Friday, 28 February 2014

Feel Good Friday #4

picture - weheartit

(Don't know what 'Feel Good Friday' is? Click here to see the first one)

I know I have said this for the last three posts but I love this quite. I have had a really painful ulcer this week and have spent a lot of time complaining about it. I'm not dying, my hairs not falling out and I'm going to re cover - I'm just being a drama queen. 
I want to make a real effort to appreciate good things this coming week (Hello March!) rather than dwelling on the bad!
 Don't you agree that this would make us all a lot happier? 

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wishlist Wednesday!

Today I fancied doing a wishlist but I wanted to make it a bit more specific; so I decided to pick only fashion pieces from shops/boutiques I have discovered through blogging (ok, ok - topshop and ASOS don't count)

I love this jumper from Topshop so much! It is so chic and preppy but sadly I cannot justify the £29 price tag!

Ark Black & Red Anna Pointed Collar Smock Dress
I love this dress so so much! The print of it is really unique and I adore the contrasting collar and cuffs. This would go so well with my new ankle boots and handbag - I can literally picture all the pieces together in my head! The smock style would suit my body shape and basically I just need it in my wardrobe....I may need some money first....or a job.

Women's Sailor Pug T-Shirt - Not For Ponies
Isn't this top just the definition of cute!? Over the next couple of months I am going to be doing a lot of revision at home and I think it is vital that I feel comfy while doing so - this top would enable me to be uber comfy but also cute as well as the pug on the front is literally adorable. Plus, since I'm joining college in September (bye bye school uniform) this would be a perfect tee to throw on when I don't feel like wearing a dress!

Choies - Pink Cut Out Shirt Dress
This dress is amazing and I need it! The colour is so rich and beautiful and it just screams sophisticated chick. This would look perfect in the summer with sandals and my Roco bag...again, I can picture it all together!

Sun Jellies - Black
After seeing countless bloggers rocking jelly shoes last spring/summer I have decided that I ought to hop on the bandwagon and add a pair to my wardrobe too! If I ever did decide to get a pair I would be so stuck with what colour to get...although black would go with a lot I can hear the pink pair calling my name.

Star Print Bodycon Dress
I love Stars, incase you didn't already know....I think it's Fleur from Fleur de Force's fault haha! Anway, this dress is so different and I love the monochrome. I would totally wear this with my orange new look blazer and new pair of new look heels!

What's on your wishlist at the mo?

Saturday, 22 February 2014

OOTD: Marks and Spencer 'Doodle' Blazer

Blazer - Marks and Spencers (HERE)
Top - Primark
Bracelet - Claires
Trouser - George
Shoes - Clarks
Necklace - Stone

Hello, hello, hello! 

I went bowling on a Friday night not too long ago with my Youth Group from church and this is what I wore. In all honestly, the trousers probably were a little too tight for bowling as I struggled to bend my legs in them but I just loved the look of all the pieces together.

This look is very simple but features one of my favourite new additions to my Marks & Spencer 'Doodle' jacket. This open front, long sleeved blazer/jacket is so so beautiful! 
My Great Aunt Sylvia actually got it for me for my 16th birthday and I simply adore it. It is so spring like and as the Marks and Sparks website reads: "perfect for transeasonal dressing". It is incredibly soft (cotton) and reminds me of a quilt (who doesn't want to walk round with a quilt on them!?) I'm a size 6/8 ish and my blazer is in the size 12-3 and fits with room to grow so even if you're a little bit older I'm sure you could actually wear this - it may just be more fitted than mine is on me! If you fancy treating yourselves to one of these blazer they are on the website HERE. 

Below is a photo of the pattern close up. As you can see it is really pretty and intricate. 

My t-shirt was just a basic plain tee from Primark that I picked up for £1.50! My necklace is a purple diamond look necklace from a shop called 'Stone' that I also got for my birthday. It is a really chunky crucifix and the purple complimented the blue of the blazer really well in my opinion.

The shoes I wore are these Clarks Nude 'Super Soft' pumps. I bought these shoes back in May for my trip to New York as comfy shoes were crucial. These shoes were anything BUT comfy. On my first day of the trip I was walking round with bloody ankles as these shes were rubbing like craaaazy! Since then I have been to angry at them (can you be angry at shoes!?) to wear them but I thought they went quite well so gave them a second chance. As soon as I got to the bowlplex we all swapped into those funnily hideous bowling shoes so they didn't really have the opportunity to rub which was good! 

This bracelet was an absolute bargain from Claires. They were running an offer of 10 things for £10 so I picked up this rose gold spike bracelet along with 9 other things. I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of it as it literally goes with anything!

Finally onto the trousers. I was actually given them by a friend as they didn't fit her (they are incredibly tight on me!) They are from George at Asda and are surprisingly nice. They have a line that runs down the middle of your leg which is really flattering. I was worried about the length in the beginning, fearing they would look like 'ankle swingers' but with the right foot wear they look amazing (I think anyway!)

It was such a lovely night with a lovely outfit.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend with your feet up (Ha!)

Friday, 21 February 2014

Feel Good Friday #3

(Don't know what 'Feel Good Friday' is? Click here to see the first one)

As promised when I started these kind of posts, some day they may not require a load of explanation. This quote made me pause for thought and smile, need I say anymore? 

Hope you are all having a lovely Friday

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

London Fashion Week AW14 Collection (Days 3,4 & 5)

Howdy hey folks! 

I promised you all in my last post that I would be back with part 2 to my LFW posts and I have started writing it. I started writing it yesterday and had planned to finish it today, but I have suddenly come over with a bit of a cold and need an early night! I promised myself that my blog would never be a chore and instead a hobby so today's post is going up with only 2 show reports - it's better than nothing eh? 

Have a lovely Wednesday <3

Topshop Unique 
I'm pretty sure that 90% of people reading this will have something in their wardrobe that is Topshop. They may be a high street brand but blimey do they pull out the big guns when it comes to fashion week! Their Frow was amazing; Kendall Jenner, Anna Wintour, Sir Phillip Green and Kate Moss! The collection was apparently based around English heritage with a 'rebellious streak'. There were a lot of belts and bunching, parkas and cropped knits. Towards the end of the show there were some prom style dresses that showed some shoulder and a few pinafore dresses too. I love the bottom middle look. The whole look is so well styled and all the pieces flow and work really nicely together.

I'm pretty sure Cara Delevinge is super women. What can she not do!? As a massive fan of hers I was very excited to find out that she has designed and developed a collection of handbags with Mulberry. The range of handbags come in three different style and sizes and are said to be designed for the modern day woman. I am personally not very keen on the end one as camo is a hatred of mine but I adore the other too. Especially the middle one - the studs give it a really nice dimension and I love the dinky size of it.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

London Fashion Week AW14 Collections (Days 1 & 2)

What a crazy week it's turning out to been! The circus of LFW rolled into town and we have seen countless amazing looks. I wanted to talk about some of my favourite collections so thought I would do one (or maybe two...) blog posts full of beautiful pictures of beautiful clothes. I warn you now this is a very long post but sit back with a cup of coffee in hand and dream of what you'll be wearing this coming A/W! 
(Images via

Bora Aksu 
I am so annoyed that I missed the live stream of this but I was at school. This collection is quintessentially adorable. I really like the choice of colours and the pale pink is so me so I was in love when I saw this collection. This collection was inspired by Bora Aksu's mothers early life as a teenager whilst she was at boarding school.The letters and drawing she sent to friends were his inspiration! I love the nostalgic, school feel to the collection. The braids are so sweet and I will definitely be teaching myself how to do a similar look in the next coming days. I'm glad to see some collars in there too - will be bringing out some of my collar tops from the back of my wardrobe this autumn/winter! The contrast between the sheer and matte fabrics compliment each other really well.The collection feels so innocent; the ribbons in the hair, the socks - it is just so beautiful.

 Fyodor Golan
This collection was inspired by the pairs' travels throughout Cambodia and Myanmar and the designs really reflect the movement of the jungle which I think is really cool. The collection is full of sequins, metallic greens, feathers and pink, pink and more pink!
I love the prom skirts and bunched trousers; my favourite look has to be the top right. It's what I would imagine to happen if Ariel from the little mermaid met high end fashion - it is amazing. Plus - I now want need a skirt made out smart phones!

First of all, we all knew that this was going to be an amazing collection, as Daks had something to celebrate - their 120th anniversary! The collection did not disappoint; it was so noble and is British elegance at it's finest in my opinion. I'm not too sure on the military inspired bearskin hat but a lot of people have tweeted saying that they love it. Beige was the key colour in the beginning, with little details of colour blocking such as the clothes. In fact - gloves made an appearance in most of the look. I love the pair in the top left hand corner; the embossed leather detailing was a really nice feminine touch. Overall, the collection was full of interesting textures, a lot of beige and colour blocking. 

Holly Fulton
After seeing her SS14 collection I was very excited about this seasons as last time round I was very impressed. I did actually prefer the spring collection which is odd considering I am much more of an autumn/winter girl but I did still enjoy this collection. According to Vogue (a very credible source!) Holly and her team went to bed at 6.15 AM on the morning of the show only to have to get up at 7 AM! Overall it seemed really playful yet still sharp and on point. Sheer was back and there was a lot of egg shell blue in the first section of the collection. Overall the palette was muted shade of grey, nude and egg shell blue, although there was a splash of metallic and other brighter colours during. I really like the top dress in the middle (it reminds me a little of my prom dress...... ;) )

John Rocha
I adore this collection as it has a really romantic vibe to it! The collection started of with a series of all-black outfits adorned with huge clouds of ruffles, that were worn as collars and sculptural hats. The collection had a lot of John Rocha's trademarks: layers, volume, flowers and lace or crochet fabrics that are very intricate. Dark forest greens and classic red gave it a shot of colour and the chunky heels balanced the look. I love the top middle dress. It is simply stunning. It looks like something from a dream!

Julien Macdonald
I know I have said this about most of the collection but I really do like this one. The variation of short dresses, long dresses, knitted beaded dresses, floor sweeping dresses or dresses with only feather to protect your modesty. The collection oozes glamour and is and is like something from a very sparkly dream. In an interview, Julien said that: "Strong women like Oprah Winfrey inspire me. We need a return to girl power." WOOO! I completely agree with him on that! Overall the collection had a varied colour all honesty everything was varied. I think that's what made his collection so interesting - you didn't know what was going to go down the run way next!
Hunter Original 
I was slightly apprehensive yet excited when I saw that Hunter was on the LFW schedule. Being a Somerset girl; I have owned a few fair pairs of Hunter's in my time. They are just so practical and comfy and if you like in the countryside - a necessity! Stella McCartney's husband Alashair Willis who took on the role this time last year, has decided to bring the brand onto the London Fashion Week schedule and to expand it's contents into outerwear and bags. Considering we are going through one of the biggest storms in living memory he couldn't have timed it better! I adore the factor that the catwalk was one massive puddle (a lake?) as it makes it really stand out from the other, more blander settings. I love the coat top centre but is it just me or does the bottom right one seriously look like Bianca#'s infamous puffer jacket from Eastenders!?

So that's my round up of all my personal favourite shows from day 1 and 2 of the frenzy, crazy, hectic week. Pop back over on Wednesday for a similar style post but talking about the shows of day 3,4 and 5...see you then!

Friday, 14 February 2014

My Favourite Bloggers

It's very easy to get down in the dumps if you are single on valentines day, whaling things like 'I'M FOREVER ALONE' and posting ugly selfies of yourself stating "this is why I'm single" (I'm guilty of this!) To be honest regardless to whether we're taking the mic out of ourselves or are actually being serious this is pretty pointless (however funny it may be...)

To save all you lonely singletons out there I have devised a plan in which you will all fall in love with something. Not someone, well sort of - a blog! A 'My Favourite Bloggers' style post seemed fitting for today, as rather than being obsessed with a guy, why not become obsessed with a new blog? You can thanks me later!

Megan's blog is amazing. I adore her outfit posts as she wears things that I would love too but never have the confidence too (maybe one day). The cute animals bags and pastel colours are a feast for my eyes and after a tiring day at school it is so nice to come home and read a new post of hers. I think one of the big reasons that Megan's blog is a dear favourite of mine has to be....Disney! As an avid Disney lover who holidays to the Paris park every other year I love looking at her beautiful photos from her time there. In fact - when we went over in New Year I showed my sister her pictures from her honeymoon and said ''this is what I'm expecting ;)' since she had got a new camera for Christmas and promised to do my photos. They turned out like THIS - ok, ok, no where near the quality of Megan's but I thought she did well. Oh and we both share a massive love for Frozen and therefore were bestfriends, haha! The saddest thing about my love for Megan's blog is that I actually went for lunch with her without realizing. At the Bristol Blogger meet I attended in February last year I was so nervous I didn't really speak to anyone but looking back someone who has gone on to be my favourite blogger was sat behind me on the other table. Hey ho! Anyway - if you're after an honest, beautiful, and unique check out 'Briar Rose' - you won't regret it!

When I first started blogging I read two blogs, that was it! Really Ree was one of them. If you want to find out what new products are being released before any one else with tons of swatches and photos be sure to check out Ree. She is so lovely and even though she has a big amount of readers, still replied to tweets/emails from readers which I think is really good. If I remember correctly when I was picking my GCSE options 2 years ago I sent Ree an email saying that I hoped to go in fashion journalism. I asked her what subject she thought I ought to take as she was working for Hello magazine. To this day I still think it was lovely that a full time, big blogger took the time to reply in depth to a little girl from Glastonbury. If you're looking for accurate swatches and colouring and very regular content head over to Ree's wonderful blog that I will carry on reading for many more years. Maybe I'll send her an email one day as a fashion journalist thanking her, you never know!

When I spoke earlier about having two faves from the very beginning Laura is the second. I have read her blog for what seems like forever. I love her girly, glitzy posts with a shot of Disney thrown in too! Many purchases have been her fault (Mark Hill heated rollers) as her reviews always were so in depth and informative. I especially love her Primark hauls, lifestyle posts & OOTD's! Sadly Laura is on a bit of a blogging break now after being busy as a bee (in case you didn't know Laura now sells beautiful statement necklaces at The Jewel Shack (Click Here) Business seems to be booming!) 

Have no fear though - I tweeted Laura a while back and she re-assured me that her blogging days are not over yet *does a happy dance*
In the meantime head over to the Jewel Shack and maybe even treat yourself!

Next up is the lovely Alessia from 'Whsipers from Angels'. I first came across her blog when she way organising the 'Bristol Blogger Meetup' that I attended. Her blog is lovely. Her reviews are always in depth and informative plus they are a variety of MAC/High end and drugstore reviews which is always good. Alessia is sooo nice & approachable as well and I feel that is vital in a good blog.
Madison Martine
Finally is the lovely Madi from Madison Martine. I became friends with Mad when I first discovered her blog, which led to me discovering her YouTube. Her videos/blog posts are so chic, preppy and girly. She reminds me so much of Bethany Mota and her style is so similar to mine and I think that is why I love her blog so much. Plus - I need a pair of sunglasses like hers....oh and a celfie top! If you're looking for a beautiful, girly blog you may find it by clicking the 'Madison Martine' link above. Give her some love and why not even follow - she deserves it!

So now you all know what I spend my time doing instead of revising - there are so many talented people out there that work so hard on their sites and I would also love to find a few more so please comment with your faves and we can spread the love this valentines!

Have a lovely day whatever you're doing!

Feel Good Friday #2

Howdy, howdy, hey!

I'm back today with my second installment of 'Feel Good Friday'. Last weeks went down a storm so I'm really pleased about that! If you didn't see it have no fear - click HERE. (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!) 

I love this quote today. For far too long my happiness has been due to temporary things. And to be honest, things that I thought would last forever but turned out to cease. I think we should all keep this in the forefront of our mind this weekend and try really hard to not pin our happiness on materialistic things. 

Take the time to look at the little things this week, and smile. A son helping his mum with shopping bags? Smile. It sounds pathetic but if you look for happiness in simple things it will really help, I promise!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sadie Williams Barbie Dolls for Selfridges

Louise Gray, Nasie Mazhar, Stephen Jones, Sister by Sibling....the list goes on. Many designers have dressed Barbie over the years and there's a new name to be added to the list; Sadie Williams.

In case you haven't already heard, come Friday Sadie Williams collection will be stock exclusively at Selfridges London Toy Shop. Just in time for London Fashion Week!
The make over is very different from her usual pink/girly attire and in my opinion makes a welcomed change. The gang of 'Tomboy Princesses' were created by MA fashion Textiles Graduate Sadie Williams who the Barbie brand scouted at Central Saint Martins MA show last season.

"It's rare to come across a young designer with such a confident and distinctive style that retains real finesse," Selfridges' Head of Accessories and Childrenswear, Erin Moscow says. 

(This doll has to be my personal fave!)

This is not the first time Sadie Williams has worked with the shop. She was involved in the 'Bright Young Things' project back in September during which she got to dress the shops windows.  "She was one of the real stars of this year's programme," Moscow continues.

Not only that but Williams also has a capsule collection of mini dresses and adult size sweatshirts in Selfridges too.

"I wanted to create a Barbie gang of ultra princessy tomboys," Sadie confirms. "I've always been a bit of a tomboy, and at the same time I love dressing up. I wanted my Barbies to encapsulate these playful elements by creating special shimmering gowns, each a one-off featuring my hand worked textiles."

The dolls are released on the first day of LFW A/W14, the same day as the annual Central Saint Martins MA show. There are five special edition dolls out, costing £120 each. I love things like this. 

If seeing Barbie in high fashion doesn't make you smile what will!?

(I do not own these images. They are from Vogue Italia)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Top Tips for a Successful Movie Night!

Whether you’re planning on a solo night in front of the goggle-box, or you’re having some friends over for a grown-up sleepover that involves wine, beers and snacks, a movie night is a great way to while away the hours enjoyably. For many people, grabbing a few movies from the shelf and lining them up ready to play is all that’s needed for a successful movie night, but for others, a little more thought needs to go into the evening so that it’s as successful as possible. Here are some top tips so that your evening will go down a storm, no matter who you’re sharing it with.

Dress accordingly
Take a look at the onesies for women from George if you don’t already own a onesie. They are ridiculously comfortable and cosy, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa. If you are having friends over for the evening, tell them to bring their onesies with them too!

(I would probably opt for this ladybird one here since when I was younger my nickname used to be 'Lucy Ladybird!) You can buy it here.

Decide on a theme
Rather than picking a handful of movies that have no resemblance to eachother at all, why not stick to a theme? Perhaps a horror night would be just up your street, or some all-out action to test out your surround sound? Maybe you could use the evening to watch some back-to-back sequels, such as Lord of the Rings or that high octane fave, Die Hard.
(I would definitely vote Disney theme!)

Snack happy
If your friends are coming over too, ask them to bring a snack. Foods such as popcorn, ice cream, tortilla chips and bags of Haribo will keep hunger pangs at bay. Make sure you have plenty of drinks available, too. A movie marathon can be thirsty work, you know!

Think about comfort
If you’re playing host to a movie night, you need to make sure that there is plenty of comfortable seating room for both you and your friends. If you have limited seating, grab some beanbags or scatter cushions for the floor so that wherever people end up, they’re comfy.
(If I was having a movie night I think I would go for duvet den style cinema!)

Get the DVDs ready to go
Rather than rooting through your DVD collection as the credits roll, make sure you have all the DVDs ready to go before the movie night starts. Check that the discs aren't scratched and are clean so that they don’t skip, too.

Dim the lights
Not only will it save on your electricity bill, but it will add to the ambiance, too. Turn the lights down (or off if it’s a horrorfest!) and get cosy!

Whether you choose to spend the evening with friends, or you are planning a movie marathon with the kids as a treat for a rainy day, a well-planned movie session can be an incredibly fun way to spend a few hours. Sometimes, it’s important to relax and unwind with a good film or two; it’s a chance to forget about whatever may be stressing you out, at work or elsewhere. It’s also a great way to chill out with friends, or family, without spending a fortune on a night out or daytime activity, so what are you waiting for?

(I do not own these images - they are from ''. This post was sponsored)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines Day FOTD

Good Morning everybody! 

I'm up bright and early on this fine Sunday to bring you a Valentines Makeup Look. I was origionally planning on doing it very pink and heart ect ect....but is that wearable? Probably not! Instead I opted for a classic brown smokey eye with black eye shadow liner accompanied with my new Rimmel Apocolips. This look would be perfect for whatever your valentines plans are, leaving you feeling pretty (always important to feel confident!)

First of all I went straight in with my Rimmel 'Math Perfection' foundation and applied it with a Real Techinques 'buffing brush'. This is my favourite brush EVER. I got it for Christmas last year and can honestly say I have used it every single time I have applied my foundation since. What did I do before it!?

Next I sprayed my skin with a bit of Mac's Fix +. I cannot remember whose but I was reading a blog a couple of weeks ago and the writer said that they sprayed a bit of this on before blusher/bronzer/highlighter and it made powder products go on a lot more dewy. Since I'm all about the dewy (haha!) I thought I would give it a try. I really do agree and have been doing this ever since so thankyou to who ever the genius was who taught me this trick (This is one of the reasons I love blogging so much!) 

I then applied my new bronzer  from Bourjois that I got for my 16th birthday. I call it the 'chocolate' bronzer because it looks so good you could eat it and smells like chocolate, fab!

For blush I used my Benefit 'Bella Bamba' blush as it is the perfect pink colour, plus it smells of watermelon!
I applied both my bronzer and blush using the real techniques contour brush as I find it is the perfect size for these jobs.

The last 'face' thing I did before moving onto eyes was apply highlighter from my Sleek contour kit using my pointed foundation brush. This again is from Real Techniques as they honestly are the best brushes. I applied a sweep of the highlighter to the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose and under my eyebrows to try to highlight in all the right places.

Then I moved onto eyes! I used my Soap & Glory 'Lid Stuff' palette that my sister got me for birthday as it is so me! The colours are so wearable and easy to pull, whilst the pigmentation is fab as well. I used an assortment of brushes to create the smoky eye using the lighter colours in the inner eye, gradually getting dark as I worked my way out (you know the trick!) For eyeliner I used the Lancome kohl eyeliner in '01 Noir'. This eyeliner is really black. Not grey or 'half black' like a lot of the other eyeliner I have tried, it is seriously black!  I know I do this in every single makeup look I do but I used this little Revlon eyeshadow that my Auntie Deb gave me in the corner of my eyes to make me look more awake. I have also done a review of this little cult product that you can see HERE.

For brows I used Rimmel's 'Brow Pencil'. It's nothing special or fancy but it does the job - plus the brush on the lid comes in super handy!

I know the photo below is really odd but it made me laugh. On my lips I wore Rimmel's Apocolips in the shade '101 - Celestial'. My Mum got it for me for my birthday and it is such a pretty, girly shade. Not too bright or bold yet still visible. The wear of the apocolips is amazing - they literally stay on for hours!

So that's my 'Valentines' makeup look. As you have probably guessed from the bottom picture, I am single so will be spending valentines with my friend Immy stuffing our faces -sounds perfect!

How are you spending the 14th?

PS - I have a new blog header as you can see - I hope you like it! 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Feel Good Friday #1


I'm back today with a very new series.

As you may already know if you've read my '2014: Looking Forward' post - this year my goal is to be happy. I wanted that to be reflected onto my blog in some kind of series.

I'm sure you all read Louise's blog 'Sprinkle of Glitter'. She does a fab post called Motivational Monday. Whilst reading it I thought it was perfect for my blog as it really applied to my goals for this year. I do not take credit for this series at all and I hold my hands up and say that it is totally Louise's idea. I just wanted to spread happiness and perhaps give people a boost when they really need it. I have decided to change the name as I can't use that aswell! 'Feel Good Friday' will be running on my blog until I choose to stop - it may go on for weeks!

Feel free to comment below with anything that has made you happy this week, inspirational quotes or anything else you wish to share within this little positive community.

I hope you're as excited about this series as I am!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lucy's Life: Sweet 16

Howdy hey folks. 
I promised you all that a post full of pictures of my 16th celebrations would be up soon and here it is! I love these sort of posts a lot. No rambles, just pictures with appropriate captions. 

Incase you're after a bit more text click 'HERE' to see my birthday celebrations 'mapped out' so to speak.

Myself and my beautiful bestfriend Becca (lovely bit of alliteration there!) 
With Lauren! 
You've all heared me talk about Emily many, many times before. We have such a laugh together and I had to show you these goofy photos of us. (PS - her blog is HERE

Yet more 'Lucy + Emily' selfies!

Ellie and Emily...the eyebrows go from strong to medium to barely there hahahaha! 
Friendship is vital 
gooning around with Becca

And finally, to top of a good night we had to belt out a bit of Frozen 'Let it Go'!

As you can see I had a lovely night with great company. 

Friends are so important to happiness.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday...were half way through the week!

PS - sorry if my posts are a bit all over the place in the next week. My laptop died and it wasn't back up so I have lost a lot of pictures and my blog schedule!