Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Top Tips for a Successful Movie Night!

Whether you’re planning on a solo night in front of the goggle-box, or you’re having some friends over for a grown-up sleepover that involves wine, beers and snacks, a movie night is a great way to while away the hours enjoyably. For many people, grabbing a few movies from the shelf and lining them up ready to play is all that’s needed for a successful movie night, but for others, a little more thought needs to go into the evening so that it’s as successful as possible. Here are some top tips so that your evening will go down a storm, no matter who you’re sharing it with.

Dress accordingly
Take a look at the onesies for women from George if you don’t already own a onesie. They are ridiculously comfortable and cosy, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa. If you are having friends over for the evening, tell them to bring their onesies with them too!

(I would probably opt for this ladybird one here since when I was younger my nickname used to be 'Lucy Ladybird!) You can buy it here.

Decide on a theme
Rather than picking a handful of movies that have no resemblance to eachother at all, why not stick to a theme? Perhaps a horror night would be just up your street, or some all-out action to test out your surround sound? Maybe you could use the evening to watch some back-to-back sequels, such as Lord of the Rings or that high octane fave, Die Hard.
(I would definitely vote Disney theme!)

Snack happy
If your friends are coming over too, ask them to bring a snack. Foods such as popcorn, ice cream, tortilla chips and bags of Haribo will keep hunger pangs at bay. Make sure you have plenty of drinks available, too. A movie marathon can be thirsty work, you know!

Think about comfort
If you’re playing host to a movie night, you need to make sure that there is plenty of comfortable seating room for both you and your friends. If you have limited seating, grab some beanbags or scatter cushions for the floor so that wherever people end up, they’re comfy.
(If I was having a movie night I think I would go for duvet den style cinema!)

Get the DVDs ready to go
Rather than rooting through your DVD collection as the credits roll, make sure you have all the DVDs ready to go before the movie night starts. Check that the discs aren't scratched and are clean so that they don’t skip, too.

Dim the lights
Not only will it save on your electricity bill, but it will add to the ambiance, too. Turn the lights down (or off if it’s a horrorfest!) and get cosy!

Whether you choose to spend the evening with friends, or you are planning a movie marathon with the kids as a treat for a rainy day, a well-planned movie session can be an incredibly fun way to spend a few hours. Sometimes, it’s important to relax and unwind with a good film or two; it’s a chance to forget about whatever may be stressing you out, at work or elsewhere. It’s also a great way to chill out with friends, or family, without spending a fortune on a night out or daytime activity, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. Fab post :) I love watching films now. I never used to cos my family don't but at uni everyone talks about films so my friends are educating me! The picture of the snuggley duvet den is getting me excited for valentines day - me and my single buds are turning the house into a mega blanket fort! And I will def be wearing my onesie :') xxx