Monday, 28 April 2014

Room Renovations #2

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As promised here is the second installment in my 'Room Renovations' posts. One of my favourite  aspects of my bedroom has to be my bedside tables. When I moved in back in August I wanted my room to be white, Disney and have golden cherubs in it. This part of my bedroom is the only bit that actually sticks to this 'theme'. 

The bedside tables were from Ikea (surprise, surprise) and were an absolute bargain as I remember them being around the £15 marks! The fact they are white means that I have to polish them weekly at the very least as the dust shows up so noticeably on them. They look very Parisian to me and remind me of outdoor, garden tables but I just generally love them. 

The pink lampshades were from the range and I adore them. They look so fantasy like and remind me of candyfloss. When they are turned on they do give off a really sickly pink lighting, but that is expected so I tend to turn my fairylights on rather than these.

The light up bunny rabbit was a Christmas present a good few years back from one of my Aunties. I'm pretty sure she got it from Kate's site 'DollyBowBow' yet when I looked on there they appear to have been discontinued. I have seen them in urban outfitters though and on many online websites so am sure you will have no problem finding one. They are so so cute and have such a long battery life: in all the time I have had mine I haven't even needed to change the batteries yet. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I finally overcame my fear of sleeping in the dark (please don't judge me, ha!) I always used to use this lamp as a bedside night light as it gives off a really nice, warm. yellow toned glow. 

I adore pictures and frames. They are what makes a house a home. I have an assortment of photos and frames on both my bedside tables. Some of them have been in the same frames for years (my mum put the baby photos of me in the little gold frames when I was a tot. I keep saying I'm going to take swap the pictures as I worry it is a bit vein to just have pictures of me next to my bed but they remind me of fun, innocent care free days!) I especially love the gold, chunky cherub frame in which a photo of me and my best friend Becca in our tutu's for a show we were in sits pride of place. 

My favourite thing obviously has to be my amazing Disney Princess photo frame I picked up whilst in Paris - I adore it!

So there you go, another little nosy into my room! I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a great day.

Friday, 25 April 2014

OOTD: Red Dress and Stripes

Dress - Car Boot Sale
T-shirt - Next
Tights - Tesco
Shoes - Primark

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I propably should of posted this outfit post a couple of weeks back. I took these photos at least a month ago when I was going to London for tea (sound excessive considering I live in Somerset but we were meeting family!) and have only just got round to editing. Revision is non stop at the moment so I'm sure you won't mind! 

I adore this red dress. I payed a grand total of £2 for it at a car boot back last summer and it had long sleeves to start with. After trying it on when I got home it looked horrid with sleeves so I ripped them off. I much prefer it without them and adore how it looks against the stripy top.

(There's a bit of a theme on my blog at the moment because I have an OOTD coming up very soon featuring a stripy top too and I have straight hair in the pictures!)

My beloved primark shoes are being worn as usual, I rarely wear anything else.

This outfit has become my go to 'chic study' outfit as it is comfy yet still pretty stylish (in my opinion!)

Below is a picture of the delicious dinner I ate whilst in London. I adore the fact that the chips were served in a mini chip fryer! How adorable. We actually ate in a hotel as we were meeting up with my God Parents who usually live in France and they were staying overnight in London before flying of on holiday from Heathrow the next day. It was called 'Aurora's' and was right next to Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How I prime my skin for makeup: 3 steps!

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Makeup can do wonders, but it's not a miracle worker! 
No matter how expert you are at application or what brand of makeup your using, the canvas your putting it on is very important too. If you get your skin ready for makeup properly you will find it applies better, looks better and essentially: lasts better. It's worth the extra five minutes!

I have a '3 step' routine which I carry out before makeup. I want to stress that this is what works for me. I have combination/oily skin and this works well for me - but you may find tweaking it a little or swapping products is your winning trio, or, you may even have a four step routine. Keep experimenting and shaking it up until you find the 'winning' formula. Be sure to comment or tweet me letting me know your holy grail makeup prepping products; I would love to know.

Step 1 - Bioderma
After picking this up whilst in Paris I have honestly used in every day! I now understand what all the fuss was about. I put a splash of this onto a cotton pad and give my face a big wipe over and can trust that it has picked up any dirt that's on my face. This product is amazing at removing even the tiniest traces of makeup and I don't even feel a need to cleanse my skin after using this as it does such a thorough job. During my time on the big wide web I have never seen a negative review of this product and it seems to be a winner for every skin type so give it a go if you can! I know when my sister Alice goes on french exchange in May I will be getting her to pick me up a bottle or two from one of the pharmacies! 

Step 2 - La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
I'm a teenager so yes, I suffer from spots. Thankfully it has never gotten as bad as acne but it has been close a few times so for the last couple of months I have been using this. It is good at clearing up spots but not so great at preventing them, but when I talk to others they do not share this opinion and insist it does both but personally, I haven't seen the same results. Since foundation can be quite heavy on the skin sometimes (especially if you're going to town and contouring/using blush and adding highlighter) so I like to add this under my foundation to act as a 'layer' before I apply the makeup. It just makes me not feel so guilty for wearing a heavy foundation if I choose to on certain days.

Step 3 - Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer
This is one of my Holy Grail products. It is cheap, absorbs really quickly, smells divine, isn't tested on animals, highly moisturising, helps keep foundation in place all day and creates a really nice base making makeup application a whole lot easier. It's a winner. You can pick this up from most places: boots, superdrug, tescos - it very accessible! (Unlike the other two product in this post!)

So that's my terrific trio! I have really gotten into skincare lately and am up for trying a few new products so please let me know of any products you swear by so I can do a bit of research and possibly purchase them! 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff 'What's Nude' palette Review

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My Sister Alice bought me this for my 16th Birthday as she was aware I had been lusting over it for yonks. I'm a bit nude gal and brown smoky eyes are my usual so this palette is perfect. For years I have sworn by and used nothing  but the MUA 'Heaven and Earth' but fancied a change so this present was timed perfectly. 

The palette is mainly made up of matte shadows, with one shimmery shade. The shadows are easy to blend and incredibly soft and fall out has always been minimal when I use this palette. 

Vanilla is a perfect base colour, I often use it in the corner of my eye to make me look more awake (now that exam revision is in full swing, I have a blog to run and a show to practice for - I need any help I can get in order to make me look awake!)

Pink T has to be my favourite colour as it is so warm and subtle, yet is so complimentary to my brown eyes. It works well as a daily eye-shadow as it is nothing too bright.

If you fancy going for a more dark look in the evening, aubersheen is perfect. Plus, since they blend so well creating the perfect smoking eye is easy! 

Soap and Glory claim that the shadows won't crease and will last 8 hours and I agree. I have used the palette a lot since my birthday and haven't noticed creasing and felt that the shadows lasted well.

The Lid Stuff palette in 'What's Nude' is £10 from Boots - I really recommend you go in and swatch it to see the beauty of the colours for your own eyes! I now think I need to buy the grey/black palette too.....

Have you tried any products from the Soap & Glory makeup line?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Room Renovations #1

Before we get started I would just like to say if you feel I deserve it please nominate me for 'Best Teen Style Blogger (Under 18)' in the Company Blog awards HERE. If you do please let me know so I can personally thank you!

Hello one and all!

I hope you are all having a lovely week.

After moving house last August I have been slowly and steadily tweaking and perfecting my bedroom and thought I might turn this process into a blog series. I don't know if any of you are the same but I love having a nosy at how other people store things like lipsticks and just generally get an insight into their room. (I find it so cool when some bloggers room actually reflects the layout of their blog!)

World Map
My best friend Becca's mum has done a lot of travelling and has the Ikea world canvas (still available in store!). She adds tiny stickers on a place everytime she visits somewhere new and I love to just stand in awe looking at it. I knew I wanted to create something similar in my room but didn't have the pennies to buy the actual canvas. I managed to pick up this huuuge poster from my local 'Works' for only £2.99! I then popped into Tescos and bought some silver stars which are very cute. The poster fit well above my bed so that's it's new home; I really love how it looks. Sadly none of the stars are showing up in the picture yet in real life my light often makes them twinkle which looks really cool.

Fairy Lights
What Tumblr themed bedroom would be complete without fairy lights!? At Christmas I weaved this budget, Tesco fairly lights around my head board for my bed and they have stuck. When taking down my Christmas decorations I couldn't bring myself to take the lights down as on cold nights I love turning them and my pink bed side lights on as it creates a really relaxed vibe in my room which is perfect after a stressful day at school.

Makeup Wall
Back in January I picked up the blogger favourite that is the Alex 9 drawers from Ikea. After keeping my makeup in a cardboard crate for 5 months I finally cracked and had to buy it. I now understand 100% why bloggers rave about these. They are indeed as fab as everyone says. Storing makeup and skincare products has never been simpler (I'm doing a post with photos from how the drawers look inside with all of my makeup in so keep an eye out for that!) The plain white looked a bit boring though, as I'm all for detail and colour in a room. Since I love makeup but often find myself falling into the nude smoky eye trap I decided to rip out powerful, bright makeup looks from old magazines and blue tack them to the side of the drawers. If I'm ever stuck with makeup block I simply stare at it for a bit and an idea for a look normally pops into my head. Yes, it doesn't look that neat and won't be to everybody's taste - but I love it!

Heart Door Hanger
For my 16th Birthday present back in January, my friend Lauren bought me this cute little, shabby shique style heart. She even popped a picture in it with a very heart felt note on the back which I thought was very cute. Rather than pinning this on the wall I decided to hang it on my door knob for my wardrobe as mine is plain white and it adds a nice detail to the overall look of the wardrobe. 

Do you keep your makeup in the Alex nine drawers? If not what do you keep it all in?

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

OOTD: Midi Dress & Gold

Midi Dress - Primark
Jacket - Primark
Shoes - Primark
Necklace & Earings - Vintage Fair
Tights - Tesco

Howdy hey folks - hope you're all doing well? I have a very Primark heavy OOTD for you all today!

I really like this outfit and have been wearing it a lot lately so thought I would show it to you all (sorry that these pictures aren't the greatest, I couldn't find my tripod and was using my rubbish camera)

First of all, I love how the gold jewellery really compliments the print and colour of the dress. I feel like the two work really well together and the jacket just finishes it off. This is actually the only midi dress I own as I feel like they don't flatter my body shape very well but for some reason, this one does and sits quite nicely.

The earrings are fab as they are rather large yet don't pull or tug on your ears which is always a bonus. I feel like the fact that the earrings match the necklace makes the whole outfit look really chic and I just love it! (Incase you couldn't already tell ;) )

Oh and of course, the shoes! I told you that you'd be seeing a lot of them. They are so versatile and easy to style that I have been wearing them no stop. Plus they are really comfy!

I adore the contrast on the jacket. The main body of it is this navy blue/gold weave yet the collar front flap section is faux leather and the two go together really well.

Do you own any midi dresses?

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

OOTD: Bristol Fashion Week

Shoes - New Look
Trousers - ASDA
Top - Primark
Coat - Primark
Bag - Ebay

Hello you lovely lot!

Today I'm back with my OOTD from when I went to Bristol Fashion Week Live Bloggers Show. 

I loved this outfit, although it felt very dressy for the shopping centre, as soon as I walked into the catwalk pavilion I felt a lot more at ease. 

This coat is the latest addition to my wardrobe.....whilst in Bristol Primark a couple of weeks back it caught my eye as the colour is very head turning. Since it's not the season you tend to buy coats in, it was reduced from £25 to £10 - what's a girl to do? Buy it of course! I got a lot of compliment on my coat on the day and have since, it seems to be a hit!

Although you cannot see it in the photo, these heels actually have a very chunky, gold heel. They are really uncomfy to be honest as the heel is quite high and there is no padding or platform for the front of the foot but if you are wearing them for short periods of time they're fine!

Incase you haven't already seen it, this photo is actually from the Cribbs Causeway facebook (HERE
The lovely Gina asked if she could take my picture and of-course I was happy too!

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday. The serious exam (9-5) revision starts now sadly....3 weeks to go!!

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Bristol Fashion Week SS14 (Part 4: The Finale)

Hello guys and girls. 

Today is my final post in my series of 'Bristol Fashion Week' posts - all about the finale.  
(Click HERE to see all of my Bristol Fashion Week posts!) 

The finale had fashion from various retailers: Next, River Island, Karen Millen, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Gap.

The photo of the girl in the bikini really reminds me of the 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show' as it has a really fun, over the top feel to it.

I loved the variety of colours within this scene, it was based on a carnival and really was a feast for your eyes. There was a lot of neon pink, feathers and geometric print!

I loved the handbag from Accessorize, it was so colourful and I can picture it on the beach with me now.

Overall a fabulous end to a fabulous show!

Thank you so much to Cribbs Causeway for inviting me!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bristol Fashion Week SS14 (Part 3: The Show)

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Hello everyone!

Today is the third installment in my 'Bristol Fashion Week' posts and in all honesty, today's is my favourite as the 'Bank' section and the Marks and Specner's was, surprisingly, my most loved scenes. 

Scene eights was fashion from Bank and accessories from Claires. 

I simply loved the Bank section. It was full of clashing prints and looked so cool. I have never shopped in Bank before but will definitely be stopping in next time I see one of their shops as I loved so many pieces from this scene.

The holographic bum bag was my favourite bag from the show! It is so on trend.

I also loved the look of the daisy print jacket against the orange stripe top. This is another one of those things that I would never think to put together yet looks amazing.

During scene 9 the dresses and clothes were all from Dorothy Perkins and BHS. Bags were from Radley too. I loved the black and white stripes dress, it looks really flattering.

In the photos above the clothes were from Animal. I really liked the outfit on the left, the colourful top looked very chic and casual.

This scene was one of my faves. With clothes from 'Marks and Spencers', jewellery from Ernest Jones and sunglasses from Sunglasses hut. I loved the shoes pictures above and the orange top/black skirt combo on the right. The whole section looked very city like yet so so chic. Loved it!

Only have one post left of my 'Bristol Fashion Week' posts and it's all about the finale. 

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