Monday, 28 April 2014

Room Renovations #2

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As promised here is the second installment in my 'Room Renovations' posts. One of my favourite  aspects of my bedroom has to be my bedside tables. When I moved in back in August I wanted my room to be white, Disney and have golden cherubs in it. This part of my bedroom is the only bit that actually sticks to this 'theme'. 

The bedside tables were from Ikea (surprise, surprise) and were an absolute bargain as I remember them being around the £15 marks! The fact they are white means that I have to polish them weekly at the very least as the dust shows up so noticeably on them. They look very Parisian to me and remind me of outdoor, garden tables but I just generally love them. 

The pink lampshades were from the range and I adore them. They look so fantasy like and remind me of candyfloss. When they are turned on they do give off a really sickly pink lighting, but that is expected so I tend to turn my fairylights on rather than these.

The light up bunny rabbit was a Christmas present a good few years back from one of my Aunties. I'm pretty sure she got it from Kate's site 'DollyBowBow' yet when I looked on there they appear to have been discontinued. I have seen them in urban outfitters though and on many online websites so am sure you will have no problem finding one. They are so so cute and have such a long battery life: in all the time I have had mine I haven't even needed to change the batteries yet. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I finally overcame my fear of sleeping in the dark (please don't judge me, ha!) I always used to use this lamp as a bedside night light as it gives off a really nice, warm. yellow toned glow. 

I adore pictures and frames. They are what makes a house a home. I have an assortment of photos and frames on both my bedside tables. Some of them have been in the same frames for years (my mum put the baby photos of me in the little gold frames when I was a tot. I keep saying I'm going to take swap the pictures as I worry it is a bit vein to just have pictures of me next to my bed but they remind me of fun, innocent care free days!) I especially love the gold, chunky cherub frame in which a photo of me and my best friend Becca in our tutu's for a show we were in sits pride of place. 

My favourite thing obviously has to be my amazing Disney Princess photo frame I picked up whilst in Paris - I adore it!

So there you go, another little nosy into my room! I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great day.

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