Friday, 14 March 2014

Feel Good Friday #5

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(Don't know what 'Feel Good Friday' is? Click here to see the first one)

Howdy hey folks! 

Today's blog post is another 'Feel Good Friday'. The feedback I am getting on these posts is incredible when you consider the simplicity of them and I am so pleased that you all like them as much as I do. 
After all, an arrow to happiness is in my banner!

This quote is how I have been living my life lately. I cannot remember who but someone posted a blog post about positivity a couple of weeks back and it had a quote from Katie Piper saying that life is 10% what happens and 90% what you make of it. Who can argue with Katie!? She is truly incredible and we should all aspire to be more like her. 

Take Katie for instance. She has taken a horrific situation, yet still lives an incredible life, in which she touches and help heal the hearts of many (whilst healing herself too). Although this quote is by somebody different, it is the same concept and in my is a brilliant one!

Have a lovely weekend!

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