Monday, 23 June 2014

What's in my School Bag?

Since I have now 'officially' left school I thought it would be nice to do a 'What's in my school bag?' post to celebrate! I have only ever done one 'What's in my bag' post before and it proved quite popular, plus they are one of my favorite types of posts to read so I hope you enjoy.

First of all, the bag. What other bag could it be than the Zara Office City bag? (Can you tell I'm a blogger haha!) I invested in it back last year (blog post HERE) and it was such a good addition to my wardrobe. Yes, the price was a bit steep initially but it has lasted so well and only has a few wear marks on the bottom. It has been an excellent bag for school and I know I will progress to use it at college in September. It is big enough to fit folders, countless textbooks and even has a special cushioned section for a laptop - it really is great! Due to the sophisticated black colour with gold hardwear it goes perfectly with everything and is just all round fan dabby dosey! 

Pink, sparkles and Victoria Secret - what more could you want from a compact mirror? I picked this little beauty up from the Bond Street Victoria's Secret store in London forever ago and have since wish I bought the matching makeup bag. I always think it looks more like an oyster card case but it is great for checking your eyeliner in the canteen or checking your parting after PE, school bag must have!

This is where the 'What's in my bag?' gets 'schooly'. Of course, I have to bring a scientific calculator to school for use on some maths equations. They sell the same one in pink and I wish I had picked it up in that colour to be honest, would make maths a little more eye catching, right?

A school bag wouldn't be complete without some textbooks, folders and practice exam papers. That's another thing I was really impressed with about the Zara bag - even though I pile it full of heavy textbooks that straps are still yet to even show signs of strain! 

When rushing from class to class I don't really want to have to worry about any breakouts or redness. Instead I carry round this Garnier Roll On concealer. It is far to dark for my skin tone but does the job and is a cute little size. 

Baby Lips are a handbag essential, wherever the handbag is going! No one wants chapped lips and this clear baby lips is great. I don't own any of the coloured ones yet but am looking to perhaps purchase a few. What colours do you lot recommend?

If you are a avid blog reader of mine you may remember me talking about 'Kease Keyrings' a few blog posts back (HERE) and how handy they are for getting to your locker keys quickly. I love to use my Kease Keyring clipped over my maths folder and it means that I'm not searching through my bag (let's be honest - the Zara Office City bag is huge!) trying to find my keys. I adore the print of this design as it has added a pop of colour to many dull school days.

No one wants to be worried about not smelling to great while out and about and I know Impulse's variety of scents are a firm favourite for many people. I smelt this amazing scent on my sister a couple of months back and immediately bought a bottle for my self. It is in the scent 'Roses and Grapefruit' and it honestly smells incredible. It is definitely my favourite spray right now and I love how it has a handy little lock at the top so you don't accidentally spray some into your eye. 

This little blue and white striped purse is what I use to keep my lunch money in and it is nothing special but I like the strips on it. I actually picked this up from a car boots sale a couple of moths back and it's just perfect for the job. The handy little clasp ensures that my coins don't go a stray and it's not ridiculously big either.

Every school bag needs a pencil case! I actually used to have a really cute Minnie Mouse Disney one but had to swap to a see through one for my exams. You may also spy my identification card in there as well so the moderators can make sure that someone is not sitting the exam pretending to be me (people actually do that!?) And of course, my Ariel pen. You will of seen in my Disneyland Haul that I picked this up whilst in Paris at Christmas and I know it is just a novelty item but I love it so much. Sadly it is blue ink so I can't use it in my exams as they strictly have to be written in black ink only, although I doubt I would be able to write any decent essays with it as it is so top heavy. 

The 'Snow White' esque mirror was from Claires a couple of years back and I love how 'fairytaley' it looks. As I'm sat here typing I'm laughing at my self, realising I have been carrying around two mirrors for goodness knows how many months. I'm not vein I promise haha! 

Everytime I empty a handbag or a coat there is always a hair band stuffed in a pocket somewhere as you never know when you might need one. When I get stressed out, my hair goes up. It's almost like a default so since exam stress has been pretty colossal lately hairbands have been a must!

Although at my school, there is a 'no phone' ban I still take it to school because it is impractical not to. Many days I have forgot to let my brother or sister know that I am staying behind at a revision club and it is good to be able to let them know quickly. Plus - could a teenager really be expected to go anywhere without their phone?

Have you done a 'What's in my Bag' post lately? If so please leave a link in the comments and I would love to check it out!

GUEST POST: Pamper Perfect!

Pamper Yourself at One of the UK's Best Spas

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Rowhill Grange, Kent

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Aqua Sana, Longleat Forest

Based within Center Parcs, you don't have to be on holiday here to enjoy the amazing facilities at this stunning  spa set right in the heart of Longleat Forest. Particularly enchanting is the twilight spa session - you can relax  under the stars in one of the open air pools at night and enjoy the amazing views of beautiful clear skies,  twinkling stars and the moon lighting up the sky. There are so many experiences housed under one roof here,  you won't know where to start. There are relaxing water beds upon which to recline, the Indian Blossom Steam  Room, Balinese Multi Steam Bath, Turkish Hammam, Japanese Salt Steam Bath, Reflexology Footbaths,  Ice Fountain, Tyrolean Sauna, Finnish Sauna, Japanese Zen Garden, Laconium, Aqua Meditation Room,  Sensory Showers and so much more. Best of all they're all included in the price of your spa day. You could even include a few days stay and turn your trip to Aqua Sana into a Spa Break. 

Some other amazing spas to visit in the UK are Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire which is an award winning spa, offering all kinds of fabulous treatments to choose from, the other Center Parcs Spas (there's a total of five now  dotted about around the country), The Spa at Pennyhill in Surrey, which again is renowned for its five star luxury and beautiful surroundings and the sumptuous Chewton Glen Spa in Hampshire. 

When booking a spa day or break, it's worth remembering you will possibly be told to take two swimming  costumes with you, one for the spa and one for when you're having your treatments done, and you might also be asked to wear flipflops around the pool, so you may also wish to buy a pair of those in advance too. Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lucy's Life: Leavers'14 (BEST VIDEO EVER)

Me and Ellie
Me and Becca
Me and Emily

Myself and Cam

If you follow me on twitter you will probably be well aware that on Wednesday 21st I 'officially' left school!
That being said, I still have to go back in for lessons that I have exams for and exams themselves obviously but this was the day we looked back and celebrated. 

We had to attend period 1 & 2 as usual but as soon as the bell rang for break time we all congregated outside G block and got our shirts signed. Since our break time is only 20 minutes long this wasn't really enough time to sign lots of people's shirts - I hardly got any as I was to interested in taking pictures than getting signatures haha, such a blogger ;)

After break we all got changed into a more fancy attire for the Leavers Ceremony. I wore this beautiful black dress from Laura Ashley. It was actually my mum's and the dress she wore to a funeral but we thought it would be nice to give it a few more happy memories. It fitted perfectly and was really flattering.

Initially I had some polka dot heels on from Primark (post already written and coming very soon) but as Head Girl I had to go up the front and say a few words and I didn't want to risk falling over in front of everyone so later changed into a pair of Nude ballet flats from Clarks.

During the assembly all of the tutors got up and said a bit about their tutor group, our head of year made a speech and we laughed at a few old pictures. When it came to me and Cam getting up and thanking the tutors I was already crying so that was a bit embarrassing! 

It all just got a bit much and it hit me that I really am leaving school. The last 5 years have had their ups and downs but I have had such an incredible experience at high school and have loved it. I have made some friends for life, grown as a person, learned so many important things and essentially gone from a little girl into a young lady. I am so thankful for my education and I will treasure all of the happy, funny memories I have from it for years to come!

Afterwards we all headed outside for a few snaps before heading to McDonalds (this sums up our year group so much haha!)

It was such a beautiful day! 

Also, because I'm an emotional, nostalgic person I made a video over May half term with pictures of my time at school. Just watching it gets me so emotional - the photos start when I was in Year 7 in 2009 (12 years old!) and run through in chronological order right up to Year 11 now in 2014. The photos make me laugh so much, you can see that around the 2011 time I discovered makeup, hair dye and short skirts haha! I know this video is quite personal so I was unsure as to if I should post it on my blog but a few of you tweeted me saying you would like to see it and I think it is nice to share milestones in our life!

So here it is...

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you're leaving school/uni/college this year too!

Lots of love

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Frozen Obsession

If you follow me on instagram (lucy_abigail) you will be well aware that I have a slight obsession with Frozen. I thought since I have been doing 'Room Renovations' posts, this would be quite fun and nothing too serious.

I know you're looking at the photos below and thinking "is she really 16" but to tell the truth I'm a 6 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body. 

Let me explain...

Frozen Tesco DVD rack:
My mum managed to get hold of this for me! She went into Tesco's the week that Frozen came out and saw this in the doorway. After hearing me bang on about how much I love Frozen and getting up at 6am with me to walk to Sainsbury's before school to buy it the day it came out, she knew I would love the big dvd holder thingy ma bob! Mum went up to the customer services desk and put her name down to have it when they were done with it and the day after she gets a call saying she can pick it up. I was SO happy when she showed this to me! It is taller than me! I have currently put it behind my bedside table so it just means I can only get out of bed on one side. I adore it - it isn't subtle though haha!

HMV Frozen Poster:
Whilst in HMV the last week I came across this poster and before I knew it I was handing over my plastic and bringing it home with me. It is quite small but only cost around £4! 

Frozen Cardboard Cut out:
My Nanny actually got me this from Tesco! She works on signage and when she saw her co worker dismantling this for it to go to recycling she said she ran up to them and stopped them. Apparently they called her crazy but she was trying to explain that her granddaughter wanted it haha! Anyway, this is up on the wall and I love it, Olaf's cheery little face adds a bit of cheer to my room!

Yes, yes, I know this looks a bit like a shrine but all my Frozen stuff is just so pretty that I thought it might as well fill up the space on my bookshelf. I adore these mugs, I picked them up from the Disney store back in January and am scared to use them in case I smash them. I got the deluxe CD from my Mum for my birthday and have listened to it so much. I love all of the bonus songs on it and the inside is so beautiful. Then onto my two books, I found both of these in HMV and they were a bit of a novelty buy but... oh well!  

These also came with the cutout my Nanny saved me. I stuck them up on my wardrobe doors as they fit perfectly - although sticking them up was a nightmare.....80 stickypads later.....

So now you all know what a childish, obsessive person I really am!

Hope you're all well!