Friday, 14 February 2014

My Favourite Bloggers

It's very easy to get down in the dumps if you are single on valentines day, whaling things like 'I'M FOREVER ALONE' and posting ugly selfies of yourself stating "this is why I'm single" (I'm guilty of this!) To be honest regardless to whether we're taking the mic out of ourselves or are actually being serious this is pretty pointless (however funny it may be...)

To save all you lonely singletons out there I have devised a plan in which you will all fall in love with something. Not someone, well sort of - a blog! A 'My Favourite Bloggers' style post seemed fitting for today, as rather than being obsessed with a guy, why not become obsessed with a new blog? You can thanks me later!

Megan's blog is amazing. I adore her outfit posts as she wears things that I would love too but never have the confidence too (maybe one day). The cute animals bags and pastel colours are a feast for my eyes and after a tiring day at school it is so nice to come home and read a new post of hers. I think one of the big reasons that Megan's blog is a dear favourite of mine has to be....Disney! As an avid Disney lover who holidays to the Paris park every other year I love looking at her beautiful photos from her time there. In fact - when we went over in New Year I showed my sister her pictures from her honeymoon and said ''this is what I'm expecting ;)' since she had got a new camera for Christmas and promised to do my photos. They turned out like THIS - ok, ok, no where near the quality of Megan's but I thought she did well. Oh and we both share a massive love for Frozen and therefore were bestfriends, haha! The saddest thing about my love for Megan's blog is that I actually went for lunch with her without realizing. At the Bristol Blogger meet I attended in February last year I was so nervous I didn't really speak to anyone but looking back someone who has gone on to be my favourite blogger was sat behind me on the other table. Hey ho! Anyway - if you're after an honest, beautiful, and unique check out 'Briar Rose' - you won't regret it!

When I first started blogging I read two blogs, that was it! Really Ree was one of them. If you want to find out what new products are being released before any one else with tons of swatches and photos be sure to check out Ree. She is so lovely and even though she has a big amount of readers, still replied to tweets/emails from readers which I think is really good. If I remember correctly when I was picking my GCSE options 2 years ago I sent Ree an email saying that I hoped to go in fashion journalism. I asked her what subject she thought I ought to take as she was working for Hello magazine. To this day I still think it was lovely that a full time, big blogger took the time to reply in depth to a little girl from Glastonbury. If you're looking for accurate swatches and colouring and very regular content head over to Ree's wonderful blog that I will carry on reading for many more years. Maybe I'll send her an email one day as a fashion journalist thanking her, you never know!

When I spoke earlier about having two faves from the very beginning Laura is the second. I have read her blog for what seems like forever. I love her girly, glitzy posts with a shot of Disney thrown in too! Many purchases have been her fault (Mark Hill heated rollers) as her reviews always were so in depth and informative. I especially love her Primark hauls, lifestyle posts & OOTD's! Sadly Laura is on a bit of a blogging break now after being busy as a bee (in case you didn't know Laura now sells beautiful statement necklaces at The Jewel Shack (Click Here) Business seems to be booming!) 

Have no fear though - I tweeted Laura a while back and she re-assured me that her blogging days are not over yet *does a happy dance*
In the meantime head over to the Jewel Shack and maybe even treat yourself!

Next up is the lovely Alessia from 'Whsipers from Angels'. I first came across her blog when she way organising the 'Bristol Blogger Meetup' that I attended. Her blog is lovely. Her reviews are always in depth and informative plus they are a variety of MAC/High end and drugstore reviews which is always good. Alessia is sooo nice & approachable as well and I feel that is vital in a good blog.
Madison Martine
Finally is the lovely Madi from Madison Martine. I became friends with Mad when I first discovered her blog, which led to me discovering her YouTube. Her videos/blog posts are so chic, preppy and girly. She reminds me so much of Bethany Mota and her style is so similar to mine and I think that is why I love her blog so much. Plus - I need a pair of sunglasses like hers....oh and a celfie top! If you're looking for a beautiful, girly blog you may find it by clicking the 'Madison Martine' link above. Give her some love and why not even follow - she deserves it!

So now you all know what I spend my time doing instead of revising - there are so many talented people out there that work so hard on their sites and I would also love to find a few more so please comment with your faves and we can spread the love this valentines!

Have a lovely day whatever you're doing!


  1. Such a lovely post and some amazing bloggers for the right reasons xxxx

  2. Great post. Fab blog!

  3. Great post. Fab blog!

  4. Great post. Fab blog!