Sunday, 25 May 2014

OOTD: Feels like Summer

Top - New Look
Skirt - Primar
Bag - Matalan 
Shoes - Primark

Before we get going, thank you SO much to everyone who nominated me for 'Best Teen Style Blog' in the Company blog awards! It honestly means so much to me and I am so thankful! I have done a full blog post HERE if you're interested in reading it. If you wish to vote for me (please do!) Click HERE to vote. 'Best Teen Style Blog' is on the 8th tab so simply click on 'next page' until you get to there (make sure to vote for lots of other bloggers in different categories on the way!) and simply click next to 'Lucy Abigail' which is second from the bottom before continuing to press 'next page' till you get to the last slide where you can submit your vote. Please let me know if you do take the time to vote for me as I would like to thank you personally! MWAH! 

It's sunnnnnnnnnnnnay in these photos, yippee! 
Spring has finally come around (hope I'm not jinxing things!) and it was such a beautiful day last weekend that I couldn't resist taking some blog photos. The setting wasn't exactly perfect but considering these were taken on my little camera I didn't think they were all too bad. 

You may of seen that I spoke about this pink Primark midi skirt a while back and I was quite unsure as to how to style it. After a fair few failed tries I have finally found a way to style it which I love!

It is so spring/summer like, yet not all bare legged and out for show. It is very flattering and keeps me warm from the chilly spring breeze without making me too hot. The pink is such a beautiful colour and I think it is a classic piece that I will get a lot of wear out of.

I feel like stripes are always flattering (if they're in the right direction) and that, mixed with my straight hair left me feeling all swish and sophisticated. I never wear my hair straight but surprisingly really liked it!

When I first put up an OOTD featuring this rather 'stand outish' skirt my Auntie said that she was unsure about it and didn't really like it yet after seeing in this outfit she changed her opinion on it, saying she liked it when I had styled it this way.

One major downside to it is that it hitches rather easily but overall I just love the skirt and cannot wait to live in it during summer. I just wish the fabric quality was a bit better, but for £12 one cannot argue too much!

These shoes are my new favourite pair. I actually have a separate post coming on them in a couple of weeks so I won't go into too much detail about them.

The bag is also rather bright. I picked this up last year from Matalan for a couple of quid. It is huge and would be perfect for beach trips. The really soft leather feels really nice without looking too cheap. Sadly, it has a huge oil stain down it as when I went on a carousel last year it go stuck in the bit where the pole goes up and down (anyone know it's proper name!?) so it has a big oil stain on it. Such a random story but I felt I had to get that in there haha! 
Hope you're having a lovely week.

Sorry that my blog is a tad quiet at the moment, I am about half way through my exams! As soon as I'm on summer holidays (20 days time) you will be getting much more regular content from me but thank you to all of you for your patience!


  1. I love midi skirts, that one is gorgeous :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit! Wish I could pull off pink and midi skirts like you do! I voted for you btw ;) xo

    amber love

    1. Thank you Amber, I'm sure you could! THANK YOU SO MUCH xo

  3. Love the skirt! The colour looks amazing on you :)


  4. Lovely skirt, I seen a lot of people wear it lately! In love with your shoes!
    Kamila xx