Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dr Martens White Wild Poppy (MasterShoe, MyShu)*

Dr Martens have never been something I have considered trying. They are hundreds of miles out of my comfort zone and quite frankly; not my style. I tend to go for dainty, pointy heels, not Doc Martens. That's why I was slightly nervous, apprehensive and excited when MasterShoe offered me the chance to try a pair of the famous shoes. I thought why not! What had I got to loose? 

I am so thankful to Master Shoe because I now have discovered that stepping out of your comfort zone is very rewarding. I am in love with these shoes. The poppy print is so detailed and pretty and I feel that the fact they are floral has eased me into Doc Martens as I haven't gone straight for statement colours (although the flowers are pretty bright)

First of all I want to talk about where they came from (MasterShoe). The site is so easy to navigate around and you can shop by brand, gender or age - it really is simple. They have a massive variety of shoes so there is something for everyone, plus standard UK delivery is free - win win! The service I received was excellent and the staff were super friendly and replied to all of my emails quickly.

The poppy pattern is adorable. It is so preppy and spring like that I know I will be living in them over the coming months (especially summer!) I really like the white background as I feel it makes them look really fresh. The boot is true to the Dr Martens tradition  and has the welted construction meaning that the upper part of the shoe and sole are stitched together, not just glued, making the whole shoe a whole lot more durable. They also have air cushioned soles and a hard-wearing outsole that is oil and slip resistant. Basically, these boots don't mess around. They are good quality and will last a long time - perfect! The leather is amazing too - I don't know what they do to it but it is soft and supple yet still tough.

These are the first pair of Doc's I have ever owned let alone tried on and they were instantly comfy from the first wear. Although, I did find that I had to adjust to walking in them. Since I'm not used to wearing shoes that go up past my ankle I had to get used to the restriction of it but within a couple of times wearing them I'm sure I will be used to them.

I took lots of outfit photos of myself wearing them with a lace dress whilst up Glastonbury Tor today (post will be up very soon) In the meantime I thought I would show you one close up shot of the boots as they just look so beautiful in the sunlight when you can see the colours in their full glory. 

As I'm new to Doc Martens I found styling them quite hard so please comment below with any blog posts you have done with outfits featuring Doc Martens. I would love to know how you all style them!

Thanks again to Master Shoe!

You can check out their website HERE and buy the same shoes as mine HERE.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday whatever you're up to! I'm doing revision all day, boooo!


  1. Those are gorgeous. I think they'd be best styled with plain black or pastel colours but steer clear of any more patterns!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. They are indeed! Thanks for the advice
      Lucy xx

  2. I loveee these, so cute! I saw a v cheap replica version on New Look and fell in love but these are beauties xxx

    1. They are indeed! That would be a great cheaper alternative!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment xx

  3. LOVE THEM! Nice blog hun x

  4. Love them they are soooo perfect for the spring/summer weather

    1. They are indeed! Thanks for taking the time to comment xx