Sunday, 27 July 2014


Hello everyone.

Another catchy up style post from me today (they seem to be going down quite well!)

It seemed only right to share some pictures with you from a very special night....PROM!

It was such an amazing night. For years me and my friends have talked about dresses, hair, venue, makeup and then the night came and it was finally here.....

The prom itself was held at a beautiful venue called Kilver Court which had breath taking gardens and a viaduct running through it (pretty darn cool!) 

My dress was from an independent boutique that is fairly local to me. After spending months, and I mean months, shopping for dresses about a month before I actually went to a dress shop and it was such a good decision. Up until then I had been trawling the internet trying to find a dress but you really cannot tell which dress is perfect for you until you try some on. In total I tried on 11 in this one shop and this emerald green one shouldered dress was the one. I adore emerald green, it's the colour I wore to the blogger awards and just generally a colour I wear quite a lot. The dress was beautiful and I felt so glamorous in it - massive thank you to my Mum for everything she helped me with regarding prom, especially buying me my dress!

Overall it was just such a perfect night. I even got up and did my final speech as Head Girl. It was quite a soppy, emotional speech during which I just basically went on and on about how much I love our yeargroup and mentioned a few life lessons that people in the year group had taught me.It got a few laughs, brought tears to some peoples eyes and was a pleasure to give as I honestly couldn't of wished for a better bunch of people to have spent the last 5 years with.

Now onto the pictures....

Becca, Me, Immy, Lauren and Alexa
Me and Mum
Hannah, Susannah and Me
Me, Susannah, Emily and my little brother Thomas
Zack, Solly, Emily and me
Hannah, Susannah and me
Another one of me and mum
Me and Zack
Me, Lauren, Immy, Chloe, Becca, Alexa and Ruby
Daisy, Lucie, Emily, Me, Lauren, Becca, Immy, Chloe, Poppy and Alexa.

Did you have a prom when you left school?


  1. You look beautiful and congrats at being head girl that's such an achievement xxx

  2. You and your friends look amazing :) The dress colour suits your hair and makeup so well ! xx

  3. Your skin looks lovely!! :) Lovely dress toooo! Hope you had a good day, mine feels like ages ago now xx