Saturday, 19 April 2014

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff 'What's Nude' palette Review

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My Sister Alice bought me this for my 16th Birthday as she was aware I had been lusting over it for yonks. I'm a bit nude gal and brown smoky eyes are my usual so this palette is perfect. For years I have sworn by and used nothing  but the MUA 'Heaven and Earth' but fancied a change so this present was timed perfectly. 

The palette is mainly made up of matte shadows, with one shimmery shade. The shadows are easy to blend and incredibly soft and fall out has always been minimal when I use this palette. 

Vanilla is a perfect base colour, I often use it in the corner of my eye to make me look more awake (now that exam revision is in full swing, I have a blog to run and a show to practice for - I need any help I can get in order to make me look awake!)

Pink T has to be my favourite colour as it is so warm and subtle, yet is so complimentary to my brown eyes. It works well as a daily eye-shadow as it is nothing too bright.

If you fancy going for a more dark look in the evening, aubersheen is perfect. Plus, since they blend so well creating the perfect smoking eye is easy! 

Soap and Glory claim that the shadows won't crease and will last 8 hours and I agree. I have used the palette a lot since my birthday and haven't noticed creasing and felt that the shadows lasted well.

The Lid Stuff palette in 'What's Nude' is £10 from Boots - I really recommend you go in and swatch it to see the beauty of the colours for your own eyes! I now think I need to buy the grey/black palette too.....

Have you tried any products from the Soap & Glory makeup line?


  1. I love Soap and Glory but I haven't tried this, I am a bit obsessed with smokey eyes and this looks great xxx

    1. TRY IT! You will not regret it (you can hold me to that!) xxx

  2. i don't even know that soap and glory does eye shadow palettes! lovely stuff and nice neutral shades for the eyes, very versatile!

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog and Happy Easter! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP | Coachella Style Inspo

    1. It really is a beautiful palette - will do! Thanks for the comment xx