Tuesday, 4 March 2014

DGJ Organic Berutti Oil Review

This review has been a long time coming! When I attended the Bristol Blogger Meetup this time last year we were all given a bottle of this in our goody-bags. I have been using it on and off for a year and really like it. 

This organic argan oil contains only organic ingredient, to help restore and nourish hair's natural beauty. It is a bottle of goodness! I apply two pumps of this onto my hands and then work it into wet hair after washing. If you apply it on the top of your head it just makes a greasy mess so I recommend you only apply it from the middle to tips of your hair as I found that this works best.

I don't like the smell of this product at all, but am aware that a lot of bloggers out there seem to love it. To me it just smells like banana sweets and considering I have a phobia of bananas it doesn't bode well with me. 

The bottle has lasted me ages and I have really seen effects from using it.

It leaves your hair feeling soft and really helps with split ends. 

DGJ promise that all their products are made with plant derived natural ingredients enhanced with Organic essentials oils/extracts and contain no harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates or parabens. I'm not going to fool you all and pretend I know what any of those things are, but one thing's for sure; they don't sound friendly so I'd rather them not be in there!

You can pick this, or any other DGJ products up from there website (here)
I also have a feeling that DGJ products are sold in Waitrose so keep your eyes out if you shop in there.

Have you used any DGJ products before?


  1. I love this stuff it really helps my hair, unfortunately I feel can't remember the smell being off, but it's not nice if you really hate something! xxx


    1. That's interesting to hear! Thanks for taking the time to comment Xx

  2. oooh this sounds interesting! I'm popping into waitrose tomorrow so I may have a look out for it! Great post xx


    1. Yes treat yourself! Thanks for taking the time to comment Xx

  3. I'm not one for hair oil but I keep remembering I have this from the meet up too! Definitely need to dig it out and start using it, my split ends need serious help! x