Monday, 20 January 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash Review

Since moving house in September last year I barely have showers, due to the fact that we actually don't have a shower. We have a bath bu plan to get the bathroom done sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm not complaining as I love baths. My friend Becca gave me the 'Sugar Crush Body Wash' from Soap & Glory for my birthday after I had been lusting after it for yonks. Every time I went in Boots I couldn't help smelling it! When I first went to use this product I was unsure how to without a shower. I don't know why I was concerned because it is literally just a body wash so of course I can use it in the bath! I use it for it's actual purpose (body wash) but also some times use it as bubble bath. It doesn't create too many bubbles but leaves the water smelling incredible!

 This foamy body wash smells AMAZING! Zoe for describes it perfectly; lime with brown sugar! This is the most accurate yet simple description of the scent I have come by. True it's word it is both fresh and foamy and somehow the lime honestly does smell freshly squeezed and not artificial at all. The scent is extremely invigorating making it a perfect choice for a morning 'wake me up' wash. This beauty foams up a treat even with a small pump. 2 pumps comfortably covers my whole body so I can see this huge 500ml bottle lasting me months.

I adore the packaging of this product and would happily leave it out on the side of the bath because it looks so pweeety! I especially like the fact that this come with a pump as it makes it nice and easy to control how much comes out, plus you're not left with a sticky bottle after wasting a lot of the product around the side of the bottle.

Over all I would defiantly recommend this. It's an absolute pleasure to use and seems amazing value. From the outset I thought £6.50 was a ridiculous amount to pay for a shower gel but now after using it I think it is so worth it as it will last me ages! I'm eager to buy more 'Sugar Crush' products now and hopefully have a growing collection.

Have you tried any sugar crush products before?

What is your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Despite it being pretty pricey for a shower gel at £6.50, the bottle is pretty huge and I can't even tell that I've used it despite using it every day for over two weeks.

I'm really eager to buy the Sugar Crush Body Cream as it smells just as good and will hopefully keep me smelling amazing all day as the one minor gripe with the Body Wash is that although it smells great in the shower, it pretty much fades away quickly after you step out of it.

What are your favourite S&G products? 

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  1. I am a big fan of Soap and Glory. You should try their Sugar Crush Body Butter as well. Smell the same. Oh and their Glow lotion something is wonderful as well. :)