A lot of people thought I was doing the wrong thing and that I was making a mistake, a lot of people thought I wouldn't be able to catch up with the work and my brain was going into complete overdrive as my eyes turned into floodgates. Yes, deciding to do this was petrifying and a huge risk, but it's one that's paid off.

In a nut shell, don't be afraid to make bold decisions, that are often difficult and disruptive. After all, life's boring if you never take a risk.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Shoes: Primark Polka Dot Heels

Whilst in London a couple of weeks back I popped into Primark and picked up these beauties! Oxford Street Primark is usually something I avoid like the plague. It is always jam packed with people, looks like a jumble sale and is just far too stressful for my liking haha! But for some strange reason me and mum decided to nip in just for half an hour. 

Me and Mum couldn't really face going through the whole shop 'browsing' so we decided to head straight to the thing I needed, shoes. I was after a bright, fun pair of shoes to go with a simple black dress to wear for my leavers ceremony. When I spotted these I knew they would be perfect. I have seen a lot of people online talking about the 'Primark Polka Dot Heel' so I'm guessing they have been quite popular. 

At £14 they are at the expensive side of Primark but are still an absolute steal! I love the ice-cream shades in the shoes and of course adore the little bit of monochrome encapsulated too! 

The ankle strap enables you to easily adjust them in order to fit perfectly so that's rather handy. 

The only problem I had with these shoes is wowee do they hurt! The heel is quite high and that mixed with the fact that there is no platform = sore feet. But overall they are a really unique addition to my shoe collection and I look to wearing them again soon!

Have you bought any new heels lately?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Montserrat: OOTD, Black Madonna and Choir boys

Shorts - Joules
Top - F&F
Sandals - Clarks
Sunglasses - Primark

Hello lovely people. 

A culturally rich blog post for you all today! Whilst I was in Spain at the end of August we spent the day in Montserrat. The place promised to be 'soul stirring' and as a famous pilgrimage site, I was intrigued to visit. 

I'll start with my outfit: you may or may not know that over summer I worked a lot in a shop called Joules. It's a country clothing lifestyle brand and my shorts are from them. Although I was slightly hesitant to try them at first because a few customers have told me that the cut of Joule's shorts are quite dodgy, I was pleasantly surprised. They are a really flattering length and aren't ridiculously short which I like, plus they're not skin tight either, without being baggy. My only slight criticism of them would be the fact that the seam runs directly up the middle back, making it look like you have a bit of a wedgie going on, but apart from that they're great haha! My top was a hand-me-down from my Mum and I adore it. Plus after getting badly sunburnt the day before this trip the top was perfect as it covered me up a bit more than some of my other 'holiday' clothes without being too hot. 

On to the trip, a bit of history and some choir boys...

First thing first, you have to get to the top of the mountains. In order to do so you have to hop in a cable train which was great as on the way up there was the most stunning views as we got higher and higher into the clouds.

Santa Maria de Montserrat is a Benedictine Abbey and bailica located in the Montserrat mountain and oh my is it beautiful! The architecture was intricate yet not over the top and had a really wise, historically rich feel to it. The monastery started as the Hermitage of Santa Maria, the Mother of Christ, in 1025. Soon after the opening of the site there were stories emerging of miracles due to 'Mary - the Virgin of Montserrat' and the site began to attract pilgrims from different corners of the world. Due to the swelling amount of  hopeful pilgrims heading to the site a bigger Romanesque chapel was built afterwards in order to make room for more visitors. It has now gone on to become one of the most famous Abbeys in Spain, if not the most famous in Catalonia.

The famous statue of the 'Black Maddona' is one of the main reasons pilgrims flock to the site. It's basically a huge statue of a black Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. In one of Mary's hand is a golden ball representing the world. It is tradition for you to kiss or touch the Virgin's hand whilst opening up your over hand to Jesus. Whether you are religious or not, in my opinion visiting the Black Madonna at Montserrat is a spiritual and worthwhile experience. 

Our tour guide was lovely and really knowledgeable without over complicating things - she must have been good because she managed to explain all of the above to me without leaving my head spinning haha!

Another traditional thing to do when visiting Montserrat is to try the Monk's wine which they handmake themselves. Mum tried some and hated three whilst loved the final one but it was quite a fun little activity and seeing the faces she pulled after drinking them was rather amusing. 

The thing I was most pleased about whilst there was the fact that we got to see the boy's choir sing. The Monastery has it's own 'boarding' facilities and families can send the children to become a choir boy. I even saw one mother in the audience who very excitedly waved to her embarrassed looking son as the children processed into the back of the Abbey. They sung two songs beautifully and apparently do so every single day!

Overall Montserrat was a really historical, interesting and spiritual day out which made a nice addition to the 'lie on the beach' days.

Have you ever been to any famous pilgrimage sites, or perhaps Montserrat itself?

OOTD: Cozy Superdry top

Top - Superdry
Leggings - F&F
Shoes - Primark

Since starting college I had discovered that my wardrobe is really lacking 'comfy' clothes but Superdry have really helped me with this.

This top is super super soft. The material feels so soft against the skin and I am guilty of stroking it during the day (weird I know...) 

It is cosy and slouchy yet fitted at the same time and I adore how sparkly the pink print is. After washing this once I can also promise you that the print stay intact even after washing which is a bonus as I know so often prints crack during washing.

Not a lot else to say about this top, apart from if you're after a cosy yet stylish top this may be the one for you!