Thursday, 27 March 2014

Feel Good Friday #6

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(Don't know what 'Feel Good Friday' is? Click here to see the first one)

Hey Hey Hey!

I love how cute this quote looks so before I even read it I knew I was going to love it (who can resist a cute animal drawing? Not me!) 

How lovely would it be for this quote to be about you. If when others looked at you and thought 'she is genuinely so happy' and then smiled to themselves. It would be lovely, wouldn't it?

As the saying goes "Happiness spreads" 

I have had a rather crappy week so was determined to post this 'positive' themed post as a little pick me up. 
Basically I applied for a job in a place I have always wanted to work in on Monday. On Tuesday they phoned me and left a voicemail saying could I come in for an interview in the afternoon. I didn't get the voicemail till Wednesday afternoon (DAMN YOU IPHONE 4!) and when I called them to explain they said they had already filled the space. I was (and still am) so disappointed and so was my mum! Oh well, everything happens for a reason right.

This afternoon I'm attending Bristol Fashion Week so that should be fan-dabby-dosey! Expect to see a blog post on the show in the coming week (or two...)

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up too!

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