Friday, 9 May 2014

OOTD: Walk in the Woods (Joules, Jack Wills, Salt Rock, Primark, Boden and H&M)

Top - Salt Rock
Cardigan - Boden
Coat - Jack Wills
Jeggings - H&M
Sunglasses - Primark
Wellies - Joules

Before we get going, thank you SO SO SO SO SO much to everyone who nominated me for 'Best Teen Style Blog' in the Company blog awards! It honestly means so much to me and I am so thankful! I will be doing a full blog post soon on it but couldn't put this post live without mentioning it! If you wish to vote for me (please do!) Click HERE to vote. 'Best Teen Style Blog' is on the 8th tab so simply click on 'next page' until you get to there (make sure to vote for lots of other bloggers in different categories on the way!) and simply click next to 'Lucy Abigail' which is second from the bottom before continuing the voting process. Please let me know if you do take the time to vote for me as I would like to thank you personally! MWAH! 

Another day, another OOTD. 

Lately I have really been enjoying going out walking and decided to snap some photos on a walk a couple days back. This walk is one of my favourites as when you get to the top you can see for miles (bottom photo below this text)

I needed to buy a pair of wellies for my recent trip to Normandy (blog post HERE) and popped into my local Joules shop. Joules has been one of my favourite brands for years. Since my dad often has stands at agricultural shows such as Badminton Horse Trials I often find myself on their gorgous stand wanting to buy nearly everything. Lucky for me, my local Joules is an outlet one so I got these beautiful wellies on sale, I think I paid around £20 for them. The yellow and blue reminds me of a nautical, salour style look and I adore them. 

As per usual, the Jack Wills coat is making an appearance. You all know how much I adore it! Mum barely gets a chance to use it because I live it in. It is amazing and you will keep seeing it for many OOTD's to come.

I'm not sure if my sunglasses have made their blogging debut yet but aren't they great? A little out my comfort zone but I really do like them. Only problem is they're so big they tend to slide down my nose so I have to constantly keep pushing them back up (not a good look!) But considering they only cost me £3 from Primark a while back I'm extremely happy with them. 

I have been wearing the t-shirt in this OOTD a lot lately. I picked it up from my local Salt Rock back in January for only £3! I don't tend to wear 'surf style' clothing (if that's what you want to call it?) It is super comfy, casual but cute aswell. It washes really nicely too!

I hope you liked the setting for this outfit post - I always try to shoot in as many different places as possible so that you don't have to look at the same background over and over again. Photo credits to my mum and sister as per usual and an extra thanks to my sister for letting the photos be taken on her fancy camera. 

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Had to include this silly picture haha!

I adore this picture!

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