Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lucy's Life: Sweet 16

Howdy hey folks. 
I promised you all that a post full of pictures of my 16th celebrations would be up soon and here it is! I love these sort of posts a lot. No rambles, just pictures with appropriate captions. 

Incase you're after a bit more text click 'HERE' to see my birthday celebrations 'mapped out' so to speak.

Myself and my beautiful bestfriend Becca (lovely bit of alliteration there!) 
With Lauren! 
You've all heared me talk about Emily many, many times before. We have such a laugh together and I had to show you these goofy photos of us. (PS - her blog is HERE

Yet more 'Lucy + Emily' selfies!

Ellie and Emily...the eyebrows go from strong to medium to barely there hahahaha! 
Friendship is vital 
gooning around with Becca

And finally, to top of a good night we had to belt out a bit of Frozen 'Let it Go'!

As you can see I had a lovely night with great company. 

Friends are so important to happiness.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday...were half way through the week!

PS - sorry if my posts are a bit all over the place in the next week. My laptop died and it wasn't back up so I have lost a lot of pictures and my blog schedule!


  1. That looks like a great party!

    xx, Cathy