Sunday, 5 January 2014

Nikki Phillippi's 'How to be happy January'

I have been watching Nikki Phillippi on YouTube for quite some time. Fleur De Force is my fave YouTuber and she often speaks about Nikki as they are good friends so I'm pretty sure that's how I came across her channel. Her videos are positive, pretty and are sure to put a smile on your face. I was browsing through my subscriptions page on YouTube when I saw her latest video, titled 'I'm Excited!'. This immediately made me excited as I was eager to know what she was talking about! Turns out she is doing round two of her 'How to be Happy January'. 

In case you are unsure what this series is, basically all of Nikki's videos for the month of January have the theme of how to be happy. Be it from healthy eating, to de-cluttering your room, right up to setting goals and sticking to them. Nicole did this series back in 2013 (haha, saying this still makes me laugh!) and has decided to do it again this January. In case you didn't see her videos last year, have no fear! She has put them into a playlist HERE. (That rhymed! I'm a poet and I didn't know it.)

I wasn't really sure whether I should do this as a post or not but I made a promise to myself a few months back that the content of my blog would be Lucy. Not fashion, not beauty, but all of the goings on inside my crazy head. I want nothing more than to be happy in 2014 so for that, I am so pleased that Nikki is doing this series again. I wanted to make you all aware of it. I urge as many of you as possible to SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH THE SERIES.

There is also the #howtobehappyjanuary hashtag Nikki created so everyone who watches and 'follows' the videos can motivate and communicate with each other. It's really cute because people post links to motivating gifs on tumblr and quotes of pinterest and it is just a lovely little community.

Just look at all of those positive tweets!

Her first video in the 2014 series was a brilliant start in my opinion. I'm so excited to watch this series and a massive thanks to Nikki for spreading her positive energy - "Happiness spreads!"

Nikki's series has also inspired me to do a similar kind of series on my blog but with different contents obviously. Instead of giving tips and advice I will leave that to Nicole and instead plan to do a kind of 'follow up' post talking about my progress and what helps/doesn't. To be honest the saying "I'm on the pursuit of happiness" couldn't be more true so I'm really pleased that Nikki has inspired and given me the confidence to do a series like this.

I hope you all of you who want to, join in on the journey with us!


  1. Lovely post! Found you by nikki retweeting you!

    xx, Cathy from

    1. Thankyou so much! I KNOW HOW EXCITING!? I was majorly fan girling haha!

      Lucy xx

    2. haha I would be too! Wanna follow each other via GFC?

  2. Great! I didn't know Nikki. I'll have a look at their videos.

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman