Thursday, 17 April 2014

Room Renovations #1

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Hello one and all!

I hope you are all having a lovely week.

After moving house last August I have been slowly and steadily tweaking and perfecting my bedroom and thought I might turn this process into a blog series. I don't know if any of you are the same but I love having a nosy at how other people store things like lipsticks and just generally get an insight into their room. (I find it so cool when some bloggers room actually reflects the layout of their blog!)

World Map
My best friend Becca's mum has done a lot of travelling and has the Ikea world canvas (still available in store!). She adds tiny stickers on a place everytime she visits somewhere new and I love to just stand in awe looking at it. I knew I wanted to create something similar in my room but didn't have the pennies to buy the actual canvas. I managed to pick up this huuuge poster from my local 'Works' for only £2.99! I then popped into Tescos and bought some silver stars which are very cute. The poster fit well above my bed so that's it's new home; I really love how it looks. Sadly none of the stars are showing up in the picture yet in real life my light often makes them twinkle which looks really cool.

Fairy Lights
What Tumblr themed bedroom would be complete without fairy lights!? At Christmas I weaved this budget, Tesco fairly lights around my head board for my bed and they have stuck. When taking down my Christmas decorations I couldn't bring myself to take the lights down as on cold nights I love turning them and my pink bed side lights on as it creates a really relaxed vibe in my room which is perfect after a stressful day at school.

Makeup Wall
Back in January I picked up the blogger favourite that is the Alex 9 drawers from Ikea. After keeping my makeup in a cardboard crate for 5 months I finally cracked and had to buy it. I now understand 100% why bloggers rave about these. They are indeed as fab as everyone says. Storing makeup and skincare products has never been simpler (I'm doing a post with photos from how the drawers look inside with all of my makeup in so keep an eye out for that!) The plain white looked a bit boring though, as I'm all for detail and colour in a room. Since I love makeup but often find myself falling into the nude smoky eye trap I decided to rip out powerful, bright makeup looks from old magazines and blue tack them to the side of the drawers. If I'm ever stuck with makeup block I simply stare at it for a bit and an idea for a look normally pops into my head. Yes, it doesn't look that neat and won't be to everybody's taste - but I love it!

Heart Door Hanger
For my 16th Birthday present back in January, my friend Lauren bought me this cute little, shabby shique style heart. She even popped a picture in it with a very heart felt note on the back which I thought was very cute. Rather than pinning this on the wall I decided to hang it on my door knob for my wardrobe as mine is plain white and it adds a nice detail to the overall look of the wardrobe. 

Do you keep your makeup in the Alex nine drawers? If not what do you keep it all in?

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  1. I am dying to get fairy lights for my room, it just makes everything so much prettier! xxx

    1. you can pick them up so cheaply now a days! They do indeed - thank you for taking the time to comment xx