Friday, 24 January 2014

Sephora: Creamy Body Wash Capsules REVIEW

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Whilst in Paris I couldn't resist but pop into Sephora. These little capsules really caught my eye so I had to pick up two. My first instinct was that these things looked really odd - almost like capsule that you put in your coffee machine! These cute little pods have a one use amount of Sephora's Creamy Body Wash inside. Because of their diddy size they are fab for travelling and one night trips when you don't want to have to lug along a full size bottle of shower gel. The packaging is really cute and I loved how colourful they looked all stacked up neatly in the shops.

These little pods have a tab which you break off to reveal a whole. You can then squeeze out the body wash onto your hand or loofa. These little pods were cheap at 80 cents (euros) but wouldn't be quite so cheap if you used them daily. Save them for travelling and then you're onto a winner. 

I picked up the lemon and the green tea scent. I used the lemon one whilst in Paris and really enjoyed using it. There is plenty of product within the pod so that was good, plus they foam up really well. 
Even when I had put my jim jams on I could still smell the lemony scent so that was fab as usually shower gel scents fade away quicker than you can say 'bye'.

They come in 14 different delicious scents so if you ever get the chance to go in a Sephora - go in a pick one or two up, they are fab to keep for travelling/ sampling Sephora's products.

The scents are: Blueberry, Coconut, Cotton Flower, Green Tea, Lagoon, Lemon Verbena, Mango, Monoi, Orange Blossom, Peony, Strawberry, Toffee, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Also, these would be so so cute as little party fillers/stocking fillers and other cute things like that!

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