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Holidaying on a Budget

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Holidaying on a Budget

With summer fast approaching, your mind is bound to wander to far away shores and sunnier climates. Checking your bank balance often makes your mind come right back to the present however, but with a little know-how you can still afford to go away this year, you just have to know how to find a bargain! Take a look at these tips for some inspiration:


It's all about the timing. When you book and when you choose to go on holiday. If you're holidaying without children then the world is pretty much your oyster time wise. If you do have children however, the school holidays pretty much narrow the time down for you. So how can you reduce the amount you spend on your holiday with the help of time being on your side? 

Firstly if you have children you might want to try to book your holidays as far in advance as possible. Travel agents offer their biggest discounts every January, so take advantage of booking in advance. You do know when the school holidays will fall each year after all. Some agents and travel companies even offer a discount if you rebook another holiday upon your return, so take a look at what your travel agent can offer you. If you don't have children to take into consideration, booking in advance can still be a plus for you, but so can booking at the last minute. If you can leave booking until the week or even the days before you go, you can find some great bargains. 

Shop Around

Don't just book with the first travel agency you see on the high street. Travel agents are always looking to out do the others, so shop around, see what each one can offer you if you book with them and then make your decision. Some will price match, some may offer bigger discounts on certain tour operators than others do and some might offer free travel insurance or an upgrade on your car hire in resort. Make sure you ask what they can give you. If you don't ask you don't get after all. 


You've fallen in love with a particular resort but the hotels are coming up a little outside of your price range. Why not consider an apartment, or even look for other hotels in the resort. Just because they aren't in the travel brochure doesn't mean they aren't there, so take a look online too. 


You'll want to keep your holiday wardrobe expenditure at a minimum too if you're sticking to a budget, so look out for sales on cheap maxi dresses and other holiday essentials while you're out shopping. You'll find some lovely cheap maxi dresses from George at ASDA  so do take a look online or instore while you're doing your food shop and take advantage of any great offers. Spreading the cost in the months leading up to your holiday will cushion the blow of buying a new holiday wardrobe nicely. 

By following these few simple tips you'll easily be able to afford your very well deserved holiday this year. Why not start putting a few pounds a week away now for your spending money too?

Hope you found this post useful!

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