Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Frozen Obsession

If you follow me on instagram (lucy_abigail) you will be well aware that I have a slight obsession with Frozen. I thought since I have been doing 'Room Renovations' posts, this would be quite fun and nothing too serious.

I know you're looking at the photos below and thinking "is she really 16" but to tell the truth I'm a 6 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body. 

Let me explain...

Frozen Tesco DVD rack:
My mum managed to get hold of this for me! She went into Tesco's the week that Frozen came out and saw this in the doorway. After hearing me bang on about how much I love Frozen and getting up at 6am with me to walk to Sainsbury's before school to buy it the day it came out, she knew I would love the big dvd holder thingy ma bob! Mum went up to the customer services desk and put her name down to have it when they were done with it and the day after she gets a call saying she can pick it up. I was SO happy when she showed this to me! It is taller than me! I have currently put it behind my bedside table so it just means I can only get out of bed on one side. I adore it - it isn't subtle though haha!

HMV Frozen Poster:
Whilst in HMV the last week I came across this poster and before I knew it I was handing over my plastic and bringing it home with me. It is quite small but only cost around £4! 

Frozen Cardboard Cut out:
My Nanny actually got me this from Tesco! She works on signage and when she saw her co worker dismantling this for it to go to recycling she said she ran up to them and stopped them. Apparently they called her crazy but she was trying to explain that her granddaughter wanted it haha! Anyway, this is up on the wall and I love it, Olaf's cheery little face adds a bit of cheer to my room!

Yes, yes, I know this looks a bit like a shrine but all my Frozen stuff is just so pretty that I thought it might as well fill up the space on my bookshelf. I adore these mugs, I picked them up from the Disney store back in January and am scared to use them in case I smash them. I got the deluxe CD from my Mum for my birthday and have listened to it so much. I love all of the bonus songs on it and the inside is so beautiful. Then onto my two books, I found both of these in HMV and they were a bit of a novelty buy but... oh well!  

These also came with the cutout my Nanny saved me. I stuck them up on my wardrobe doors as they fit perfectly - although sticking them up was a nightmare.....80 stickypads later.....

So now you all know what a childish, obsessive person I really am!

Hope you're all well!


  1. I loooooove this post! Oh my life that dvd holder from Tesco is perfection! My best friend hadn't seen Frozen at the cinema so the day it came out I bought her a copy as well as one for myself and one for my Mum. I've turned everybody I know into a Frozen fan :) ox Lucy

  2. Oh my stars your room is so full of frozen! I love it! The DVD holder is insane! xo

  3. You definitely seem to be a true fan of Frozen. I've never come across this movie before. What is the story about? The DVD holder looks so cool, that was really nice of Tesco to give it to your mother. I'm now following you on GFC & Bloglovin, I'd love it if you could follow me on both platforms too? + xx

  4. Ahhh I thought I was a big Frozen fan but this is just amazing! Love the DVD holder :) x