Monday, 29 September 2014

OOTD: Superdry Aztec Dress

When Superdrug got in contact with me a couple weeks back about trying a few pieces from their collection I was a bit apprehensive. Within my school especially, Superdry had the reputation of being a bit 'chavy' and it was never really a shop I shopped in as there is not one local to me. That's why I was so surprised when I actually succumbed to my shallowness and visited the website. 

I was greeted by a whole host of beautiful pieces! The website is laid out so easily and navigating through it is easy peasy - if you wish to browse the new collection, or shop a specific category from womenswear, both is possible. I was scrolling through the 'new in' womenswear when I laid my eyes on a beautiful Aztecy/lacey dress. (Superdry 50s Eastern Lace Dress

This dress is so beautiful and a photo simply cannot do it justice. The lace is such good quality, not like the thin type that easily frays and gets hitched. The lace almost feels 'thick' 

The aztec print adds some really nice detail and the whole shape of it is very flattering.

The thing I love most about it is I feel it would be very easy to dress it up and down, perhaps with leggings for a more casual look and heels and a clutch for a more glamorous look!

Have you bought a dress from Superdry?

I really recommend you take a look at the website! One of my new faves!



Wednesday, 17 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15

Unless you live under a rock, you will be well aware that London Fashion Week has just taken place. With the circus now rolling out of town, I thought I'd put my two cents in and give a short review for some of my favourite collections this season, enjoy!

House of Holland
Ok, I'm going to say it...this has to be my favourite collection for the whole of SS15. It is just simply amazing. Such variations of colour, texture, shape, print and it just screams diversity, I bloomin' love it! There was a concoction of kaleidoscopic colours, metallic fabrics and kitsch feeling flowers. Finish and cut were executed perfecly and no detail was left un-designed, such as the pink tassels that finished off the zips. Vogue perfectly worded it:  "The collection was super heavy on print, not least because these clothes are designed to sing from the screens of online retailers, come alive on the pages of magazines and Tumblr, they're pieces that need #nofilter. This groupie girl might watch the band from the side of the stage, but she will never, ever just blend in." No more words are needed, but I really urge you to go and view the whole collection!

Holly Fulton 
I was very excited to lay eyes on Holly Fulton's collection for the upcoming SS15 as her show was one of my favourites for AW14. And, as expected, it didn't disappoint. The collection itself was inspired by everything from Morris Dancers to symbolic depictions of the sun assembled in Walter Herdeg’s book Die Sonne in De Kunst and even canal art. When asked about the collection, Holly Fulton said that it is an ode to “sun-worship, folk art and free expression”, while still using 3D embellished floral prints overlayed with crystal and lasercut components as well as tessellating triangles to help sustain and keep present her signature graphic print and geometric shape present.

 The collection had a girly, sophisticated feel to it, with balloon shape skirts and shades of poppy red and royal blue, plus a hint of metallic thrown in for good measure. As well as this, Holly Fulton stuck true to form by adding in other modern twists in the form of perspex sunglasses and dresses embellished with crystal components and laser cut details. 

The main colour palette of the collection was of course, her signature monochrome, sun-bleached pink, pastel blue hues, as well as fresh lemon yellow and sandy neutrals, which equated to a very summery feel. The main thing that I personally liked about this collection is the fact that, unlike many other collections, this one is incredibly wearable, with a mix of crop tops, wide-legged trousers, tailored coats and A-line dresses.

A 'Midsummer night's dream' meets Hollywood was on the catwalk this season in the form of Marchesa's SS15 collection. The collection was apparently inspired and based on Kate Moss at Glastonbury (how very British!) and elements of folk costumes. There were signature Marchesa embellishments, hand painting, embroidery, chantilly, applique, beading and crystals - often on a single garment! So after ten years of glamour, less is definitely not more got Georgina and Keren.

Here's a brand very close to home. With Mulberry's factory being in Shepton Mallet which is only a few miles away from me, I always wait in anticipation for the show. The collection was sadly, not as colourful as I hoped it would be, considering it's for SS not AW. Aside from that though, I do like it. The structure of the pieces are very precise, smart and flattering. I adore the two-piece co-ord bottom left and the chunky sandal shoes are amazing!

What has been your favourite collection from this season?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

I'm Back! Taking stock...

(just a few pictures from summer)

Hello strangers.

It feels so weird to sit down and finally write a blog post because it's been quite a while, hasn't it? I wrote back in May that my blog may be a bit all over the place due to sitting my exams but expected to resume regular blogging over my two and a half month summer but I couldn't have been more wrong.

I knew I wanted to do a lot with my summer, but I didn't comprehend quite how much I would actually do. Prom, working, sleepovers, parties, Spain, soul survivor, cinema, shopping trips, pool days, alton towers, mini breaks to London,  park trips, BBQ's, meals out, more parties plus a host of other things equated to a rather hectic schedule, filled with a flurry of things to look forward to (apart from the dreaded 8-4.30pm shifts) 

A blog post went live on my little corner of the internet last month titled 'busy having the best summer ever' and that couldn't of been more accurate.

Towards the end of the summer I also got to find out my GCSE results and was over the moon with them. I got a mix of A*'s, A's and a B in maths, how I passed maths I will never know! This just proved to me that with dedication, hard work and determination anything is possible!

I'm now getting back into the swing of 'normal' life since my seemingly never ending summer has sadly finally drew to a close. College has come round so quickly and it seems crazy to have not gone back to my secondary school, but instead start a new college. The novelty of wearing my own clothes has already worn off and is proving rather stressful and the workload is insane. I may do a series of posts on starting college if any of you feel that would be useful so please let me know if that's something you'd like to see either by commenting or tweeting me (@lucy_a_bigail)

Anyway, now that life is falling back into a routine I'm sure blogging can be squeezed back into it. Much to my surprise I actually really missed blogging. Countless times over summer the thought "I want to tell my blog readers about that" would run through my head and I'm excited to get back into the swing of blogging, I've missed you all! 

I am unsure as to how many times a week I will be able to blog, as I'm already surprised by how insane the workload is with A-levels and I've only been there a couple of weeks so chances are it's only going to get busier. But, either way blogging is something I enjoy and really want to invest some time into as a creative outlet over the coming months. I'm not going to promise you 5 outstanding blog posts a week because that is a little unrealistic, but hopefully I will be able to produce a couple of quality, enjoyable (to both me and you!) blog posts a week.

Quality VS quantity is another thing I wanted to touch on. Earlier this year I really felt like I was blogging for the sake of it and was simply churning out posts because I felt like I should be producing a certain amount a week, rather than posts I am actually proud of. 

So, from now on the plan is to only put a blog live when I'm 100% happy with it. That may mean that one week there is no new content on my blog, but I feel I'd rather post quality posts less frequently rather than putting live sloppy, rushed posts. 

So there we go, we've taken stock, we've reviewed the past and we've caught up. Please leave a comment if you wish, letting me know what you got up to during your summer.

Blog soon,