Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lancome Kohl Noir Eye Liner Review

If you read my January Sales blog post (here) you will know that I picked up a Lancome gift set consisting of a mascara, makeup remover and this kohl pencil. When searching the web to see reviews of this eyeliner before purchasing the set I really struggled to find any, so decided I would do a review so that others who wish to purchase it can read a bit about it from someone who has actually used it and has a passion for makeup.

This is my new go to kohl, overtaking the Rimmel one - in fact, this one is pretty much identical.

It is easily applied, and with limited use leaves a really strong, dark line - fabulous! I hate it when you have to keep building up and building up the pencil strokes before it even begins to look grey but that is definitely not the case with this eyeliner. I use it on my top and bottom waterline and it stays put for a long time. Not quite sure if it lasts longer than the Rimmel one or not but I'd say it's pretty much the same. 

One fab thing about this eyeliner is how when you sharpen it, it doesn't break like a lot of eyeliners do - meaning you can make use of every little bit of the pencil. 

A couple of weeks back I also used this eyeliner to create a wing (I very rarely do this) and it worked really well. With minimal effort you can create a very intense look. It also smudges really well if that is the look you're going for. 

Overall, I feel like this eyeliner was nice to try but I will not be re-purchasing. It is so similar to the Rimmel one apart from the price. Lancome's is £16.50 whilst Rimmel dupe is only £3. I will definitely go for the £3 one in future.

Let me know if you would like to see a post comparing the two, with comparison swatches and I will actually test how long they both last and give you a really thorough test between the two.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

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