Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Primark Shoes SS14

Here it is, finally. 

For months these shoes have been making appearances on my blog and I have been promising you all a post about them...well, here it finally is!

I picked up these shoes all the way back in January and have lived in them since. During the more chilly months I have been wearing them with black tights but plan to wear them bare foot when the sun comes out to play.

I didn't keep my receipt so cannot be sure how much I payed for them, but know they were around the £7 mark. They caught my eye originally because they just look so cute and vintage (not sure if that's the right word to describe them?). Although they were from Primark in my opinion they do not look cheap at all and have lasted me well. 

They do up with a buckle and can be adjusted so that they fit as comfortable and as tight as you like.
At the back of the shoe there is a tiny heel that is really sturdy and overall they are just really comfy. 

I made a silly mistake and wore these to a campout the other night and boy were they cold. I guess I forgot they are pretty much sandals so being in a field all night with these on meant for cold feet no matter how much dancing I did!

Overall I am really impressed with these shoes and know they have a lot more life left in them, so you better not be sick of them just yet: you will definitely be seeing them again soon!

Have you bought any shoes from Primark lately?


  1. These are gorgeous, I have seen so many pretty ones from Primark ATM I need to get myself down there xx

  2. Absolutely love these shoes, I got excited seeing the post then realised you got them in January! Booooo :( love a good pair of primark shoes xox

  3. Love the shoes! I just bought a new pair from Primark last week and have done a little write up for them on my blog. Mine have a bit of a cowgirl vibe which I'm currently loving!
    Blog love,