Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara Review

Hello everyone! I'm going to be reviewing one of my 16th birthday presents for you all today - The Rimmel Scandal Eye Retro Glam Mascara, it's a good'un.

This mascara first caught my attention with the ad. It is pretty striking and the monochrome certainly doesn't blend in. The campaign pays homage to the wide and bright eyes of the 60's, with Georgia May Jagger looking very Twiggy esque in the advert. The promo video obviously did it's job as it was added to my 'Birthday Wishlist'!
(Photo: Rimmel London)
Next; onto the packaging!

The packaging is really appealing to the eye with it's monochrome design and holds 12ml of product which is pretty good value for money! I also really like how the lid 'clicks' into place, meaning that it feels really secure and safe - no bacteria will be getting in there! ;)

The main 'sales point' of the mascara is the hour glass shaped wand which is designed to help you achieve a wide-eyed false lash look, clump free!

The mascara's formulation is really nice and light, meaning that after application my eyelashes do not feel weighted down! The brush gives my lashes a real 'lift' and pull them up high (like a face lift I guess haha!)
The mascara gives really separated lashes with no clumps and a lot of volume. 

At first I was unsure about how the brush would work...surely the middle lashes would be left untouched? Then I realised there is a trick to it. You just have to hold your hand at a certain angle and voi la - you can see the results! It just takes getting used to in my opinion.

It was really easy to get to those small, pesky lashes although every time I have used it there tends to be a massive blob of mascara on the end of the wand. If you wipe this on the inside of the tube it makes application to smaller lashes a lot easier! Plus - there is no foul smelling scent, hurrah!

One down side would be that this mascara is not very quick at drying. I would say it takes a good minute for the mascara to set (set - does mascara set!?) This isn't a major problem but I noticed it and therefore felt I couldn't not mention it if I wanted to carry out a thorough review!

Overall, the lash spread is amazing, it lasts a very long time and is really black! 

It's really reasonably priced too, at only £6.99 a tube! I will definitely be re-purchasing this. It's a welcomed new addition to the mascara mob.

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