Saturday, 13 September 2014

I'm Back! Taking stock...

(just a few pictures from summer)

Hello strangers.

It feels so weird to sit down and finally write a blog post because it's been quite a while, hasn't it? I wrote back in May that my blog may be a bit all over the place due to sitting my exams but expected to resume regular blogging over my two and a half month summer but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I knew I wanted to do a lot with my summer, but I didn't comprehend quite how much I would actually do. Prom, working, sleepovers, parties, Spain, soul survivor, cinema, shopping trips, pool days, alton towers, mini breaks to London,  park trips, BBQ's, meals out, more parties plus a host of other things equated to a rather hectic schedule, filled with a flurry of things to look forward to (apart from the dreaded 8-4.30pm shifts) 

A blog post went live on my little corner of the internet last month titled 'busy having the best summer ever' and that couldn't of been more accurate.

Towards the end of the summer I also got to find out my GCSE results and was over the moon with them. I got a mix of A*'s, A's and a B in maths, how I passed maths I will never know! This just proved to me that with dedication, hard work and determination anything is possible!

I'm now getting back into the swing of 'normal' life since my seemingly never ending summer has sadly finally drew to a close. College has come round so quickly and it seems crazy to have not gone back to my secondary school, but instead start a new college. The novelty of wearing my own clothes has already worn off and is proving rather stressful and the workload is insane. I may do a series of posts on starting college if any of you feel that would be useful so please let me know if that's something you'd like to see either by commenting or tweeting me (@lucy_a_bigail)

Anyway, now that life is falling back into a routine I'm sure blogging can be squeezed back into it. Much to my surprise I actually really missed blogging. Countless times over summer the thought "I want to tell my blog readers about that" would run through my head and I'm excited to get back into the swing of blogging, I've missed you all! 

I am unsure as to how many times a week I will be able to blog, as I'm already surprised by how insane the workload is with A-levels and I've only been there a couple of weeks so chances are it's only going to get busier. But, either way blogging is something I enjoy and really want to invest some time into as a creative outlet over the coming months. I'm not going to promise you 5 outstanding blog posts a week because that is a little unrealistic, but hopefully I will be able to produce a couple of quality, enjoyable (to both me and you!) blog posts a week.

Quality VS quantity is another thing I wanted to touch on. Earlier this year I really felt like I was blogging for the sake of it and was simply churning out posts because I felt like I should be producing a certain amount a week, rather than posts I am actually proud of. 

So, from now on the plan is to only put a blog live when I'm 100% happy with it. That may mean that one week there is no new content on my blog, but I feel I'd rather post quality posts less frequently rather than putting live sloppy, rushed posts. 

So there we go, we've taken stock, we've reviewed the past and we've caught up. Please leave a comment if you wish, letting me know what you got up to during your summer.

Blog soon,


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  1. Congratulations on your exam results! They're amazing! And I know what the school-to-college adjustment is like, keep at it!

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