Sunday, 27 July 2014


Hello everyone.

Another catchy up style post from me today (they seem to be going down quite well!)

It seemed only right to share some pictures with you from a very special night....PROM!

It was such an amazing night. For years me and my friends have talked about dresses, hair, venue, makeup and then the night came and it was finally here.....

The prom itself was held at a beautiful venue called Kilver Court which had breath taking gardens and a viaduct running through it (pretty darn cool!) 

My dress was from an independent boutique that is fairly local to me. After spending months, and I mean months, shopping for dresses about a month before I actually went to a dress shop and it was such a good decision. Up until then I had been trawling the internet trying to find a dress but you really cannot tell which dress is perfect for you until you try some on. In total I tried on 11 in this one shop and this emerald green one shouldered dress was the one. I adore emerald green, it's the colour I wore to the blogger awards and just generally a colour I wear quite a lot. The dress was beautiful and I felt so glamorous in it - massive thank you to my Mum for everything she helped me with regarding prom, especially buying me my dress!

Overall it was just such a perfect night. I even got up and did my final speech as Head Girl. It was quite a soppy, emotional speech during which I just basically went on and on about how much I love our yeargroup and mentioned a few life lessons that people in the year group had taught me.It got a few laughs, brought tears to some peoples eyes and was a pleasure to give as I honestly couldn't of wished for a better bunch of people to have spent the last 5 years with.

Now onto the pictures....

Becca, Me, Immy, Lauren and Alexa
Me and Mum
Hannah, Susannah and Me
Me, Susannah, Emily and my little brother Thomas
Zack, Solly, Emily and me
Hannah, Susannah and me
Another one of me and mum
Me and Zack
Me, Lauren, Immy, Chloe, Becca, Alexa and Ruby
Daisy, Lucie, Emily, Me, Lauren, Becca, Immy, Chloe, Poppy and Alexa.

Did you have a prom when you left school?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Primark Shoes SS14

Here it is, finally. 

For months these shoes have been making appearances on my blog and I have been promising you all a post about them...well, here it finally is!

I picked up these shoes all the way back in January and have lived in them since. During the more chilly months I have been wearing them with black tights but plan to wear them bare foot when the sun comes out to play.

I didn't keep my receipt so cannot be sure how much I payed for them, but know they were around the £7 mark. They caught my eye originally because they just look so cute and vintage (not sure if that's the right word to describe them?). Although they were from Primark in my opinion they do not look cheap at all and have lasted me well. 

They do up with a buckle and can be adjusted so that they fit as comfortable and as tight as you like.
At the back of the shoe there is a tiny heel that is really sturdy and overall they are just really comfy. 

I made a silly mistake and wore these to a campout the other night and boy were they cold. I guess I forgot they are pretty much sandals so being in a field all night with these on meant for cold feet no matter how much dancing I did!

Overall I am really impressed with these shoes and know they have a lot more life left in them, so you better not be sick of them just yet: you will definitely be seeing them again soon!

Have you bought any shoes from Primark lately?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Glastonbury Festival: Through a Disposable Camera

Hey Hey Hey!

Festival season is in full swing so I thought it would be fun to show you my Glastonbury pictures. I live a 10 minute drive from the festival site so it seemed crazy that I hadn't been before. You can literally hear the festival from my house. Because my secondary school is local it basically meant my entire year group was at the festival, which was great as exams were over and we all had one massive party together.

I camped at the festival with my best friend Immy and her sister Amy and it was incredible! I had some of the best days ever. If you ever get the chance to go, GO! The atmosphere there is insane and it is one massive rave that begins at 2am and finishes very early in the morning haha! If you're willing to embrace the mud and long drop toilets then you'll have a blast. I wont ramble on too much and will instead let the photos do the talking. I took two disposable cameras with me and these were the results. I was so happy as I think the photos turned out really well.

 Me and Immy larking around with the pyramid stage in the background
The other stage crowd

Right at the front for Lana Del Rey YAYAYAYA

Me and the girls, so much love for them <3 
Artwork by the John Peel stage 
Me and Jaidan at the front of the pyramid stage for Rudimental

 Lana Del Rey
 Crowd at the pyramid
Alexa, Me and Becca 
Me and Becca at George Ezra 
a lot of love for these people - the girl on the end in the purple was a photo bomber haha! 
Me and Immy during the downpour that shut the pyramid stage down trying to share one poncho haha! 
Me and Becca 
On top of the hill! 
My Cath Kidston tent looking all pretty! 
Watching Dolly!  
Watching Ed Sheeran  
 Me, Lauren and Alexa in the mud!
Watching Disclosure on the final night.

So there you go - Glastonbury through a disposable camera.

Hope you liked this rather visual post,

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Busy having the best summer EVER!

I realise that I have not updated my little corner of the internet in a while. Life is craaaaaazy at the moment.

Since leaving school on June 13th I have done SO much! I would apologise for the lack of posts and tweets but then I don't feel I should have to apologise for taking a little bit of time off, instead I simply hope none of you were too worried about where I had got to.

It seems it would only be fair to update you all on what I've been up to plus I would quite enjoy showing you some of my pictures - in the next couple of days blog posts will go live featuring photos from my Prom, Glastonbury festival and some other stuff. I have also been filming all of my summer in a diary style video everyday so expect to see some of that at the end of August!

During this post I just fancy having a chat. It's the wee hours of the morning, everyone else is in bed and I really feel like pouring my heart out to you guys (random I know...)

Reflecting is one of my favourite things to do. When I look back to last year it brings back a lot of very unhappy memories. I was in a very dark place. I wasn't leaving the house a lot, my head was full of very negative thoughts and things only seemed to keep getting worse. My parent's were in the middle of their separation and it was around the time I was coming to grips with what was happening and the prospect of moving out of my family home which I had lived in for 16 years. I wasn't spending a great deal of time with my friends and felt very alone, whilst my faith was almost non-existent too.

Fast forward a year and I am in a very different place. Summer is in full swing, I am busy having the best time of my life with the most amazing friends, have gotten myself a job which I'm very happy in, have made/am making so many memories with amazing people am just generally in a very good place. Yes there are a few issues still rumbling on in my life but that is expected. Generally though, things are great!

I guess I wanted to write this post just to say things do get better. Some of you reading this may be struggling at the moment because life's dealt you a dose of crap but my message to you is keep going! You are strong and you can get through anything life throws at you even if you think you cannot. It just takes time. Time to heal, time to work on yourself, time to learn from what has happened and time to move on.

Trust me!

For those of you that are now, like me, in a good place....appreciate it! Be thankful for it and never forget how lucky you are.

Lots of love