Monday, 12 May 2014

From the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU!

At 11.45 last Thursday, me and my mum starting having a fit when we discovered that I got through to the shortlist stage of the 'Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards' in the 'Best Teen Style Blog' category. I still cannot believe it. It all seems too crazy to be true. Some of my favourite bloggers EVER have been nominated in different categories and it just all seems so surreal to be up on the list with them.

Firstly, thank you SO much to everyone who nominated me and got me through to this stage of the competition! It means so much that you actually enjoy my blog enough to take the time to nominate it for such a prestigious award. When I started my blog it was a bit of fun, a creative outlet and space to talk to fellow beauty lovers about lipsticks and obsess with other fashionista's over jelly shoes! Since then it has snowballed into something I am incredibly proud of. Blogging has also opened up so many doors for me and has given me the opportunity to work with some top brands on exciting projects. I will be confused as to why thousands of you take time out of your time to read my latest post's for many years to come. 

I have made so many friends through blogging and met some amazing people. Even being nominated for the 'Company Style Blogger Awards' has enabled me to make friends as so many of the girls in my category seem so so lovely and I cannot wait to meet them at the awards ceremony.

Quite simply, THANK YOU!

Finally, if you would like to make me even happier (is that even possible right now!?) please vote for me to win! Doing so couldn't be more simple:

1) Click HERE
2) Click 'Next Page' until you get to 'Page 8 - Best Teen Style Blogger'
3) Then vote 'Lucy Abigail' (second from the bottom)
4) Continue clicking 'Next Page' until you get to the final page where you simply have to enter a few details and submit the entry!

Be sure to vote for all your other favourite bloggers in different categories a long the way - spread the love! 

Please let me know if you take the time to vote for me as it means so much that I would like to personally thank you!

If you all got a pound for everytime I said "thank you" within this post you would all be able to buy a Chanel bag eh? Haha!

Lots of love,

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