Sunday, 25 May 2014

OOTD: Feels like Summer

Top - New Look
Skirt - Primar
Bag - Matalan 
Shoes - Primark

Before we get going, thank you SO much to everyone who nominated me for 'Best Teen Style Blog' in the Company blog awards! It honestly means so much to me and I am so thankful! I have done a full blog post HERE if you're interested in reading it. If you wish to vote for me (please do!) Click HERE to vote. 'Best Teen Style Blog' is on the 8th tab so simply click on 'next page' until you get to there (make sure to vote for lots of other bloggers in different categories on the way!) and simply click next to 'Lucy Abigail' which is second from the bottom before continuing to press 'next page' till you get to the last slide where you can submit your vote. Please let me know if you do take the time to vote for me as I would like to thank you personally! MWAH! 

It's sunnnnnnnnnnnnay in these photos, yippee! 
Spring has finally come around (hope I'm not jinxing things!) and it was such a beautiful day last weekend that I couldn't resist taking some blog photos. The setting wasn't exactly perfect but considering these were taken on my little camera I didn't think they were all too bad. 

You may of seen that I spoke about this pink Primark midi skirt a while back and I was quite unsure as to how to style it. After a fair few failed tries I have finally found a way to style it which I love!

It is so spring/summer like, yet not all bare legged and out for show. It is very flattering and keeps me warm from the chilly spring breeze without making me too hot. The pink is such a beautiful colour and I think it is a classic piece that I will get a lot of wear out of.

I feel like stripes are always flattering (if they're in the right direction) and that, mixed with my straight hair left me feeling all swish and sophisticated. I never wear my hair straight but surprisingly really liked it!

When I first put up an OOTD featuring this rather 'stand outish' skirt my Auntie said that she was unsure about it and didn't really like it yet after seeing in this outfit she changed her opinion on it, saying she liked it when I had styled it this way.

One major downside to it is that it hitches rather easily but overall I just love the skirt and cannot wait to live in it during summer. I just wish the fabric quality was a bit better, but for £12 one cannot argue too much!

These shoes are my new favourite pair. I actually have a separate post coming on them in a couple of weeks so I won't go into too much detail about them.

The bag is also rather bright. I picked this up last year from Matalan for a couple of quid. It is huge and would be perfect for beach trips. The really soft leather feels really nice without looking too cheap. Sadly, it has a huge oil stain down it as when I went on a carousel last year it go stuck in the bit where the pole goes up and down (anyone know it's proper name!?) so it has a big oil stain on it. Such a random story but I felt I had to get that in there haha! 
Hope you're having a lovely week.

Sorry that my blog is a tad quiet at the moment, I am about half way through my exams! As soon as I'm on summer holidays (20 days time) you will be getting much more regular content from me but thank you to all of you for your patience!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

An Update...

Just a quick little reminder about the blog awards. Sorry that my blog is so quiet at the moment, I am in the middle of my GCSE exams (today marks the half way point) so I am crazy busy. I am now finished with ICT, RE, English Literature and History Warfare but still have maths, biology, chemistry, physics, english language, textiles, History American West, History Surgery to go! 

Today is the LAST day to vote for the Company style blogger awards! If you haven't already pleaaaaase vote me for here: HERE

1) Continue clicking 'next page' until you get to page 8 (don't forget to vote for lots of other bloggers a long the way!)

2) Select the circle next to 'Lucy Abigail'

3) Keep on clicking 'next page' until you get to the final page. Then simply enter your name, email and then click 'submit' 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Holidaying on a Budget

Spain 2012 

Holidaying on a Budget

With summer fast approaching, your mind is bound to wander to far away shores and sunnier climates. Checking your bank balance often makes your mind come right back to the present however, but with a little know-how you can still afford to go away this year, you just have to know how to find a bargain! Take a look at these tips for some inspiration:


It's all about the timing. When you book and when you choose to go on holiday. If you're holidaying without children then the world is pretty much your oyster time wise. If you do have children however, the school holidays pretty much narrow the time down for you. So how can you reduce the amount you spend on your holiday with the help of time being on your side? 

Firstly if you have children you might want to try to book your holidays as far in advance as possible. Travel agents offer their biggest discounts every January, so take advantage of booking in advance. You do know when the school holidays will fall each year after all. Some agents and travel companies even offer a discount if you rebook another holiday upon your return, so take a look at what your travel agent can offer you. If you don't have children to take into consideration, booking in advance can still be a plus for you, but so can booking at the last minute. If you can leave booking until the week or even the days before you go, you can find some great bargains. 

Shop Around

Don't just book with the first travel agency you see on the high street. Travel agents are always looking to out do the others, so shop around, see what each one can offer you if you book with them and then make your decision. Some will price match, some may offer bigger discounts on certain tour operators than others do and some might offer free travel insurance or an upgrade on your car hire in resort. Make sure you ask what they can give you. If you don't ask you don't get after all. 


You've fallen in love with a particular resort but the hotels are coming up a little outside of your price range. Why not consider an apartment, or even look for other hotels in the resort. Just because they aren't in the travel brochure doesn't mean they aren't there, so take a look online too. 


You'll want to keep your holiday wardrobe expenditure at a minimum too if you're sticking to a budget, so look out for sales on cheap maxi dresses and other holiday essentials while you're out shopping. You'll find some lovely cheap maxi dresses from George at ASDA  so do take a look online or instore while you're doing your food shop and take advantage of any great offers. Spreading the cost in the months leading up to your holiday will cushion the blow of buying a new holiday wardrobe nicely. 

By following these few simple tips you'll easily be able to afford your very well deserved holiday this year. Why not start putting a few pounds a week away now for your spending money too?

Hope you found this post useful!

(this post was sponsored) 

Monday, 12 May 2014

From the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU!

At 11.45 last Thursday, me and my mum starting having a fit when we discovered that I got through to the shortlist stage of the 'Company Magazine's Style Blogger Awards' in the 'Best Teen Style Blog' category. I still cannot believe it. It all seems too crazy to be true. Some of my favourite bloggers EVER have been nominated in different categories and it just all seems so surreal to be up on the list with them.

Firstly, thank you SO much to everyone who nominated me and got me through to this stage of the competition! It means so much that you actually enjoy my blog enough to take the time to nominate it for such a prestigious award. When I started my blog it was a bit of fun, a creative outlet and space to talk to fellow beauty lovers about lipsticks and obsess with other fashionista's over jelly shoes! Since then it has snowballed into something I am incredibly proud of. Blogging has also opened up so many doors for me and has given me the opportunity to work with some top brands on exciting projects. I will be confused as to why thousands of you take time out of your time to read my latest post's for many years to come. 

I have made so many friends through blogging and met some amazing people. Even being nominated for the 'Company Style Blogger Awards' has enabled me to make friends as so many of the girls in my category seem so so lovely and I cannot wait to meet them at the awards ceremony.

Quite simply, THANK YOU!

Finally, if you would like to make me even happier (is that even possible right now!?) please vote for me to win! Doing so couldn't be more simple:

1) Click HERE
2) Click 'Next Page' until you get to 'Page 8 - Best Teen Style Blogger'
3) Then vote 'Lucy Abigail' (second from the bottom)
4) Continue clicking 'Next Page' until you get to the final page where you simply have to enter a few details and submit the entry!

Be sure to vote for all your other favourite bloggers in different categories a long the way - spread the love! 

Please let me know if you take the time to vote for me as it means so much that I would like to personally thank you!

If you all got a pound for everytime I said "thank you" within this post you would all be able to buy a Chanel bag eh? Haha!

Lots of love,

Friday, 9 May 2014

OOTD: Walk in the Woods (Joules, Jack Wills, Salt Rock, Primark, Boden and H&M)

Top - Salt Rock
Cardigan - Boden
Coat - Jack Wills
Jeggings - H&M
Sunglasses - Primark
Wellies - Joules

Before we get going, thank you SO SO SO SO SO much to everyone who nominated me for 'Best Teen Style Blog' in the Company blog awards! It honestly means so much to me and I am so thankful! I will be doing a full blog post soon on it but couldn't put this post live without mentioning it! If you wish to vote for me (please do!) Click HERE to vote. 'Best Teen Style Blog' is on the 8th tab so simply click on 'next page' until you get to there (make sure to vote for lots of other bloggers in different categories on the way!) and simply click next to 'Lucy Abigail' which is second from the bottom before continuing the voting process. Please let me know if you do take the time to vote for me as I would like to thank you personally! MWAH! 

Another day, another OOTD. 

Lately I have really been enjoying going out walking and decided to snap some photos on a walk a couple days back. This walk is one of my favourites as when you get to the top you can see for miles (bottom photo below this text)

I needed to buy a pair of wellies for my recent trip to Normandy (blog post HERE) and popped into my local Joules shop. Joules has been one of my favourite brands for years. Since my dad often has stands at agricultural shows such as Badminton Horse Trials I often find myself on their gorgous stand wanting to buy nearly everything. Lucky for me, my local Joules is an outlet one so I got these beautiful wellies on sale, I think I paid around £20 for them. The yellow and blue reminds me of a nautical, salour style look and I adore them. 

As per usual, the Jack Wills coat is making an appearance. You all know how much I adore it! Mum barely gets a chance to use it because I live it in. It is amazing and you will keep seeing it for many OOTD's to come.

I'm not sure if my sunglasses have made their blogging debut yet but aren't they great? A little out my comfort zone but I really do like them. Only problem is they're so big they tend to slide down my nose so I have to constantly keep pushing them back up (not a good look!) But considering they only cost me £3 from Primark a while back I'm extremely happy with them. 

I have been wearing the t-shirt in this OOTD a lot lately. I picked it up from my local Salt Rock back in January for only £3! I don't tend to wear 'surf style' clothing (if that's what you want to call it?) It is super comfy, casual but cute aswell. It washes really nicely too!

I hope you liked the setting for this outfit post - I always try to shoot in as many different places as possible so that you don't have to look at the same background over and over again. Photo credits to my mum and sister as per usual and an extra thanks to my sister for letting the photos be taken on her fancy camera. 

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Had to include this silly picture haha!

I adore this picture!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara Review

Hello everyone! I'm going to be reviewing one of my 16th birthday presents for you all today - The Rimmel Scandal Eye Retro Glam Mascara, it's a good'un.

This mascara first caught my attention with the ad. It is pretty striking and the monochrome certainly doesn't blend in. The campaign pays homage to the wide and bright eyes of the 60's, with Georgia May Jagger looking very Twiggy esque in the advert. The promo video obviously did it's job as it was added to my 'Birthday Wishlist'!
(Photo: Rimmel London)
Next; onto the packaging!

The packaging is really appealing to the eye with it's monochrome design and holds 12ml of product which is pretty good value for money! I also really like how the lid 'clicks' into place, meaning that it feels really secure and safe - no bacteria will be getting in there! ;)

The main 'sales point' of the mascara is the hour glass shaped wand which is designed to help you achieve a wide-eyed false lash look, clump free!

The mascara's formulation is really nice and light, meaning that after application my eyelashes do not feel weighted down! The brush gives my lashes a real 'lift' and pull them up high (like a face lift I guess haha!)
The mascara gives really separated lashes with no clumps and a lot of volume. 

At first I was unsure about how the brush would work...surely the middle lashes would be left untouched? Then I realised there is a trick to it. You just have to hold your hand at a certain angle and voi la - you can see the results! It just takes getting used to in my opinion.

It was really easy to get to those small, pesky lashes although every time I have used it there tends to be a massive blob of mascara on the end of the wand. If you wipe this on the inside of the tube it makes application to smaller lashes a lot easier! Plus - there is no foul smelling scent, hurrah!

One down side would be that this mascara is not very quick at drying. I would say it takes a good minute for the mascara to set (set - does mascara set!?) This isn't a major problem but I noticed it and therefore felt I couldn't not mention it if I wanted to carry out a thorough review!

Overall, the lash spread is amazing, it lasts a very long time and is really black! 

It's really reasonably priced too, at only £6.99 a tube! I will definitely be re-purchasing this. It's a welcomed new addition to the mascara mob.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

OOTD/FOTD: Topshop Playsuit (FleurDeForce)

Hello hello hello!

(Sorry for the rather poopy photos - I was rushing out the door so it had to do!)

I hope you are all well. Today's OOTD is rather exciting. If you know me at all you will be well aware that Fleur from Fleurdeforce is my fave Youtuber and I am just generally a massive fan of hers. Because of this, it will be no surprise that if you watch her videos, you may recognise the playsuit.

Back in January Fleur bought this playsuit from the Oxford Street Topshop whilst waiting to attend a meeting. Although she was originally skeptical about the playsuit I thought it looked great on her, so much so that it immediately went onto my wishlist. 

When I looked on the website back in February it was nearly sold out so when I went into my local Topshop at the beginning of March and saw it, I knew I had to buy it! It was ridiculously over priced, at £48 but I really wanted to treat myself and my mum was kind enough to put some towards it.

I absolutely love how it flatters the body. The lace back is beautiful and it just generally makes me feels very swish. The only bad thing about the style is I have worn this out twice and both times to a restaurant for a meal. When sitting in this play suit it tends to ride up incredibly and unstopably high meaning that your thighs are pretty much on show. Since I always wear tights underneath this isn't a massive problem but something to be aware of.

Sadly when I went to Bristol Fashion Week I had to take my playsuit back to Topshop as when you zipped it up the back panel of lace didn't match up and since I had payed so much for it I wasn't happy with an obvious manufacture error like this. I swapped it for another one that doesn't have this error and am pleased with it. 

Overall I am very happy with this purchase as I feel I will get a lot of wear out of it and boy isn't the print pretty!? 

PS - I went for a very basic makeup look with a simple winged eyeliner using my 'Collection' liquid eyeliner and an MUA lipstick on my lips (sorry, unsure as to which shade)