Sunday, 16 February 2014

London Fashion Week AW14 Collections (Days 1 & 2)

What a crazy week it's turning out to been! The circus of LFW rolled into town and we have seen countless amazing looks. I wanted to talk about some of my favourite collections so thought I would do one (or maybe two...) blog posts full of beautiful pictures of beautiful clothes. I warn you now this is a very long post but sit back with a cup of coffee in hand and dream of what you'll be wearing this coming A/W! 
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Bora Aksu 
I am so annoyed that I missed the live stream of this but I was at school. This collection is quintessentially adorable. I really like the choice of colours and the pale pink is so me so I was in love when I saw this collection. This collection was inspired by Bora Aksu's mothers early life as a teenager whilst she was at boarding school.The letters and drawing she sent to friends were his inspiration! I love the nostalgic, school feel to the collection. The braids are so sweet and I will definitely be teaching myself how to do a similar look in the next coming days. I'm glad to see some collars in there too - will be bringing out some of my collar tops from the back of my wardrobe this autumn/winter! The contrast between the sheer and matte fabrics compliment each other really well.The collection feels so innocent; the ribbons in the hair, the socks - it is just so beautiful.

 Fyodor Golan
This collection was inspired by the pairs' travels throughout Cambodia and Myanmar and the designs really reflect the movement of the jungle which I think is really cool. The collection is full of sequins, metallic greens, feathers and pink, pink and more pink!
I love the prom skirts and bunched trousers; my favourite look has to be the top right. It's what I would imagine to happen if Ariel from the little mermaid met high end fashion - it is amazing. Plus - I now want need a skirt made out smart phones!

First of all, we all knew that this was going to be an amazing collection, as Daks had something to celebrate - their 120th anniversary! The collection did not disappoint; it was so noble and is British elegance at it's finest in my opinion. I'm not too sure on the military inspired bearskin hat but a lot of people have tweeted saying that they love it. Beige was the key colour in the beginning, with little details of colour blocking such as the clothes. In fact - gloves made an appearance in most of the look. I love the pair in the top left hand corner; the embossed leather detailing was a really nice feminine touch. Overall, the collection was full of interesting textures, a lot of beige and colour blocking. 

Holly Fulton
After seeing her SS14 collection I was very excited about this seasons as last time round I was very impressed. I did actually prefer the spring collection which is odd considering I am much more of an autumn/winter girl but I did still enjoy this collection. According to Vogue (a very credible source!) Holly and her team went to bed at 6.15 AM on the morning of the show only to have to get up at 7 AM! Overall it seemed really playful yet still sharp and on point. Sheer was back and there was a lot of egg shell blue in the first section of the collection. Overall the palette was muted shade of grey, nude and egg shell blue, although there was a splash of metallic and other brighter colours during. I really like the top dress in the middle (it reminds me a little of my prom dress...... ;) )

John Rocha
I adore this collection as it has a really romantic vibe to it! The collection started of with a series of all-black outfits adorned with huge clouds of ruffles, that were worn as collars and sculptural hats. The collection had a lot of John Rocha's trademarks: layers, volume, flowers and lace or crochet fabrics that are very intricate. Dark forest greens and classic red gave it a shot of colour and the chunky heels balanced the look. I love the top middle dress. It is simply stunning. It looks like something from a dream!

Julien Macdonald
I know I have said this about most of the collection but I really do like this one. The variation of short dresses, long dresses, knitted beaded dresses, floor sweeping dresses or dresses with only feather to protect your modesty. The collection oozes glamour and is and is like something from a very sparkly dream. In an interview, Julien said that: "Strong women like Oprah Winfrey inspire me. We need a return to girl power." WOOO! I completely agree with him on that! Overall the collection had a varied colour all honesty everything was varied. I think that's what made his collection so interesting - you didn't know what was going to go down the run way next!
Hunter Original 
I was slightly apprehensive yet excited when I saw that Hunter was on the LFW schedule. Being a Somerset girl; I have owned a few fair pairs of Hunter's in my time. They are just so practical and comfy and if you like in the countryside - a necessity! Stella McCartney's husband Alashair Willis who took on the role this time last year, has decided to bring the brand onto the London Fashion Week schedule and to expand it's contents into outerwear and bags. Considering we are going through one of the biggest storms in living memory he couldn't have timed it better! I adore the factor that the catwalk was one massive puddle (a lake?) as it makes it really stand out from the other, more blander settings. I love the coat top centre but is it just me or does the bottom right one seriously look like Bianca#'s infamous puffer jacket from Eastenders!?

So that's my round up of all my personal favourite shows from day 1 and 2 of the frenzy, crazy, hectic week. Pop back over on Wednesday for a similar style post but talking about the shows of day 3,4 and 5...see you then!


  1. I was lucky enough to attend the Bora Aksu show and it was really beautiful! I really like the look of the Hooly Fulton show but I'm not a fan of the DAKS collection which is a shame. Lovely post x

    1. You're sooo lucky! It has probably been my fave show so far! Thanks for taking the time to comment - Lucy xx

  2. Wow there are some really gorgeous looks! xxx

    1. There are indeed! Thanks for taking the time to comment! xx